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All About the Princess Polly Influencer Program


All About the Princess Polly Influencer Program

Princess Polly is an online fashion boutique that ships worldwide. This article provides insight into the brand, its audience, collaborations, and its influencer program so you can become Princess Polly approved!

Princess Polly’s story began in 2005, in a beachside apartment on Australia’s Gold Coast. Their online store only launched in 2010 and in 2019 Princess Polly skyrocketed. 

Their target audience is the young and youthful, primarily women. They take their cue from pop culture and street style. Using a formidable army of micro-influencers, Princess Polly influences the fashion narrative, worldwide.


A testament to their success is winning the Stevie Awards in 2021 for sales and customer service in these categories:

  • Gold – Woman of the Year in Customer Service
  • Gold – Customer Service Manager of the Year
  • Gold – Customer Service Department of the Year – Retail
  • Gold – Young customer service professional of the year for Alexandria Collis, Director of Customer Experience at Princess Polly 
  • Silver – Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy

Princess Polly’s Influencer Program

The Requirements

Princess Polly leans toward micro-influencers and mid-tier influencers. However, their collaborations with Ariana Grande and YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain have contributed to their massive success. Neither being micro or mid-tier influencers.

In a June 2021, StudentBeans interview, Kim Zorn, Princess Polly’s Head of Performance said, 

“The types of influencers we use really depends on our strategy. We had a huge collaboration with Emma Chamberlain in the US, which brought heaps of new customers. But we also focus on micro-influencers as well in some cases – generally, they have a smaller but really engaged audience that really listens to what they’re buying.”

To really understand the Princess Polly influencer, we’ve listed some of their top influencers from over the years. Let’s peek at their profiles.

1.  Cartia Mallan (Australian)

@cartiamallan , @Cartia Mallan

Cartia has 524,000 followers on Instagram and 486,000 on YouTube. She is a fashion and beauty vlogger, who provides content about makeup tutorials and transformations, outfitting for events and occasions, lifestyle, and travel. The 24-year-old beauty promotes a positive body image.

2. Sammy Robinson (Australian)

@sammyrobinson, @SammyRobinsonMakeup

Sammy is a model and YouTube sensation. Her vlogs usually contain Q&A’s, tutorials, get-ready-with-me, and more, relating to beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Sammy’s online career began in 2012. Along with 702K YouTube and 654K Instagram followers she has her own fashion label called, One Mile The Label

3. Olivia Jade

@oliviajade , @oliviajadebeauty, @oliviajadevlogs3550

Despite Olivia Jade’s insane 1,2 million followers on Instagram and 1,8 million on YouTube, Princess Polly was forced to drop the social media influencer for her involvement in a university bribery scandal. This was a shame because Olivia was a great fit for the brand. Not only is she the daughter of actress Lorri Laughlin, she also vlogged about beauty, makeup, and fashion and indulged in the odd challenge. 

Put your spin on these types of posts to promote Princess Polly products and driving sales:

Option 1

Apply on Princess Polly’s collab page 

The 3-minute, multiple choice questionnaire, requests this basic information:

  • Your location (focus placed on the U.S, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand)
  • Your platform of influence (focus on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok)
  • Your platform handles
  • The focus of your platforms (categories such as Fashion, Foodies, Fitness, Lifestyle, and N/A), 
  • The number of followers per platform
  • The average number of likes per post, per platform
  • The average number of comments per post, per platform 

Option 2

The College Ambassador Program

Princess Polly is also recruiting American and Canadian college students as ambassadors. Only young fashion, marketing, and social media fanatics, will make the cut for The College Ambassador Program. If you’re a full-time U.S. college student, at least 18 years old, and active on social media; you could apply. There are no follower count requirements, and the 5% commission per purchase made using your link, will be paid via a Princess Polly gift card.

How to promote and drive sales

Princess Polly is about pushing the boundaries on how influencers exercise their influence. Influencers must think outside the box about what drives sales. Understand your audience and how they prefer to be engaged and do that.

