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Brands That Work With And Pay Social Media Influencers in 2023


Brands That Work With And Pay Social Media Influencers in 2023

The marriage between a brand and a social media influencer must be lucrative. Find your perfect brand partner, get rewarded for your effort and boost your growth and following, for a mutually satisfying marketing experience. 

This article will uncover the verified opportunities and resources to help you ascertain which brands to target, their requirements and how to prepare to ensure your success.

Brand and Social Media Influencer Relationship

Brands have relied on the influence of celebrities and marketing campaigns to convey their brand message long before the advent of the social media influencer. However, the strategic partnership between both entities has proven to be mutually beneficial.

Social media influencers possess a connection with audiences based on their personality, credibility, level of expertise, and popularity. Using social media influencers to endorse and promote brands and products is genius! Influencers connect brands to their audiences most authentically and credibly; achieving more than sales but a relationship with audiences that surpass a singular sale and transaction.

Turning this into a career opportunity for social media influencers, brands have leaned more heavily on this type of marketing, purely based on its success and incredible reach and engagement through humanizing marketing.

Does follower size matter?

There is a perfect fit for everyone. Of course, Influencers with more followers allow brands to tap into larger audiences. However, meaningful engagements with lasting impacts are sometimes more prevalent with micro-influencers who can harness their influence over their followers more effectively. Depending on the brand, target market, campaign, etc., the influencer follower size must be considered. But influencers with different follower sizes are relevant and each have a place in the market. 

Now, here are the brands to target: 

La Croix

This is an American sparkling water brand that tapped into the micro-influencer market earlier on and continues to enjoy the success between the brand and social media Influencers.

They align with lifestyle bloggers who can engage millennials using micro-influencers with as few as 150 followers. They are after an authentic marketing strategy that is more community-based. La Croix’s platform of choice is Instagram. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat. 

You can become an ambassador by tagging and hash-tagging La Croix in your posts or reach out to them via this page

Daniel Wellington

This is a fashion brand that sells watches, jewelry, and accessories of impeccable design and quality. The brand has a captivating backstory and plenty of charm and elegance.

Anyone who considers themselves a DW fan can apply, however, the brand offers additional perks and incentives to influencers with more than 3000 followers. Influencers must have social media accounts (preferably Instagram, but also TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest) and must be active users.

DW icons can look forward to being paid in cash, vouchers, commission, free products, and exclusive discounts.

Daniel Wellington’s commitment to using brand ambassadors and influencers can be proven with their dedicated Global ambassadors’ program open to anyone who believes they can represent their brand and transmit their brand message.



The pink top is my fave!!! 🎀

♬ original sound – Brooke

Asos is a leading U.K based online fashion outlet with a global reach. It offers designers fashion at a fraction of the cost without compromising style and the latest trends. Therefore, using fashion experts to promote the brand is a no-brainer.

Offering ambassadors, a 4% -7% commission on every sale, becoming an Asos Ambassador is rather lucrative. Asos prefers fashion vloggers and bloggers who are micro-influencers. The relatability micro-influencers offer audiences is more effective in turning content into sales.

Try some of these Asos affiliate programs for brand ambassadors with greater detail on the commission structure for each.


Leaders in photography and videography, Canon enhances its marketing strategy by using social media influencers.

Tech Savvy experts make great ambassadors for this brand. Take a look at some of their experts. How do you become a brand ambassador for Canon? Read this for a full breakdown.

Canon uses storytelling and high-quality creative content to showcase the functions and superior quality and features of its equipment. An influencer capable of achieving this is the candidate they are looking for. Try out their exclusive program now.

Links to other brands That Pay Influencers :



namaste, my angels. feeling zen in fabletics! ✌️🧘‍♀️✌️

♬ Tired – Love McCartney

Fabletics is a unisex active-lifestyle brand that sells activewear. Read more about them and join their program. Click here for their ambassador program.

Flat Tummy Co.

Flat Tummy Co. is a weight loss, fitness, and wellness brand that promotes a flat tummy through gut health and total wellness. This is their brand Ambassador Program.

Goli Gummy

Goli Gummy is a vegan and gluten-free supplement alternative in the health and wellness game. Check out their program.


Lululemon offers yoga and activewear, as well as accessories. This is their ambassador program.

Amazon Fashion

Amazon Fashion is about meeting your fashion needs by shopping online using the world-famous Amazon. You can sign up for their ambassador program.


This trusted chain of hypermarkets in America, also makes use of social media influencers and ambassadors to reach their audience. Don’t waste time, check out how you can partner with them.

More quick links – Try these Influencer Programs :

How to secure the deal

– Media kit

A professional media kit is pivotal to your success. It is your business profile and resume rolled into one creative document that showcases your brand in a summarized version. Read this for greater insight.

– Research the brand

Never underestimate the power of brand and audience knowledge. Understanding the brand’s target market, demographics, and what appeals to them is only one half of the equation. Understanding the brand, its brand message, and its personality is the other half. Aligning yourself with both is the golden ticket you seek.

– Understand the brief

Being creative, bold, innovative, and authentic are all part of the brief but fully comprehending the brand’s expectations is even more important. A funky campaign or post versus the client expecting an elegant and understated offering could present a major disconnect and misalignment. The brand and social media influencer relationship only work when this falls into place.

– Create and deliver creative content

Find unique, creative, and authentic ways to represent the brand. While well-thought-out strategies and content pay off, sometimes more straightforward content hits the spot better. Understanding your audience and the brand will give you a range you can work within.

– Always be professional

Professionalism is the hallmark of any good business relationship. Live up to this and ensure all engagements with your brand are professional and courteous. Your reputation depends on it.

– Join an influencer marketing platform

While we have provided links to the individual ambassador programs for each of the brands listed in this article, there are other avenues to getting discovered. Influencer marketing platforms are a sure way of being headhunted. Sign up and continue with your independent campaigns and posts. You never know who may be watching (searching) and you may be their perfect candidate.

Today could be day 1!

Every journey begins with one step. This could be yours. This article provides you with the information required to prepare and strike. Figure out what type of influencer you are, and select a brand that you align with. Do your research. Prepare adequately. And Strike. If you miss you have the rest of the year to reload and try again. Good luck!

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