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[REPORT] Top 4 Factors Influencing Travel Decisions In 2024

The Growth Distillery, a market research firm, has released a new report detailing the shifting state of travel decision-making. “Influence Codes: The Chemistry of Travel Influence” examines how influence operates in the travel sector and identifies four key factors shaping consumer choices in 2024. Here are the four key takeaways regarding the factors that have had the most influence on travel choices:

[REPORT] Top 4 Factors Influencing Travel Decisions In 2024
  1. Authenticity and Reliability

The report finds that authenticity and reliability are the most potent forces in travel influence, with 2.8 times more impact than an average influence factor. Consumers are increasingly looking for sources they can count on to deliver consistently, especially given the high stakes of travel decisions. The study suggests that establishing credentials through relevant experience and showcasing successful outcomes for others are crucial for building influence in this area.

  1. Experiential Authority

According to the research, experiential authority is the second most important factor, twice as effective in influencing travel decisions as other sectors. Growth Distillery’s analysts indicate that an authentic experience display is more powerful than official titles, reviews, or other endorsements. It advises leveraging previous experiences through reviews, recommendations, and pre-existing media relevant to consumer decision-making.

  1. Comparative Information

The study reveals that comparative information is 1.7 times more influential than average in travel decisions. However, it also notes that 43% of respondents strongly agree that abundant information makes decision-making more complex, suggesting that information that simplifies choices and reduces complexity is most effective in influencing travel decisions.

  1. Relatability

Relatability emerges as the fourth key factor, 1.4 times more impactful than average. The research indicates that consumers value feeling heard and understanding their circumstances when making travel choices. It emphasizes the importance of understanding individual travel aspirations to build affinity and credibility.

The report also highlights generational differences in travel influence. It finds that Affinity and Authority become progressively more critical factors as generations age. For younger generations, particularly Gen Z, community and information play a more significant role in influencing travel decisions.

[REPORT] Top 4 Factors Influencing Travel Decisions In 2024

Risk and complexity are key variables affecting travelers’ influence blueprint. The study categorizes travel decisions into four quadrants based on risk and complexity levels, each requiring a different approach to influence:

  • Low Risk, High Complexity: Seek to create personal, proximate affinity.
  • High Risk, High Complexity: Definitively demonstrate experiential authority.
  • Low Risk, Low Complexity: Demonstrate authenticity and reliability above all.
  • High Risk, Low Complexity: Dial-up information and affinity to guide decision-making.

The research also reveals a shift in travel motivations. Seven in ten Australians seek experiences that give them more of “what they love” when they travel, moving away from the idea of travel as an escape from daily life. This shift has increased pressure for each trip to be perfect, with half of Australian travelers agreeing that a major downfall of choosing a holiday or activity option is the experience needing to live up to personal expectations.

According to the report, the travel industry may need to respond to these changing demands. Two in five Australian travelers say that travel brands and providers offer options that are too generic for the personal experiences they seek. See the full report here.

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