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All About The Aldo Influencer Program


All About The Aldo Influencer Program

If Aldo is a company you love and have always wanted to collab with, this article is for you!

In this guide, you’ll find out how you can register to be a part of the Aldo influencer program and begin collaborating with one of the leading women’s shoe brands.

What is Aldo? 

Aldo is a fashion retail giant that’s been around for decades and is a true testament to standing the test of time.

The brand’s success is primarily due to its on-trend shoes and accessories and its competitive price point.

All About The Aldo Influencer Program

Aldo was launched in the early 70s by Aldo Bensadoun who was no stranger when it came to the shoe industry. In fact, his father was a shoe merchant, and his grandfather a cobbler. Some might say that it was his destiny to continue the legacy… and he sure did!

Armed with extensive knowledge of footwear and the industry, Bensadoun would soon develop “Aldo” which would soon become a retail powerhouse. The brand which started very modestly in Canada would then turn into an international sensation. Aldo had one mission – to develop a brand that believed not only in the quality of the shoe but the story each pair told. With this in mind as the Mission of the company, the first Montreal location was opened and Aldo has continually expanded since.

All About The Aldo Influencer Program

Over the years Aldo slowly expanded internationally, and in 1995 it eventually made its way to the American market. Once there, the brand became a popular not only because of the quality of their products, but the affordable prices. The initial store that Aldo opened in the US was located in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then Aldo has been busy with their expansion, and their  270 stores in the US alone(Nov. 2021) is proof of that. 

Aldo first started focusing on the climate-neutral initiative back in 2018 and has made steady progress in implementing strong foundations for the future. These changes have been rolled out in both their eCommerce and logistic operations.

Over the years Aldo has collaborated with many different retailers, such as Kohl’s and JCPenny. In 2011 Aldos struck a partnership with Kohl’s in which the companies teamed up in order to develop collections exclusively for Kohl’s  client base.  After that was a success JCPenny also wanted to begin a relationship with the shoe brand to help the department store with the collection “Call It Spring” that would be released and brought to market in 600+ of their stores across the US.

All About The Aldo Influencer Program

Who are the Aldo influencers, and what do they do?

The Aldo influencer program is a dream come true for fashionistas. In fact, the brand has become such a household name that content creators are flooding socials with user-generated content. One of the companies key marketing strategies comes in the form of UGC and leveraging word-of-mouth recommendations from micro-influencers.

Aldo is really focusing on engaging a younger demographic of shoppers by educating consumers about their brand messaging and mission: self-confidence, unity, and connecting with like-minded souls. They want to get across that shoes aren’t a simple needs-must, they’re a key part of telling people’s stories and showcasing where they’ve been or where they are going. 

For this reason, Aldo has made it their priority to focus on the micro-influencer market, as this form of ambassadorship is known to add a more personal touch to all elements of a campaign. 

All About The Aldo Influencer Program

With all this said, it kind off goes without saying that if you’re a fashion content creator, teaming up with Aldo might be the next step in your influencing career.

The brand doesn’t really need to focus on celeb endorsements when you have Royals such as Kate Middleton being snapped in Aldo shoes during the Wimbledon finals.

All About The Aldo Influencer Program

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What are the Aldo influencer requirements?

When it comes to influencer earnings there doesn’t seem to be much verifiable info online. But, it’s probably safe to assume that the payment for sponsored content is one of the key benefits of partnering with Aldo as an ambassador. Not to mention, free gear! 

I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to receive awesome Aldo shoes and accessories?

Now, when it comes to their affiliate program this is what we found:

Aldo’s doesn’t mention if there are any requirements for joining. Nevertheless, on their site, they state that every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and their US/CA affiliate program is hosted on a third-party site called Flexoffers.

The Aldo affiliate program offers the following perks: 

  • A commission earning of 4% of sales 
  • A 15-day cookie period

How to promote Aldo products as an influencer and make money

Becoming an Aldo influencer can allow you to make an income by promoting their products through your social media channels. Their fashion-forward shoes paired with their killer price tag are fantastic points that you can leverage when creating content and selling online.

