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How Digital Nomad Laura Gomez Balances The “Tug Of War” Of Full-Time Travel And A Thriving Business

How Digital Nomad Laura Gomez Balances The “Tug Of War” Of Full-Time Travel And A Thriving Business

Laura Gomez, co-founder of TDC Digital Agency and a successful content creator, started her journey as a marketing strategist and evolved into a digital nomad. Her approach to e-commerce optimization, content creation, and embracing new technologies like AI provides a roadmap for success in the digital age. Laura’s story sheds light on the diverse opportunities within the creator economy but also shows the importance of adaptability and authentic connection in an increasingly digital world.

As a bilingual entrepreneur and self-described “contentpreneur,” Laura found herself leveraging social media to promote her business. “I started creating content because I co-founded an agency in 2018,” she says. “To market our business, I started on YouTube creating marketing strategy videos about what we were doing with our clients.”

What began as a business strategy quickly evolved into a passion project. Laura’s content now spans a range of topics, from marketing tactics to remote work and travel tips. “I couldn’t stick to one niche,” she explains. “I wanted to share absolutely everything because [it’s] a passion. I have so much fun doing it.”

Laura’s approach to content creation is pragmatic. Rather than waiting for inspiration, she advocates for action. Her content has progressed from purely tactical marketing videos to documenting her life as a digital nomad. “We went from only marketing how-to videos to now more of [documenting] my day-to-day as I work remotely while traveling full time,” Laura says, adding that this shift in focus allows her to connect with a broader audience while leveraging her business acumen.

TDC Digital Agency: Optimizing E-commerce on Shopify

Laura’s TDC Digital Agency stems from identifying a gap in the market for effective social media strategies. “I think social media [has changed since I started], but back then, there were a lot of businesses that lacked the strategies that we knew we could help them implement,” Laura explained.

The agency has developed significantly since its inception. Initially working with local businesses like coffee shops and restaurants, TDC Digital Agency now specializes in optimizing Shopify-based e-commerce stores. Laura describes their current focus: “We optimize the strategic part of the greatest e-commerce stores you see online. We are the people [behind] the fine-tuning, like, ‘Okay, this button needs to go here and here to increase conversions.

Client Selection and Services

TDC Digital Agency maintains a selective client onboarding process. “We have this criteria where we have to love the products you’re putting out,” Laura says. Their services begin with comprehensive website optimization. “Our first service that we onboard new clients with is completely optimizing their Shopify store. We guarantee their conversion will increase,” she states.

Following the initial optimization, the agency offers ongoing monthly services to ensure continued performance. “Monthly, it’s a Shopify optimization on your website,” Laura explains.

Focus on Human Psychology

While staying abreast of digital marketing trends, Laura emphasizes understanding fundamental human behavior. “The same tactics that we’re using right now are the same tactics that people used in newspapers and TV commercials,” she notes. “If we stop concentrating on how this is trending or every new trending sound, it’s just understanding human psychology. I think that’s where the huge benefit comes in.”

The content creator acknowledges the numerous hurdles faced when starting the agency. “Nobody teaches you how to be a business owner. Nobody teaches you the finance, taxes, and legal side of things,” she reflects. Laura credits adaptability as the key to their success: “If I hadn’t allowed myself to change, many things wouldn’t have happened. Our  agency wouldn’t have scaled if we hadn’t been open to change, and my life wouldn’t have transitioned to what it is now.”

Balancing Full-Time Travel and Remote Work

As an entrepreneur and content creator, Laura describes the challenge of managing full-time travel alongside remote work as a “tug of war.” She recommends establishing routines to maintain productivity while exploring new destinations.

“The traveling aspect has also helped me to improve my content creation side, my business side with time management, and how I am being productive,” Laura says. She notes that the need to be strategic with time has positively impacted various aspects of her life.

How Digital Nomad Laura Gomez Balances The “Tug Of War” Of Full-Time Travel And A Thriving Business

For those aspiring to combine travel with a remote career, Laura advises focusing on long-term stays rather than short trips. “Instead of thinking ‘I’m going on a vacation, I’m going for three days, five days, maybe two weeks…’ think ‘Where can I be this month? Where can I be for three months, even six months,’” she suggests.

According to the travel maven, this approach allows for establishing routines and a more settled lifestyle, potentially reducing costs. “Everything changes when you travel long-term,” she explains. “It’s not a vacation. It turns into your actual day-to-day life.”

Revenue Streams for Content Creators

Laura has explored various platforms for content creation but finds YouTube particularly effective. “YouTube is a powerhouse, and not many people explore it,” she says, highlighting multiple income sources available through the platform, including ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

She notes that even before reaching YouTube’s monetization threshold, she generated income: “I was already making money just by linking the tools that I was using in the agency.”

As her content evolved to document her travels, new opportunities emerged. Laura now engages in brand partnerships and creates user-generated content (UGC) for companies. Additionally, she’s ventured into creating travel guides available on Amazon worldwide.

“There are just so many […] aspects that come to creating content that I had no idea about,” Laura reflects, emphasizing the diverse revenue potential in content creation.

Digital Agencies as Catalysts

Laura points out the crucial role digital agencies play in the creator economy. “Most of the clients are unaware of the power of creators,” she explains. Agencies like TDC Digital are instrumental in educating and encouraging brands to collaborate with creators of all sizes.

“Every brand needs to be working with all types of creators, small creators, big creators,” Laura asserts. She notes a shift in client attitudes, with businesses becoming more open to creator partnerships and actively seeking information about these collaborations.

AI in Content Creation

Laura identifies artificial intelligence as both a challenge and an opportunity for creators. “We’re about to step foot into a huge new wave that will provide a lot of opportunities, and some people will take it as a disadvantage,” she says.

While AI can potentially replicate content quickly, Laura believes successful creators will adapt and use AI to their advantage. “Use it in a way that it helps you, but it doesn’t lose your authenticity. Instead, it just frees up more of your time,” she advises.

Emphasizing Human Connection

Despite technological advancements, Laura does not neglect the enduring importance of human connection in content creation. “Social media works so well because humans want to connect to other humans,” she explains.

Laura suggests leveraging AI for tasks like improving scripts or enhancing content engagement while focusing on building authentic connections with audiences. She believes this approach presents a significant opportunity for creators in the industry.

How Digital Nomad Laura Gomez Balances The “Tug Of War” Of Full-Time Travel And A Thriving Business

Shifting Perceptions

Laura advocates for a change in how the creator economy is perceived. “People do this as a full-time job, yet it’s happened many times where I meet full-time creators, and they don’t explain what they do in a way somebody working in a corporate job would,” she notes. The creator stresses the need for creators to take pride in their work and for the broader public to recognize content-making as a legitimate profession.

“It moves thousands and millions and billions of dollars,” Laura says of the economic impact of the creator economy. She believes that every brand needs to work with creators.

For industry newcomers, Laura gives invaluable advice: remain open to change. She challenges the common advice to pick and stick to a niche and suggests that creators explore various content types instead. “Being able just to start and being okay with looking like a mess from the outside, but knowing that you’re just trying different things,” she recommends.

Future Aspirations

Regarding TDC Digital Agency, Laura aims to partner with inspiring brands and founders driven by internal missions. Personally, she hopes to see more people embracing full-time travel and remote work. “You learn so much about yourself from getting outside of your comfort zone,” Laura says, emphasizing the personal growth from such experiences.

Her ultimate goal is to witness people worldwide living their dream lives with thriving businesses, leveraging the flexibility of remote work. “It is like the best of both worlds,” Laura concludes.

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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