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Beyond Ads: How This MCN Deal Turns Influencers Into Food Brands And Game Developers

On Monday, Collab Asia, a global multi-channel network (MCN) operating in seven Asian countries, announced a new partnership with UUUM, Japan’s largest MCN, Korean Mael Business Newspaper reports. This collaboration aims to help Korean companies enter the Japanese market through influencer marketing and expand the scope of creator-driven businesses.

UUUM, established in 2013 and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2017, boasts a network of over 13,000 YouTube creators. The company’s portfolio includes 80 creators with over 1 million subscribers each, including popular figures like Hikakin and Hajime Shacho, who have surpassed the 10 million subscriber mark.

The Japanese MCN has diversified beyond traditional advertising, venturing into food and beverage brand development using creator intellectual property, game development, event organization, and digital media operations. These expansions contributed to UUUM’s total sales of 23.1 billion yen (~$143M) in the previous year.

Collab Asia, with its presence in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore, collaborates with more than 3,000 creators across its markets. Its Korean branch, Collab Korea, holds the distinction of being the only global MCN in the country to produce three diamond button recipients – creators with over 10 million subscribers.

Kim Deok-bong, head of Collab Korea, stated that the partnership with UUUM will create an environment conducive to overseas expansion and influencer marketing for companies in Korea and Japan. He emphasized that Korean brands utilizing the combined marketing solutions of Collab Asia and UUUM will find it significantly easier to access the Japanese market.

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