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[REPORT] Human Influencers Earn 46X More Than AI: The Shocking Gap In Social Media Marketing

Twicsy’s new study, “AI Influencers Are Growing Fast But Still Far Behind Their Human Counterparts,” reveals a significant disparity in earnings and engagement between human and AI influencers in social media marketing. The research, conducted by analyzing data from 11,514 influencer accounts, sheds light on the current state of influencer marketing and the emerging role of AI-generated personalities.

As for key findings, human influencers continue to dominate the space, earning an average of $78,777 per post compared to $1,694 for their AI counterparts—46x more. This substantial gap underscores the current market preference for human influencers in brand collaborations and sponsored content.

The study also highlights differences in revenue streams between the two groups. While 37% of human influencers generate income through brand partnerships, only 8% of AI influencers rely on this traditional model. Interestingly, AI influencers are more likely to promote adult content, with 31% involved in such endorsements compared to 15% of human influencers.

[REPORT] Human Influencers Earn 46X More Than AI: The Shocking Gap In Social Media Marketing

Engagement metrics further illustrate the current advantage of human influencers. On average, posts by human influencers receive 414,754 likes, 5.8 times more than the 71,491 likes garnered by AI influencers. This disparity also extends to sponsored content, with human influencers generating 266% more engagement on brand-related posts.

The research provides insight into the top AI influencers based on follower counts. Notable figures include nobodysausage, Lu do Magalu, casasbahia, Lil Miquela, and guggimon.

[REPORT] Human Influencers Earn 46X More Than AI: The Shocking Gap In Social Media Marketing

When ranked by average likes per post, the most popular AI influencers are:

  1. @kda_music (157,311 likes)
  2. @lexischmidtai (155,719 likes)
  3. @lewis_hiro_newman (155,424 likes)
  4. @kaisa_dancer (152,096 likes)
  5. @maya_unlimited (151,853 likes)

The study’s methodology involved gathering data on 114 AI influencer accounts using Instagram recommendations and Starngage. For each AI account, 100 human influencer accounts with similar demographics and follower counts were selected for comparison. Data on earnings per post and engagement rates were collected via Hyperauditor, while MarketingHub provided information on likes and comments per post.

[REPORT] Human Influencers Earn 46X More Than AI: The Shocking Gap In Social Media Marketing

Despite the current performance gap, the report suggests that AI influencers are gaining popularity. As natural language processing and machine learning technologies advance, these virtual personalities may become more adept at providing personalized and emotionally impactful interactions.

However, the research indicates that AI influencers face challenges in replicating the nuanced human touch that drives engagement and builds audience trust. This is reflected in the comment metrics, where human influencers receive an average of 2,049 comments per post, compared to 1,953 for AI influencers. Read the full report here.

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