Put your spin on these types of posts to promote Princess Polly products and driving sales:

·       Tags and hashtags with discount codes and links

·       YouTube try-on hauls

·       Fashion vlogs about clothing ranges and picks for seasons, events and so forth

·       Fashion tutorials

·       Q&A

·       Challenges

·       Modeling the clothes

Focusing on one channel works way better

  • YouTube is great for vlogs and Try-on hauls. 
  • Instagram is made for those model-esque shots that capture the clothes or the event you wore them to. 
  • Facebook may be better suited to special offers and discount codes on. 
  • TikTok’s strength lies in short-form videos which encourage quick styling and get-ready-with-me videos. 

Pick a channel that works best for you, your content style and your audience.

How some Princess Polly influencers capture shoppers’ attention:


Melissa Le


Melissa Le (@mellissalle) | TikTok

Melissa showcases fashion options for spring in the comfort of her bedroom. She wears the chosen look to dinner. This video is relatable and fun. Melissa offers a 20% discount code. Melissa chose a short and catchy caption and plenty of hashtags. 

@mellissalle yakiniku for dinner w/ @Princess Polly 🤍🤎 “LOVEMELISSA” for 20% you next purchase! #pppartner #springbreak #ootd #halloween #ootd #womenempowerment #womenownedbusiness #girlssupportgirls ♬ BETTER OFF ALONE AT BIBLE SCHOOL – ☆ juicyhilton ☆



Jakeytho (@jakeytho) | TikTok

Jakeytho is sassy and sizzling in this video. He represents the LGBTQ community in this inclusive and fashion forward post. With several hashtags and an interesting caption, it is very clear that this is about Princess Polly’s spring vibes. 

@jakeytho All the spring vibes with this one baddies! Let me know which pieces you love 🖤🍑 DCJY20 @princesspolly #ppartner #princesspolly #trending #viral #haul #fashiontiktok ♬ Miss You – Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz


Lauren McKnight


Lauren is a Princess Polly Partner and micro-influencer. Posing in Princess Polly wear, she is fashionably on point. The picture is candid and gives ‘caught-in-the-moment’ vibes. She looks effortless, not staged, and more relatable. Lauren offers a discount link and makes use of hashtags.

Miaa Wilcox


Mia provides an alternative to modeling the clothes. She stages her Princess Polly picks, with accessories, for an inspiring photo op. She plays on the colors, textures, accessories, and sparkle. This post is different yet captivating. The clothes are the highlight and not the model or influencer. Mia provides a discount link in her bio.


Rachel Catherine

@Rachel Catherine

Rachel presents a YouTube try-on haul. She provides links to all the Pinterest-inspired clothing she selected for this video. Rachel includes an unboxing, first impression, review, and styling options, together with the best events to wear the looks to. She also provides a discount link! She packs in a lot of information casually. Rachel’s conversational style and calm voice help the video along very well.

Sophia Borges

@Sophia Borges

Sophia’s YouTube ‘shop-with-me’ video, a summer edition, begins with information about Princess Polly’s online shopping. She mentions her discount code. She includes links to the items. Sophia splits the screen between her sitting at her laptop and the Princess Polly website on her laptop screen. She discusses her thought process, as she shops online. She creates a fun approach to shopping and takes viewers by the hand through the process. This serves as a fun user tutorial. Sophia also tried on the clothing, reviewed it, and styled it.

It’s a wrap!

From understanding the brand, their requirements, providing examples, and even identifying successful ways to drive sales; it is all here. Always do independent research too. Such as this article by Tori Nucci (Social Media Content Creator), whose collaboration with Princess Polly is reflected upon in this piece entitled,  Collaborate with Brands; a How-To Guide.

The goal was to set you up for success as a Princess Polly Influencer. With the information dropped in this article you are sure to close any gaps that may exist. You could be the next sponsored Princess Polly ambassador. 

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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