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All About the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program


All About the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program

Discover all about Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program and find out why they are among the hottest social media celebs today.

Influencer and Ambassador programs are an innovative and effective way for brands to connect with their target audience. A great example is that of Lululemon, an athletic outfitter company that has carved out a name beyond being a traditional yoga wear and gear company.

Today, it’s a complete lifestyle brand that doesn’t just promote health. Alongside that goal is their desire to empower individuals with the right resources, tools, and opportunities to achieve their full potential—such as the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador program. In this post, we’ll give the ambassador game away, so you can decide if Lululemon’s influencer scheme can work for you.

What is the Lululemon Influencer program? 

From its beginnings as a yoga apparel business for women, it is now one of the world’s most beloved and successful athletic outfitters. What sets Lululemon apart from similar companies is its mission and culture. These center around the concept of empowerment, through which people can better themselves and their communities.

In line with these overarching goals, Lululemon crafted a unique program called the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador program. The immensely successful and popular strategy is sweat-driven. They engage the services of influencers who are not afraid of hard work and hustling. Although Lululemon’s ambassadors are involved in fitness and health, they can include passionate and loyal customers who believe in the importance of belonging to a fitness network and forming relationships with like-minded members. 

All About the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program

Lululemon taps these influencers to be their ubiquitous ads, mainly through their social media accounts. Lululemon’s ambassadors walk their talk, representing the brand through their values and lifestyle. So in effect, they don’t just work for the company but become all that it embodies. 

This marketing strategy is highly effective and cost-efficient for the company, freeing up precious resources for plowing back into the communities it supports. In turn, the company becomes heavily invested in these influencers through special perks and privileges. 

Who are the Lululemon influencers and ambassadors? 

Lululemon ambassadors can therefore be any “sweater,” such as fitness gurus, businessmen, and creatives who the company feels can fit the brand and grow with them. Here are some of the most famous Lululemon ambassadors.

1. Maila Manuel 

Maila is an American surfer who became the youngest ever wave-rider to win the U.S. Open of surfing. Onshore or offshore, her numero uno priority is to keep her journey healthy and inspiring to others.

All About the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program

2. Coffey

In the beginning, Lululemon Ambassador Coffey only ran to stay healthy. But eventually, his passion for running paved the way to the loftier goal of inclusivity. Today, he runs to make the world a better place for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

All About the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program

3. Gerren Liles

Gerren uses his HIIT platform to change the way people see themselves and their fitness journey. As a founding trainer for MIRROR and Master Instructor for Equinox Fitness clubs, he encourages people to aspire to be role models instead of supermodels.

All About the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program

4. Morit Summers

Armed with a B.S. degree in Exercise Science & Kinesiology and various certifications like NSCA CPT and CrossFit Level 1, Morit excels in her lifting and training career. On top of that, she aspires to lead a female powerlifting team who can compete in the next two years. 

All About the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program

How to become a Lululemon influencer 

Rather than wait for applicants to the program, Lulemon actively looks for individuals who can best represent the brand. So how do you become a Lululemon ambassador? Make yourself known! Check out the local Lululemon store and request to speak to someone knowledgeable about the program. Inform them that you’re interested in working with them as an influencer. But before jumping into it, make sure you’ve done the following prep work.

1. First, check if Lululemon is a brand that is well-suited to who you are and what you believe in. 

Naturally, you’ll need to be a good match with the brand as you will be representing them. You’ll want to be relevant to the brand’s values, style, and demographic.

2. Create your social media identity (if you don’t already have one).

For you to be a credible influencer, you need to be able to have a strong following. You don’t have to be a macro influencer with millions of followers. However, it would be best to have some presence showing that you can engage people and influence their buying behavior. Thus, you must craft a unique, consistent, and easily identifiable online personality your audience can relate to.

3. Enhance your engagement.

  • The organic way to build a significant follower base is to participate in regular conversations with your audience. Don’t wait too long to reply or reciprocate when they have questions or feedback. 
  • Remember that it’s all about them, which is why you often see a famous Lululemon ambassador running a poll to find out what content their followers want to see.
  • Place your calls-to-action (CTAs) at the end of the post. Keep these CTAs sweet and short.
  • Don’t forget to have fun! Make your posts lighthearted. You’ll endear yourself to your followers if you don’t take your influencer status so seriously.

