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All About the Revolve Influencer Program


All About the Revolve Influencer Program

Revolve partners with some of the most stylish influencers on social media today. Revolve curates clothing from worldwide partnerships and today, they offer over 49,000 apparel, footwear, accessories and beauty items. Read on to learn more about joining the Revolve Influencer Program and get inspiration from the brand’s top partners.

Are you interested in joining the Revolve Influencer Program? In this guide, NetInfluencer details all of the information and includes examples from some of today’s top influencer partners.

Revolve was founded in 2003 by co-CEOs Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas. The Revolve brand caters primarily to Millenial and Gen-Z consumers. Revolve curates clothing from worldwide partnerships and today, they offer over 49,000 apparel, footwear, accessories and beauty items. The brand went public through an IPO (initial public offering) in 2019, which made the co-CEOs billionaires. 

All About the Revolve Influencer Program

Who Are the Revolve Influencers, and What Do They Do?

Revolve partners with some of the most stylish influencers on social media today. Many of them have large followings and partner with other top brands, like Fashion Nova. The brand also has an up-and-coming line for men called Revolve Man

On the Revolve Instagram page, the brand features their influencer partners in trendy outfits. Here, we see influencer Katia Kramble hitting the slopes in a Revolve jacket and pants.

Shoppers looking to wow guests at their next formal event get inspiration in this shot from influencer Luana Baron. 

For some fun in the sun, Camila Coelho pairs pieces from her own collection with a Revolve knit bodysuit in lime green,

What Are the Revolve Influencer Requirements?

The Revolve Brand Ambassador Program officially launched in late 2019. Their initial “soft launch” onboarded 3,000 new influencers as well as a waitlist of 10,000 more. Today, Revolve works with influencers of all sizes. They have four unique follower count tiers that include those with under 100,000 followers all the way up to over one million. 

Revolve offers both an Ambassador and Affiliate program, both of which require the completion of a simple web application. Applications to work with Revolve as a brand partner can be found on their company website under the Information section at the bottom of the page. 

How to Promote Revolve Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Through the Revolve Brand Ambassador Program, brand partners earn generous sales commissions and exclusive access to sponsored trips. There are also opportunities to receive cash and prizes for showcasing Revolve outfits on the top social media platforms. Top influencer partners also get to create their own capsule collection. Ambassadors commissions are 15% in cash with an additional 5% for cashing out in store credit.

Through the Revolve Affiliate Program, influencers benefit from the following perks: 

  • 5% commission on all orders made from your readers clicking the REVOLVE banner or link added to your website
  • 7-day tracking cookie to each link
  • Product catalog with hi-res images for you to choose from
  • New banners that are updated & added monthly
  • Exclusive offers for your readers and followers

How Influencers Promote Revolve on Tik Tok

Over on TikTok, Revolve influencer partners show off outfits from the brand in a variety of creative ways. In this clip from Anastazia, viewers get fashion inspiration for several different types of dates. Anastazia’s fun ideas include everything from meeting the parents to a hungover lunch.

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In this simple, yet stunning video from Revolve partner Kayla Nicole, we get some ideas on how to style a cut-out sweater dress for a day out on the town. She pairs the dress with a cozy winter coat, high-heeled boots, and a small matching bag.



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Here, Katia shows off her ice skating skills in a chic outfit from Revolve. Her monochromatic look includes a brown romper and tights with a matching fuzzy coat. Katia also sports a pair of cute earmuffs, which fly off as she twirls!


Only main characters will understand

♬ Why is this trending – Jaz &lt3

How Influencers Promote Revolve on Instagram

Similar to TikTok, Revolve partners on Instagram have been taking advantage of short-form video to model the brand’s clothing. In this example from fashion model Neta Alchimister, viewers get to envision themselves in a tan, form-fitting two-piece set. Neta keeps things simple and lets the outfit speak for itself.

Here, Revolve influencer Hetal Patel shines in a sparkly two-piece outfit meant for celebrating. Hetal shows off the silver sequins in this outfit by pairing it with some dance moves. She also uses dim lighting to make the sparkles pop. 

In this Reel from Pia Shah, a brown moto jacket from Revolve is paired with an all-black outfit and accessories. The clip is shot in quick frames and Pia takes advantage of a black backdrop with a contrasting white floor, which helps place even more emphasis on the coat. 

How Influencers Promote Revolve on Youtube

Revolve also gave Revolve influencer Ellie Thumann $1,500 to spend on the brand’s clothing. However, in this video, Ellie uses the cash to purchase 11 pieces for summertime in the city. Her picks include tops, jeans, and skirts.  

Here, fashion vlogger Hannah Harrell styles Revolve clothing for a night out. Hannah puts together five different outfit options, ranging from a short skirt to a pair of satin pants. She also includes some styling tips to make the outfits stand out. 


Whether you’re a micro influencer new to the fashion scene or a social media veteran with a large following, a Revolve brand partnership may be a good fit for you. To learn more about the Revolve Influencer Program, click here. 

All About the Revolve Influencer Program
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