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A Beginner’s Guide to the Fabletics Ambassador Program


A Beginner’s Guide to the Fabletics Ambassador Program

Find out what the Fabletics ambassador program is all about一from how it started, to who the brand’s ambassadors are, and how to join and earn money through it. Consider this your guide to being a Fabletics ambassador yourself.

New athleisure brands are springing up everywhere these days. But one, in particular, has taken the fitness industry by storm with its unique VIP membership program and celebrity ambassadors. Fabletics is a global active lifestyle brand that has transformed yoga and fitness clothing into everyday street fashion.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Fabletics Ambassador Program

Co-founded by world-renowned actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is an inclusive brand that aims to offer high-quality, stylish clothing at an affordable price. The company attributes a large part of its success to the countless influencer partnerships it has formed over the years. Lifestyle, fashion, and fitness bloggers make up the majority of the Fabletics ambassador program.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Fabletics’ and its ambassador program.

History of Fabletics

In the mid-2000s, co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler noticed a significant gap in the activewear industry. There were plenty of luxury labels but none of them provided fashionable, high-quality clothing at reasonable prices. 

A Beginner’s Guide to the Fabletics Ambassador Program

At the time, popular athleisure brands dominated the market, with a hefty price tag of over $100 for a pair of leggings. On the flip side, you can go to a big-box retailer, buy some cheap workout gear, and hope that it fits well and lasts long. 

Fabletics’ founders wanted to create something in between. They wanted a trendy, affordable alternative that nonetheless lives up to the style, performance, and excellence of premium brands.

Goldenberg and Ressler decided to contact Kate Hudson with their idea for stylish, performance-driven activewear that was accessible to a larger audience. The three started Fabletics in 2013, with the core value that everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

Fabletics is all about accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity. It offers an extensive range of designs, fabrics, colors, and affordable price points. The brand wants to make a healthy and active lifestyle possible for everyone. 

What is the Fabletics Ambassador Program?

The Fabletics brand ambassador program is designed to attract and manage the brand’s most enthusiastic and loyal customers. These customers will promote the brand and its products in exchange for incentives. It is essentially building a word-of-mouth strategy to help Fabletics achieve optimal visibility and business growth.

A Fabletics brand ambassador acts as the bridge between the brand and the public, giving the brand a personal touch. They may be existing customers, influencers, industry experts, or anyone passionate about the Fabletics brand, its offers, and what it stands for.

Fabletics ambassadors enjoy many benefits from the brand including early access to products, exclusive discounts, event invites, and more. They also receive free shipping and a $50 Fabletics credit for every person they refer who buys from Fabletics.

Types of Fabletics Ambassadors

There are generally three types of Fabletics brand ambassadors: customers, celebrities, and influencers. Here’s an overview of organic and paid ambassadors who help Fabletics grow into an iconic brand known for its fashion-forward, performance-driven designs.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Fabletics Ambassador Program

1. Customer Ambassadors 

A Wearisma study reveals that working with “real people” is not just a step toward social responsibility. It is also a very effective marketing strategy. With inclusion and diversity at the forefront of our daily discussions, an increasing number of brands are collaborating with “real people” to market their products and bridge the gap between them and their potential customers.

Fabletics customer ambassadors are everyday people who are happy to share their Fabletics experience with their followers on social media, blogs, and other platforms. They help existing and potential customers learn more about Fabletics and its products.

Customer ambassadors also provide Fabletics insights on what products are very popular among customers, what works, and what doesn’t.

2. Celebrity Ambassadors  

With endorsements from famous people like Kate Hudson, Demi Lovato, and Vanessa Hudgens, Fabletics has been able to deliver fun, stylish, and eco-conscious activewear to a large audience.

Passionate about health and fitness, Kevin Hart promotes his long-term partnership with Fabletics with his athleisure collections. Reality show dancer Maddie Ziegler has also teamed up with Fabletics and released a collection of affordable, stylish workout clothes for women of all sizes.

3. Inclusive Influencers

Fabletics has invested substantially in Influencer Marketing for several years, welcoming influencers to apply directly on their website, regardless of their audience. The brand’s commitment to inclusion and diversity is reflected by the vast array of their #FableticsAmbassadors.

Fabletics works with hundreds of micro-influencers who have more personal interactions and engage more frequently with their followers. The #KickButtLookCute campaign with nano- and micro-influencers helps Fabletics reach out to niche communities, share new collections, and boost sales.

How to Join the Fabletics Ambassador Program

Fabletics Ambassador Program is constantly looking for people who are genuinely passionate about the brand and can represent who they are. They want ambassadors who are active on social media, excited to help promote their brand and share their Fabletics experience with others.

Fabletics Ambassador Program collaborates with hundreds of creators across all platforms, with a particular emphasis on Instagram, YouTube, and blogs. Instagram influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, fitness coaches, or anyone with an influencer-wide network in any form, can directly sign up to be a Fabletics Ambassador on the Fabletics website. The Fabletics team will then review the application and get in touch if they think the applicant is a good match.

How to Promote Fabletics Products as a Brand Ambassador

The Fabletics ambassador promotes the brand through grassroots, in-person, or “word of mouth” marketing strategies, particularly on social media. They spread the word about Fabletics to a connected, engaged audience that trusts them, enabling Fabletics to reach an exponential number of individuals.

Here are the some of the marketing strategies Fabletics ambassadors use to help strengthen the brand image and increase sales.

1. Social Media Platforms

Fabletics brand ambassadors use several social media channels to generate brand awareness. They wear the brand’s active lifestyle clothing and promote the trendy new collections online. They also model Fabletics’ flattering silhouettes and perfect fits for all body types.

They also share relevant Fabletics-related content or links to their friends and families on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels.

2. Online Reviews

Fabletics ambassadors write positive online reviews and comments which may affect the way potential customers perceive the Fabletics brand and products. Since they have a full understanding of the brand and its products, they can credibly respond to queries and offer recommendations.

The brand ambassadors also monitor online comments, track customer preferences, and provide feedback to Fabletics’ Marketing and Product Development departments.

3. Trade Shows

Fabletics ambassadors can assist in organizing marketing events. They can participate in trade shows as the brand’s representatives. They can also attend events like fashion shows or store openings and interact with current and potential customers.

How to Earn Money through the Fabletics Affiliate Program

If you have a website, you can join the Fabletics affiliate program to promote the brand and your affiliate link to your audience. Simply include Fabletics’ ads or product links on your website or email campaigns to start earning money for every transaction made.

You can create a FlexOffers account to increase your earnings through the Fabletics affiliate program. FlexOffers is a one-stop-shop affiliate network that collaborates with over 12,000 advertisers and more than 65 networks and agencies. By partnering with FlexOffers, you will have access to cutting-edge technological solutions to help promote the Fabletics brand and products.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Fabletics Ambassador Program

You also increase the incremental value of your program by hosting it on FlexOffers’ platform or by supplementing your existing program with Publisher Marketplace. Publishers that sign up with FlexOffers drive more revenue with platform API solutions and customized account management services.

Wrap Up

The Fabletics ambassador program provides the perfect opportunity for everyone and anyone passionate about inclusion and diversity in activewear. As a Fabletics ambassador, you get to enjoy and promote high-quality, fashion-forward athleisure at an incredible value and affordable prices and also enjoy the many benefits the program offers.

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