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Indie Bookshops Get A Boost: TikTok Book Awards Partner With For 2024

TikTok announced its partnership with for the second consecutive year as part of the TikTok Book Awards UK & Ireland 2024. This collaboration supports local and independent bookshops, leveraging the growing influence of #BookTok on the publishing industry.

The #BookTok community, with over 34 million posts on TikTok, continues to drive book sales and support independent bookshops. This year’s TikTok Book Awards shortlist, determined by a panel of industry experts, includes categories such as Book of the Year (UK & Ireland), Book of the Year (International), and Indie Bookshop of the Year.

Notable shortlisted titles for UK & Ireland Book of the Year include Lisa Jewell’s “None Of This Is True” and Caroline O’Donoghue’s “The Rachel Incident.” International Book of the Year nominees include R.F. Kuang’s “Yellowface” and Rebecca Yarros’ “Fourth Wing.”, an online platform supporting local bookshops, will assist its network in creating TikTok Book Award destinations in-store. These spaces will feature official branding and graphics to help customers identify nominated books. Additionally, readers can purchase nominated titles through a dedicated TikTok Book Awards Storefront on the website.

The awards process invites public participation through in-app voting, which opened recently. According to the announcement, over 160,000 votes were cast for last year’s awards. TikTok users can search for “TikTok book awards” in the app to access the voting hub and participate.

Phillip Jones, a judge for the TikTok Book Awards, noted the enthusiasm and diversity reflected in the shortlists. “These awards are a moment to celebrate all the hard work made to look so effortless, but also a time to reflect on the importance of these voices and what they do,” he said.

The winners of the TikTok Book Awards will be revealed on July 25, 2024. There will be a special TikTok Shop Book of the Year category based on TikTok Shop sales data and the book’s impact on the platform.

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