4. Reach out to Lululemon. 

Now that you have a robust follower base, who finds you engaging and credible, reach out to Lululemon and put yourself forward as an ambassador candidate. As we’ve mentioned, you can contact the Lululemon rep in the store nearest you. You can also call their HQ directly to apply.

The Best marketing strategies for Lululemon influencers 

Once you make it to the cut of qualified Lululemon influencers, you’ll need to determine what will help you deliver the “goods.” Check out these top tactics that Lululemon ambassadors use to market Lululemon products.

1. Micro-influencers

Lululemon prefers a more organic and authentic conversation with its audience. And this involves micro-influencers with a smaller yet more engaged and invested audience. Thus, you will discover that Lululemon’s ambassadors are smaller-scale health and fitness influencers who have a personal relationship with their followers. And the strategy seems to be working. From April 2019 to March 2020, micro-influencers enabled Lululemon to net $86.1M EMV or earned media value from 5.6k influencers, representing a +9% growth versus last year’s performance.

 2. Millennials

The millennial generation’s purchasing power continues to be the largest today. And guess where they spend the most? Online, of course! A majority of millennials (86.9%) make their purchases digitally. Thus, if you want to be strategic about your marketing initiatives, millennials are the demographic to tap. Lululemon has this figured out early on. However, they differ from other companies as Lululemon typically connects with millennials at the grassroots level. This allows the brand to be highly unique and creative in acquiring and maintaining a strong and personal customer base in Gen Yers.

3. Branded Hashtags

The personal and tightly-knit community of fervent Lululemon ambassadors is key to Lululemon’s successful branded initiatives. Among the efforts that boosted sales was Lululumon’s branded hashtags. For instance, Lululemon’s #TheSweatLife highlighted stories from selected brand partners. Their content revolved around the peaks and valleys of their health and fitness journeys and the supporting role of Lululemon. The #Sweat Life branded hashtag campaign delivered an EMV worth $4.6M from 1.4k posts made by 678 content creators. 

Duties and responsibilities of Lululemon ambassadors 

So, what do Lululemon ambassadors do? In a snapshot, they promote the brand’s image and reputation to small communities worldwide and establish a personal connection. Everything they do should be able to build the brand. Here are a few of the duties and responsibilities that are part of a Lululemon ambassador’s “job description:”

1. Be the brand rep.

Lululemon ambassadors should be able to breathe, live, and promote the values of the brand and company in their specific communities. Thus, they are always in Lululemon clothing and not those of the competing brands.

2. Leverage their various social media accounts to push the brand.

Lululemon ambassadors have a lively and constant social media presence. Their socmed duties include posting photos, videos, or stories of themselves wearing Lululemon athletic wear and using Lululemon gear at least once weekly. In addition, they promote the brand through special discount codes in their blogs and vlogs. Lululemon ambassadors get to earn from purchases made through these codes.

3. Join Lululemon’s marketing campaigns and activities.

Part of their duties is promoting community health and fitness events. The company may even ask Lululemon ambassadors to help run or host the show. 

4. Provide critical campaign insights.

Being on the ground and directly engaging with Lululemon’s audience, they are in a solid position to find out what works and what doesn’t. Thus, they can give feedback to Lululemon to help the company strengthen the campaign or execute improvements where their brand strategy is weak.

5. Boost sales.

All the efforts of Luluemon influencers and ambassadors are directed toward making that crucial sale. Thus, it’s part of their responsibility to inform and educate people about why purchasing Lululemon products is a must. Whether on social media, emails, or in-person activities, they should focus on driving more traffic to Lulu’s website and local stores. 

How do Lululemon influencers and ambassadors get paid? 

You’ve probably heard that Lululemon influencers are well compensated. But really, how much do Lululemon ambassadors make? Lululemon usually doesn’t pay its ambassadors and influencers hourly or with regular salaries. Instead, the company gives out special perks such as the following:

  • Privilege to test drive the brand’s latest gear
  • Resources, tools, and exposure for their business and personal development
  • Networking opportunities with fellow health-and-fitness enthusiasts
  • Special discounts in stores and at fitness clubs
  • Free Lululemon merchandise and fitness classes
  • Discounts for family and friends
  • Inclusion in Lululemon’s social media promotions
All About the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program

Wrap up 

Being a Lululemon Ambassador or Influencer can be hard work. But if you are committed to being part of a successful company that aims to enhance how the world sees health and fitness, you’ve come to the right place. With the Lululemon Influencer and Ambassador Program, you will be rewarded for your efforts to change the world for the better, one drop of sweat at a time. 

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