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[REPORT] YouTube Ads Drive 2X More Purchases Than TV – What Marketers Need To Know

A new report from Precise TV reveals that YouTube significantly influences parents’ purchasing decisions with children aged 2-12 in the United States. The bi-annual “Precise Advertiser Report – Kids” (PARK) study, conducted in partnership with Giraffe Insights, surveyed 3,000 children and their parents to capture media consumption habits and their impact on family buying behavior.

Among the key findings, the research shows that YouTube continues to be the dominant platform for children’s media consumption, with 81% of kids using the service. This outpaces other popular platforms, with 44% using video-on-demand services, 39% watching broadcast TV, and 37% using TikTok.

[REPORT] YouTube Ads Drive 2X More Purchases Than TV – What Marketers Need To Know

According to the report, children spend an average of 108 minutes daily on YouTube, slightly more than the 106 minutes spent on video-on-demand services. YouTube Shorts, the platform’s short-form video offering, averages 90 minutes of daily viewing time.

The study highlights a strong correlation between children’s media consumption and parental purchasing decisions. Nearly 7 in 10 parents report that their child has asked for a product or service they saw advertised while co-viewing content. Furthermore, almost 6 in 10 parents agree that they are more likely to purchase a product they saw advertised when watching content with their child.

Co-viewing has emerged as a notable trend – 62% of children watch YouTube with others, typically family members or friends. This rises to 75% for subscription video-on-demand services. When watching YouTube on a connected TV, 7 in 10 children are co-viewing with others.

[REPORT] YouTube Ads Drive 2X More Purchases Than TV – What Marketers Need To Know

The report indicates that YouTube ads are particularly effective in driving purchase behavior. Children are twice as likely to ask their parents to buy something they’ve seen advertised on YouTube compared to traditional TV. Additionally, 31% of children believe the best commercials are on YouTube, surpassing broadcast TV at 18% and TikTok at 15%.

In terms of content discovery, YouTube plays a crucial role. It is the primary platform where children learn about new toys, with 22% of kids reporting they bought something after seeing it on YouTube Shorts. A quarter of children have asked their parents to buy items they’ve seen on the platform.

The study also sheds light on gaming habits, with 60% of children playing mobile or tablet games. Roblox has established itself as the most popular gaming app, especially among older children, with 55% of 10-12-year-olds playing it regularly.

Parents’ purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by their children’s reactions to ads and their wishlists. The report finds that 35% of children start making holiday wishlists at least three months before the holidays, with almost 9 in 10 kids creating such lists.

[REPORT] YouTube Ads Drive 2X More Purchases Than TV – What Marketers Need To Know

“Our research demonstrates the significant impact YouTube has on family purchasing decisions. Marketers targeting this demographic should consider the platform’s reach and influence when planning their campaigns,” Precise TV’s analysts stated.

The study also reveals that Walmart, Amazon, and Target are the most popular retailers for parents buying toys, with 76%, 73%, and 43% of parents shopping at these stores, respectively. The full report is available here.

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