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All About the Showpo Influencer Program


What Is Showpo Influencer Program

Showpo is a massive online fashion brand dropping over 100 new styles each week and promoting empowerment and body positivity. If you’re interested in collaborating with this confidence-boosting, trendy brand, you’ll want to know the following information about how to reach out and promote their products on social media successfully.

Interested in creating another income stream and working with a brand that you adore? The Showpo Influencer program provides influencers with the opportunity to do just that. Here is the lowdown on what Showpo influencers are currently doing to promote Showpo products successfully, earn money through collaborations, and much more. 

All About the Showpo Influencer Program

Company Background

Showpo is a global online fashion brand dedicated to empowering its customers to feel beautiful, confident, and inspired to become their best, authentic selves. In 2010, Showpo’s CEO, Jane Lu, left her corporate job to launch Showpo from her garage. Today, Jane leads a massive company with over 140 employees and three million followers on social media. 

All About the Showpo Influencer Program

The brand values body positivity and prioritizes offering an inclusive range of trendy styles designed exclusively in Australia. Showpo drops over 100 new styles weekly, all exclusive in-house designs ranging from footwear to beauty to apparel to accessories. 

All About the Showpo Influencer Program

Who are the Showpo influencers, and what do they do?

Showpo is a body-positive brand with an extensive range of trendy clothing styles. They work with many influencers as long as your content is primarily fashion or lifestyle based and your audience is more than or equal to 50% female. 

Some of the biggest Showpo influencers include Katie Betzing, Annickvaesken, and Tinaprovis. Showpo influencers show off trendy, new styles from Showpo in haul style or style inspiration content. 

What are the Showpo influencer requirements?

Interested in becoming a Showpo influencer? Here are the listed requirements: 

  • Have a social media page focused on lifestyle or fashion content
  • Have an audience that is more than or equal to 50% women

Showpo does not have a specific application process or affiliate network to apply for. Instead, reach out to them at, and they will get back to you if they are interested in collaborating with you. 

How to promote Showpo products as an influencer and make money

Showpo influencers can promote Showpo fashion in various ways, including through their blog, website, social media platforms, and more. 

Here are a few tips that the most successful Showpo influencers use to promote their products: 

  • Frequently post about Showpo products. Often, your audience needs to see a product more than once to be convinced that it’s worth investing in for themselves. 
  • Share exciting new releases, collections, and seasonal content. Social media algorithms love new releases and seasonal content, regardless of your preferred platform. Stay on top of new Showpo fashion and keep your followers in the know to cultivate an interest in Showpo products. 
  • Create honest and relatable content. Your audience doesn’t want to feel like you are selling products to them, so provide your honest opinion on the product and what you love about it. Showing your audience how to style outfits in multiple ways can also increase the perceived value of the fashion and beauty products you’re showcasing. 

How Influencers Promote Showpo on Tik Tok


  • Sonali is an Austin influencer posting everyday outfits, iconic Amazon finds, and lifestyle tips. This PLT post excitedly shares what she is packing for her vacation to Italy. Its relatable, cheerful energy makes it stand out. 
@so_narly What I’m packing for Italy!! 😍🤍 #whatimpacking #vacayprep #vacayoutfits #vacationoutfits2022 #showpotryon #size10tryon ♬ The Spins – Mac Miller


  • Ariella never holds back with her honest opinions on clothing. Her Showpo TikTok features photos from the Showpo website of what she ordered and her trying on the pieces in person to give viewers an exact idea of what they are getting. 
@ariellanyssa @SHOWPO ♬ Beach Boy – BENEE


  • Tina is a Love Island AU Winner from season three. She shares snappy fashion content, including this Showpo advertisement for the Afterpay day sale. In her description, she shares a code to shop her look, which you’ll definitely want to use after watching this engaging, fun try-on video. 
@tinaprovis #ad @SHOWPO’s Afterpay day sale is officially here! Shop now using the code AFTERPAY20 to shop my look 😍 Run don’t walk! #showpo #ad ♬ OKAY SHAWTY – Kwe the Artist

How Influencers Promote Showpo on Instagram


  • Amelia Ross is an Australian fashion model sharing stunning Instagram photos of herself in seasonal and trendy Showpo fashion. Her content is sophisticated, elegant yet sultry, and ranges from beachwear, casual outfit inspiration, and elegant party looks. Her pictures have even been featured on Showpo’s Instagram.


  • Erva is a Turkish American digital creator from Austin, Texas posting modest fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content. Her relaxed, minimalist style is showcased through her carefully curated feed, as demonstrated by this beautiful post of her in a PLT summer outfit. 


  • Corryn is a corporate girly and digital creator sharing cute pictures and style inspiration online. Her posts are curated and give off a digital magazine vibe with her carefully selected poses and outfits. This image features her in a beautiful PLT yellow dress. 

How Influencers Promote Showpo on Youtube

Brittany Ann Courtney

  • Brittany is a YouTube creator sharing fashion hauls and styling tips. Her hauls often have a specific goal, such as showing off fall styles or sales while giving you tips for transitioning to the next season and creating endless outfit combinations. 

Lacey Madision

  • Lacey doesn’t hold back with her honest opinions on whether or not Showpo clothing is really worth it. She reviews quality, online to in-person comparison, and sizing so that no stone is left unturned.

Katie Betzing

  • Katie loves entertaining others with her content. In her Showpo Summer Clothing Haul, she shares versatile and comfy pieces, gives her insights, and promotes the brand’s body positivity goals. 


We hope today’s article gave you a better understanding of how to collaborate with Showpo and what other successful Showpo creators are already doing. Check out other blog posts and information on the brand before making your decision about applying to become a Showpo influencer. 

Interested in becoming a Showpo influencer? Reach out to the brand at to see if you make the cut. 

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