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Everything We Know About Walmart Creator


Everything We Know About Walmart Creator

Data suggests that 60% of marketers see better results with influencer-generated content over typical branded posts. This highlights the power and value of influencer marketing in a wealth of highly competitive markets. Walmart is a tremendous household name and has already dabbled with influencers in its affiliate program. Now, the company has built its own creator marketplace, known as Walmart Creator. 

What Is Walmart Creator?

In October 2022, Walmart released a press release that went into more detail about its much-awaited creator marketplace. The brand hopes that Walmart Creator will become an intuitive portal that will help influencers monetize content surrounding shoppable products. 

Earlier this year, the brand filed various trademarks for ‘Walmart Creator’ as well as ‘Walmart Creator Collective’. This created an immense buzz throughout the influencer marketing industry and left creators yearning for more information.

Walmart has always been ahead of the game when it comes to social commerce, hosting shoppable live streams on TikTok and being active on a plethora of social media channels. Walmart Creator is currently operating in Beta and hopes to fully launch throughout the holiday season and into 2023. 

Everything We Know About Walmart Creator

How Can You Join the Program?

To be a part of this program, influencers must apply through the Walmart Creator official website. First, influencers must create an account, which will give them access to the tools if their application is approved.

Then, users will be asked to fill in a short ‘About You’ section. This allows influencers to show off their skills and highlight why they would be a good fit for this budding creator marketplace. 

Finally, influencers must add links to their active social media channels such as YouTube and Instagram. This gives the company a better understanding of your reach and engagement rate, as well as the type of content you produce on a regular basis. 

How Does the Program Work?

Walmart Creator aims to use influencers to better showcase their best-selling products. The intuitive dashboard will allow creators to discover a wealth of curated product collections. In turn, influencers will be asked to generate content surrounding these products and upload it to their most active platforms.

In addition, influencers can also link these product collections to their affiliate program, ensuring that they can earn commission on the products that they sell and promote. Creators can also apply to be part of one of Walmart’s many brand campaigns, offering more exposure to their content. 

Everything We Know About Walmart Creator

What Rewards Are on Offer?

One of the most sought-after rewards from Walmart Creator is the ability to earn revenue from the content you generate on social media. The company has stated that there is no cap on how much an influencer can earn or sell. This allows the platform to become extremely competitive and offers an assortment of revenue streams for growing content creators.

Walmart Creator also focuses on the power of community, presenting a Walmart Collective platform where influencers can go to share ideas and discuss new strategies. This platform aims to bring influencers together and help them learn new skills and consistently extend their growth. The company will also use this platform to share exclusive updates and invites to corporate events. 

Everything We Know About Walmart Creator

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

Currently, influencers do not need to have a minimum number of followers to join the platform, meaning that the company is seeking nano-influencers as well as mega-influencers. This program is also only available in the US and applicants must disclose their state of residence in order to be approved.

Walmart is also very strict about including other employees and will dismiss any applicant who already works for the company. It also has the right to disregard any influencer if their content does not align with the values seen within the Walmart brand. 

If you are already working with Walmart on another active platform, such as TikTok, your application may also be disapproved. This is because the company is looking for new talent and does not want to cross-ties with already established influencers. 

Benefits of Joining Walmart Creator

The Walmart Creator program allows influencers to partner with one of America’s most iconic brands and still produce original content that they are passionate about. The platform encourages users to promote a wide assortment of product collections, ensuring that there is something available for every type of niche. Therefore, creators do not have to worry about straying too far away from their personal brand.

The platform also provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard, allowing influencers to see how their content is performing. This dashboard will present your earnings, views, and sales, giving creators full control of their performance and content. Walmart has also teased that this platform will offer tips on how to scale your personal brand and help creators develop a personal aesthetic. 

With no minimum follower requirements, Walmart Creator is ideal for influencers who may only be creating content on a part-time basis. Therefore, these smaller creators can balance influencer-generated content with their other commitments, and still be able to create a profitable revenue stream. This also means that the program has a diverse mix of influencers to choose from, helping to build a variety of engaging content. 

Everything We Know About Walmart Creator

Walmart Creator is the brand’s largest step into the world of influencer marketing, creating its own platform to monetize the work of content creators. This endeavor leaves us wondering which brands will be next to work alongside some of the world’s most popular influencers. 

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