Before we jump in and check out some examples of how influencers are promoting Aldo online, it’s important to remember that video is where it’s at right now. You don’t have to focus your efforts on TikTok or Youtube if their not your preferred platform, you can tap into video content on Instagram in the form of reels and stories. The main point is — video is king!

Let’s take a look at how some of the Aldo influencers are promoting the brand’s products on social media:

How Influencers Promote Aldo on Tik Tok

Here are some of the ways that micro-influencers and content creators are promoting Aldo on TikTok:

In this first TikTok, we can Lailany Sota giving her audience a tutorial on how to dress for office parties. She pairs her outfits with some Aldo heels and accessories.

@lailanysota Para verte 🐕, elegante y como la mera mera en los eventos de la ofi, todos mi zapatos son de @aldo_shoes en @elpalaciodehierro #aldocrew #aldomeguia ♬ Luz V€rd€ – Gloosito & Baby Pantera

Cindy created an awesome short-form video for TikTok for her recent partnership with Aldo where she’s seen getting ready. From the PJ scene all the way through to the final outfit the video is paired with a hilarious voice-over that talks about how shocking it can be when someone “finally” makes the effort with their looks.

Pairing your sponsored posts with humor can be a great way to go viral!


The height I’ve always wanted to be with these @ALDO Shoes #ALDOCREW #STEPINTONOW

♬ original sound – Stanzi

Lastly, Belle Lucia is seen asking her audience to vote for their preferred Aldo heel for her date night. She also mentions that the shoes are super-comfy thanks to the added padding on the sole. 


Help! Shoes so comfy, I can’t choose… @aldo_shoes aaldocrewaldopillowwalk

♬ Genesis – Grimes

How Influencers Promote Aldo on Instagram

Here are some of the most recent Aldo sponsored posts on Instagram:


First up we’ve got Chase, a fashion content creator with 25 thousand followers on Instagram alone. For her recent paid partnership with Aldo, she posted a reel where she’s seen in a beautiful baby pink dress and matching Aldo heels. In her caption, she references feeling like a Disney Princess.


Next up we’ve got Eric, a 42 dad from New York who posts quirky style inspo on his social media channels. In his recent Aldo reel, he’s seen showcasing a few different outfits that he’s paired with Aldo shoes. We love his style!


Val is a creative director and content creator from New York who boasts an impressive Instagram following of over 100k. Her recent Aldo reel was filmed in an awesome 90’s style with a fish-eye lens on bustling NY streets. The video caught the attention of the brand and they left a comment saying that they’re obsessed!

How Influencers Promote Aldo on Youtube

Here are some of the latest micro-influencers’ videos where they are seen promoting Aldo on YT:

Shanice Shopping Saga

First up, we’ve got Shanice, a fashion content creator boasting 21 thousand followers on Youtube. Her Aldo video, shows her doing a walkthrough of one of their stores, showcasing some new collections and pieces to her audience online. The video’s been a hit and has been viewed by over 200 thousand people.  

Aley McCreath

Next up is Aley. Her Youtube video isn’t exclusive to Aldo, as she’s seen running through different bags, shoes, and accessories that she considers affordable. Aldo, Amazon, and other bag brands are featured in the haul.

Sana Grover

Lastly, for the Youtube roundup, we’ve got Sana. She’s a lifestyle influencer who shares everything from skincare to fashion tips on her social media. Her Youtube account has a whopping 439 thousand subscribers, which is pretty impressive. 

In her haul, she can be seen reviewing a ton of bags from different brands such as Zara, H&M, and Aldo.

Creating Youtube fashion hauls is so simple! Anyone can do it. Especially if you’re a content creator within the fashion and lifestyle niche.


Becoming an Aldo brand ambassador is perfect if you’re a fashion content creator with a love for all things shoe-related. All you need to do is follow the information we provided in this guide and apply to their affiliate program to get started. 

If you find yourself short of ideas then definitely check out what other micro-influencers are doing in the space, and find some inspo that way! 

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