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Everything You Need To Know About Thrive Markets Affiliate Program (1)


Everything You Need To Know About Thrive Market Affiliate Program

Thrive Market’s popular private-label and health-conscious clean products paired with their affordable $60 membership fee are what have helped to propel this retailer into an overnight success. The brand is no stranger to influencer marketing and boasts a long list of loyal ambassadors, content creators, and influencers, who share their recent health-food finds on social media regularly.

In this guide, we’re going to be highlighting the Thrive Market influencer program and how you too can earn an income by sharing your food finds with your audience.

Everything You Need To Know About Thrive Markets Affiliate Program

What Is Thrive Market?

In 2015 a membership-based online market that gave people access to all kinds of organic and natural-based products, called Thrive Market officially launched. Since then, Thrive Market has been able to accomplish something very few grocers have been able to, become a B-Corp. 

Them becoming a B-Corp is significant because it means they prioritize having a business that gives back to the employees, community, and the environment. They’ve also become the largest grocer to ever achieve this status of certification and have done so by having environmentally sustainable and responsible products that are certified regenerative and also fair trade, Non-GMO while being Biodynamic.

And while you may think all of this sounds impressive, Thrive Market has been able to accomplish and meet these standards while at the same time offering prices to their client base 5%-50% less than anywhere else. 

That means you’ll be saving money on some of your favorite household items such as Kodiak Cakes Flapjack mix, Annies Mac & Cheese, Dr. Bronner’s soap, and even wine! Not only will you get to save on these products, but you receive cash back too, which will be reflected on select products on members’ next purchase.

You may be wondering “how they can do this?”, and the reason is due to their membership model. For the year package, it cost $59.95 for a year, if you were to break that down, it would equate to around $5 a month. There is also a monthly subscription that will cost around $9.95 per month if  you feel you want to try it out first before committing to something more long-term. Either way at Thrive Market, they guarantee that within the first year, members will begin to see their savings and be satisfied, if you’re not, they will simply refund you in Thrive Market Credit.

Everything You Need To Know About Thrive Markets Affiliate Program

One of members’ biggest savings would be when they are purchasing one of the 650 items Thrive Market has under private label. With a wide range of organic products such as maple syrup, specialty coffee, and tortilla chips, they have been able to satisfy customers with taste and savings all around the country.

After its inception, Thrive Market’s strategy, to be convenient and well-priced in order to stand out, was working really well. They had already tasted success on this front and decided to move forward even further by extending their reach and building the brand on Amazon. 

This way they could get more products to people in areas that normally wouldn’t have the access to healthy food items. Logistics aside, it also, allowed people to be able to afford alternative food items when they normally would have to pay inflated prices on Amazon.

Who are the Thrive Market influencers, and what do they do?

Unlike other cases of influencers in the beauty and fashion industries that are paid massive sums to shill for brands with no real interest in whether or the company succeeds Thrive Market’s brand ambassadors are also original investors who helped get the company going!

For example, Katie Wells, who’s the owner and operator of the popular health site, invested in the brand. Meaning that she has a real stake in the game and their overall success. 

Everything You Need To Know About Thrive Markets Affiliate Program

The authentic message from A-list celebrities within the health-sphere is what ultimately helped Thrive Market become what it is today. 

Their roster of loyal fans, investors, bloggers, content creators, and ambassadors is growing, with more and more people loving the service and products they deliver – and turning to social media to shout the recommendations from the rooftops to their audiences.

What are the Thrive Market Affiliate program requirements?

If you’re interested in all things health and wellness then Thrive Market might be the perfect fit for your personal brand and followers. And if you’re audience is more eco-conscious, Thrive Market makes a point to take the environmental impact of their operations into account. They also sell food items that have been ethically sourced, and product waste is limited thanks to their careful recycling, reusing, and composting methods. Moreover, all of their boxes and products arrive at your doorstep sustainably packaged.

According to Thrive Market, their affiliate program pays a whopping commission of $40 for referrals to their annual membership and a $5 commission for any monthly membership sign-ups under your link.

They further go on to state that there are many other benefits to being an affiliate for Thrive Market, including bonus opportunities, and the already established competitive commission structure.

If you have any questions or want to reach out to them regarding sponsored posts or brand ambassador opportunities then you can email them at

Thrive Market doesn’t disclose any requirements for joining their affiliate program. Nonetheless, on their website, they state that each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and their affiliate program is run by a third-party company called CJ affiliate.

How to promote Thrive Market products as an influencer and make money

Let’s take a look at some content examples from influencers.

How Influencers Promote Thrive Market on Tik Tok

Lastly, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways that influencers are promoting Thrive Market products on TikTok:

Here we’ve got Lauren Morren, going through a speed-up Thrive Market haul. Quick and straight to the point is the key element of this video.

Next Courtney Cahoon is seen showcasing her fave healthy snacks from Thrive Market in a haul-style TikTok.


my favorite healthy snacks from @Thrive Market 🤍 link in bio for 30% off your first order and a free gift🥰 #thrivemarketpartner #groceryhaul #haul

♬ original sound – CourtneyCahoon

Lastly, Ashley Wicka posted a haul video of her unboxing her Thrive Market order, where she runs through her pantry staples and restocks with her audience.


a fun @Thrive Market pantry restock for you all!!! 🤩 they have actually been my favorite thing since moving out🙌#thrivemarketpartner link in my bio to join!!!

♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

How Influencers Promote Thrive Market on Instagram

Here are some of the ways that influencers are promoting Thrive Market on IG:


Janelle is a certified macro coach with 450 + thousand followers on Instagram alone. She uses her platform to share information about health, macro-friendly dieting, and some of her client’s success stories. 

In her recent Thrive Market video she’s seen meal-prepping macro-friendly overnight oats with products from the brand as ingredients. She states in her caption that the reel isn’t sponsored, but she just loves the company and wanted to share.


My superhero foods is an Instagram account dedicated to teaching kids about the power of wellness. 

They used an awesome infographic to showcase some food items that can be swapped out for healthier alternatives in their most recent Thrive Market post.


Lastly, we’ve got Ella Henry, she uses her Instagram account to share health and wellness tips and document her healthy lifestyle. She has a loyal fanbase of nearly 150k. 

In one of her recent Thrive Market reels, she can be seen unpacking her monthly box, organizing her pantry, and discussing her staple food products with her audience. 

How Influencers Promote Thrive Market on Youtube

Here are some of the ways that content creators are promoting Thrive Market’s membership plans on Youtube:

Rachel K

First up we’ve got Rachel K, she covers all things lifestyle on her Youtube channel and boasts an impressive 30 thousand subs. 

In her Thrive Market video, she can be seen going through all of the items she’s purchased or been sent by the brand. Is filmed in typical haul style.

Kayla Buell

Kayla’s Youtube account is dedicated to lifestyle and motherhood content. She posted a video of her Thrive Market haul, where she’s seen discussing the items with her audience. Most of her products consisted in healthy snacks and food items that her family loved.

Organic Life with Daniella

Daniella’s Youtube channel is dedicated to helping people learn different ways to live a healthier life through nutritious grocery hauls, awesome recipe tutorials, and lifestyle content. 

In her recent Thrive Market haul, she shares some of her holy grails and products that are monthly staples in her order. 


Becoming a Thrive Market brand ambassador or being accepted into their affiliate program is something most health and wellness content creators dream of and all you need to do in order to start collab’ing with this awesome brand is follow the tips we’ve outlined in this guide.

Whether you’re a small-time content creator or a macro influencer, start creating content online to catch the attention of Thrive Market representatives to seal the deal on your influencer partnership.

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