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Curated Collections And No-Cap Commissions: Inside HSN’s Strategy To Win Over Creators And Shoppers

HSN, a livestream shopping and video storytelling company, and have announced the launch of HSNfluencer, a new creator platform powered by’s partnership management technology. The platform aims to streamline HSN’s relationships with creators and influencers, offering tools for recruitment, engagement, management, and analysis within a customized experience.

HSN’s strategy taps into consumer behavior trends, with 88% of consumers trusting personal recommendations over other channels and 64% making repeat purchases based on influencer recommendations.

In the announcement, Rebecca Kerper, VP Chief Digital Officer at HSN, states, “The new creator platform enables us to improve the experience for creators who work with us while also providing an engaging and convenient way for our customers to shop and discover HSN products.”

Key features of the HSNfluencer platform include:

  1. Curated product collections for creators to inspire content
  2. Affiliate product link generation for posts
  3. Resources and tools for creators to gain consumer momentum
  4. Integration of HSN on-air personalities as creators with their storefronts
  5. No-cap commissions for creators expanding HSN’s customer base

The platform also allows creators to view and participate in HSN campaigns, create authentic content, and reach new audiences. HSN can curate collections for creators to browse and share, access performance metrics, and gain actionable insights through reporting tools.

“Businesses must leverage partnerships with these trusted sources to make sure they meet today’s buyer where they are—seeking out authentic and transparent reviews and recommendations from those they trust before making a purchase,” said CEO David A. Yovanno.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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