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13 of The Best Presets for Instagram Influencers


Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

As an influencer, you need to put your best foot forward when it comes to showcasing your content. But, at the same time, editing each photo individually is very time consuming. The solution? Using Instagram presets! Here are 13 of the best ones.

Have you noticed how certain Instagram influencers have beautiful feeds with a similar color scheme for all their photos? And their content looks professionally edited, too! How do they even do that? Is it magic? Is it professional editing?

No, it is this little thing called presets. Let’s look at what they are and how you can use them to beautify your photos, too!

What Are Instagram Presets and How Do You Use Them? 

Instagram presets are kind of like filters, but not exactly. Essentially, they are a combination of various settings applied on a photo editing software that help you achieve a certain effect.

Let’s say you spend a few minutes editing your photo and manage to achieve a look that you want all your photos to have. Instead of going through the editing motions all over again for each photo, you can save the specific look as a preset and simply apply it to all your photos and achieve the same effect with a single tap. 

You can’t apply presets directly to your photos on Instagram, though. You need to save them on Adobe Lightroom first. If you download/ buy the presets from somewhere, you will need to import them to Lightroom. When you upload a picture to the app, you will be able to apply any of your pre-saved presets to it. 

13 Best Presets for Instagram Influencers 

Ready to have a kick-ass feed and strengthen your brand identity while saving time? Check out these top presets for Instagram influencers!

#1 PresetPro 

Price: Free

PresetPro offers a wide collection of free Lightroom presets. No matter what type of effect you want to achieve, you will find something here. Whether you want a cinematic look, a vintage vibe, or want to enhance your travel and adventure photos, this website has it all

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

#2 HXE Presets 

Price: From $38

HXE presets are the creations of Samuel Taipale, a photographer and explorer from Norway, with his wife. These presets are geared towards travel/ adventure photographers and include both desktop as well as mobile versions. They make the colors pop and give your photos a professional look!

They also have presets for portraits as well. You can see the previews of each effect before you purchase.

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

#3 Kiin Lightroom Presets 

Price: From $5.99

They have several collections of presets for each type of aesthetic. Some examples are: dark aesthetic, earthy tones, rustic, mocha aesthetic, a winter wonderland collection, and so on. Each collection contains a set of presets and you can choose between a mobile version or a mobile + desktop version. 

All of Kiin’s lightroom presets are amazing and will help you achieve the vibe you want! The best part is that they are affordable, too. 

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

#4 Aspyn Ovard Presets 

Price: From $30 

Aspyn is an Instagram influencer who has a picture perfect feed. All the presets she uses to edit her photos are for sale, so you can achieve a similar look! Her presets have a very bright and airy feel and can be used on both indoor and outdoor photos.

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

#5 Do You Travel Presets 

Price: From $37

These presets are created by Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris, two travel influencers and photographers. As the name suggests, these presets are perfect for fellow travelers who want to edit on the go and can be used both by beginners as well as professionals.  

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

The diverse range of presets include collections such as the Bali collection, Korea collection, Greece collection, summer collection and so on. Choose the type of effect you want and get editing!

#6 Helene in Between 

Price: Free 

Apart from traveling and blogging for a living, Helene also shares social media tips, and a part of that includes having a cohesive feed. To help with this, she offers three Lightroom presets that are free to download and use (even for commercial purposes!) 

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

Whether you want a preset for your travel photos or your portraits, these do the trick. You can view a sample on her website as well. 

#7 Light and Airy Lifestyle Presets 

Price: From $47

Want your pictures to have a soft, dreamy glow? The light and airy presets might be ideal for you! Whether you are a mom influencer, a fashion influencer, or a travel influencer, these presets work well for all kinds of photos! 

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

These presets brighten up your photos, make certain colors pop, and add a lot of warmth to your feed. They will have your pictures looking like they came straight out of a magazine!

#8 Light Glow Presets 

Price: From $19.99

This website has several collections of presets based on different categories with each pack containing 10 presets. You can choose the pack you want based on the look you want to achieve – 70s vintage, Caribbean Breeze, California Dreaming, and so on. 

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

Each set enhances certain colors to give a specific vibe. For example, the Caribbean Breeze makes the blues pop, making all your pictures look like it was taken on the island! 

#9 Greater Than Gatsby 

Price: Free

Greater than Gatsby offers a collection of free Instagram presets that are perfect for all kinds of portraits, including weddings. Each preset works on creating a specific look. For example, the golden hour preset gives the effect of having captured the photograph during the golden hour. 

The best part is that they retain natural skin tones, so your photos won’t end up looking artificial and over-edited!

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

#10 The Joelle Anello Collection 

Price: $49

Joelle Anello is a fashion blogger who created these presets to give your photos her signature look. These presets are suitable for all types of photos and give your feed a clean and bright look. Lighten up the shadows on your indoor photos, add a pink tint to the sky on your outdoor ones, or add some warm tones and wow your followers!

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

#11 Presets by Lisa 

Price: From $42 

Are you a fan of editing photos in such a way that they look natural? Then you will love Lisa’s presets! They give your pictures a natural yet vibrant and bright look and work with all types of photos. She even has bundles that give your pictures a cinematic feel! 

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

#12 Urban and Portrait Presets by Alexander Zhuk 

Price: $19

This collection includes a set of 35 presets that will transform your photographs! Alexander spent a year shooting photos on the streets and came up with these presets. These allow you to add shadows and matte tones to your night photography as well as electric effects that will take your work to another level! There are some portrait presets included. 

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

#13 123 Presets 

Price: From $40

123 presets has a huge collection of presets for each type of aesthetic imaginable. Want an ambient and warm tone for your food photography? Or maybe you are a nature photographer who wants to make the greens pop. Or maybe you prefer a pastel pink and orange sunset aesthetic. This website has it all! 

Best Presets for Instagram Influencers

If you are not sure which one to select, take their quiz that helps you discover your editing style and get some personalized recommendations!

If you want to have a feed that makes people want to binge on your content, presets are an absolute necessity. Luckily, there are several pre-made options available, so all you have to do is choose the ones that best fit your aesthetic and apply them to your photos. Easy peasy! 

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