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All About The Sundae Muse Influencer Program


All About The Sundae Muse Influencer Program

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sundae Muse is a trendy clothing retailer for free-spirited young women. The brand does not have a formal affiliate marketing program, however you can apply to become an official Sundae Muse influencer partner. Keep reading to learn more about how to work with Sundae Muse as a brand ambassador.

Sundae Muse is a clothing retailer that features trendy pieces for young women. In this guide, NetInfluencer explores the Sundae Muse influencer program and how the brand markets their merchandise. 

Sundae Muse was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The brand’s target customers are “free-spirited femmes, date night darlings, and boho babes.” Sundae Muse operates 100% online and does not have any physical store locations. They sell clothing from Australian clothing labels as well as brand exclusives. 

The brand designs their in-house clothing in Australia and ethically produces it overseas. Sundae Muse also donates one dollar from every purchase to charities that support women in need. 

Who Are the Sundae Muse Influencers and What Do They Do?

Sundae Muse features professional models as well as influencer partners on their official social media accounts. On TikTok, there seems to be more of a focus on models and photo shoots, while over on Instagram there is more content from brand ambassadors. The brand also does not appear to be as diverse as other brands, as most of the models and influencers are caucasian and have a slim body type.

In this TikTok video, a model shows off several Sundae Muse outfits for a girl’s day. The model wears several summer dresses in various lengths and a crop top with a floral print maxi skirt. 

Here, the brand gives viewers a behind the scenes look at a recent photo shoot. The models show off Sundae Muse dresses and outfits on location at a modern style home with a pool. 

@sundaemuse Photos from our most recent location shoot 🤍 #fashionphotoshoot #sundaemuse #summerfashioninspo #fashiontiktokforyou ♬ sonido original – “𝐁𝐑𝐔𝐍𝐎”

In this Instagram photo, fashion model Elissa Burns poses for the camera in a colorful summer dress. The dress is the brand’s Orchid Dress in orange.  

What Are the Sundae Muse Influencer Requirements?

Sundae Muse does not list specific requirements for an influencer program on their website. However, there is a form to fill out if you are interested in collaborating with the brand. Head to the Work With Us link at the bottom of the website’s homepage to access the form.

All About The Sundae Muse Influencer Program

Under the FAQ section of the Sundae Muse website, it mentions that only successful brand ambassador applicants will be notified.

How to Promote Sundae Muse Products as an Influencer and Make Money

There is no information on an affiliate marketing program listed on the Sundae Muse website. Although there is an application to become an influencer for the brand, perks and benefits of becoming a Sundae Muse brand ambassador are unknown. The marketing platform Knoji also reports there is no official Sundae Muse affiliate program at this time. 

It is also unclear as to whether or not the brand offers special discount codes for influencers. Additionally, the try-on and haul videos posted by content creators on YouTube seem to be unsponsored. 

How Influencers Promote Sundae Muse on TikTok

As mentioned above, the Sundae Muse TikTok account focuses on sharing videos from professional photo shoots and content from their models. Sundae Muse model Sienna Espie is frequently featured. Here, Sienna takes one of the brand’s mini dresses from day to night. During the day, she pairs the dress with cowboy boots and a casual purse. For night, Sienna swaps out the boots for a pair of strappy heels.

@sundaemuse Day to night 💫 Our Kirralee Dress styled by @Sienna | Fashion & Styling Shop it at #summerdress #summerstyling #sundaemuse #fyp ♬ GASLIGHT – INJI

In this video, Sundae Muse model Paris Bishop models the long sleeve floral print Evelina Dress. Paris completes the look with a pearl necklace, mini handbag, and high heel sandals.  

@sundaemuse Our beautiful Evelina Dress is back 💫 Worn by our angel @Paris Bishop #sundaemuse #summerdresses #fyp ♬ original sound – Sundae Muse

Here, a model named Nikki models three Sundae Muse outfits for warmer weather. Outfits Nikki wears include two printed matching crop tops and skirts and a spaghetti strap maxi dress with cutout details. 

@sundaemuse 3 outfits on our gorgeous models Nikki, what’s your favourite? 🤍 #fashioninspo #summerstyle #sundaemuse ♬ Kiss Me More x Say Yes – npletiddies

How Influencers Promote Sundae Muse on Instagram

The official Sundae Muse Instagram account features the same models from TikTok as well as photos from customers and influencer partners. They also have a special highlight called “SM Girls” where stories from brand ambassadors are saved. In these photos, Sundae Muse customer Georgia Rose models the Willow Dress in pink.

Here, Sundae Muse features three different customers in some of the brand’s latest dresses. Featured looks include a white mini dress, a form-fitting spaghetti strap midi dress in light blue, and a pink floral print halter dress.

In this Instagram reel, Sundae Muse model Sienna Espie shows off two different summer styles: a pink striped midi dress and a printed mini dress. The post also alerts customers to a one-day sale. 

How Influencers Promote Sundae Muse on YouTube

YouTube lifestyle and fashion vloggers who have recently purchased clothing from Sundae Muse post try on videos and give their honest opinions. As mentioned, the YouTube videos mentioning the brand do not appear to be sponsored, as they don’t offer any discount codes or mention being an official Sundae Muse partner.

In this Sundae Muse try on review video, Silvia Rosina models several dresses and tops. She also discusses the pros and cons of the brand and talks about their return policy.  

Here, influencer Meg Danielle gives her honest opinion on a Sundae Muse summer outfit haul. Meg models and reviews some of the brands dresses, shorts, and tops. 

Content creator Brittany Jade models three Sundae Muse outfits in this haul video. Looks include the brand’s Leila Dress in white, the Gemini Skirt in burgundy, and the Ambrose matching set. 


If you’re looking to add a trendy women’s clothing brand to your list of partnerships, consider working with Sundae Muse. To apply for the Sundae Muse influencer program, click here

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