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Challenge videos on Youtube - Why You Should Start Doing Them


Challenge Videos on Youtube – Why You Should Start Doing Them?

Hopping onto trends and challenge videos on Youtube is a perfect way to diversify and get more traffic and followers to your channel, no matter what your content is focused around. 

A life hack to broaden your audience without creating irrelevant content. The types of different YouTube challenges can be segmented into three main categories.

Challenge Videos on Youtube

Evergreen Challenges

Evergreen content is the type of content that will hit every time you post it. Evergreen video content are challenges like the accent challenge, guess the slang, and surviving with no money challenge. 

The reason we classify these types of challenges as evergreen, is because they will long be entertaining even after millions of people have attempted them.

Challenge Videos on Youtube - Why You Should Start Doing Them?

Trending Challenges

Trending challenges are those that are hot at the moment, have the best reach, and can usually be in one of three stages, popular, rising, or on the decline.

Trending challenges are one of the best ways to build your audience and reach new people with your content.

Challenge Videos on Youtube - Why You Should Start Doing Them?

Challenges that fell off

Challenges that fell off can be harmful to your relevance in your specific niche when hopping onto a trend you want to catch on the rise, or when overly popular. 

To find booming trends sort different trend searches with mostviews and find recent posts that get millions of views per post or are on their way to reaching millions.

10 Most Popular Youtube Challenges 

Guess the song challenge 

Guess the song challenge is a challenge video on Youtube has been around since 2020 and never gets old. 

You can tailor the challenge to your personal music preference by choosing a specific genre, or using mainstream pop songs that everyone will know. 

Guess the popular song challenge is a good example of evergreen Youtube challenges we described above in the intro. A perfect piece of content to make when you’re running low on ideas or want to expand your reach faster. 

Hot sauce Challenge 

The hot sauce challenge is a classic Youtube challenge that is appropriate for any and every creator, and a big reach boost for foodies and food brands. 

The hot sauce challenge can be done brand specific trying out every heat level, or even through simply rating new sauces you like. 

Streamers, podcasters, comedians, and more have previously hopped onto this trend, and the more they overreact to each level of heat the more views videos tend to get. 

Spicy One Chip Challenge 

The One chip challenge is one of the most recent trending challenges that are perfect for every content platform, not just Youtube. 

The trend involves purchasing the proclaimed “Hottest chip in the world” by Paqui a global market leader in creating extraordinarily hot chips. 

Video reaction challenge 

Reaction challenges are very broad and may vary from one niche to the other, but the overall objective of the challenge is to react to some of the most viral clips, in a natural unscripted way. Exaggerate of course!

Reaction challenges are another form of evergreen content that will not go unpopular or fall off anytime soon. Masters of the reaction challenges include KSI, NoLifeShaq, and React the Youtube Channel

While this challenge isn’t necessarily challenging, but rather a fun piece of content everyone will enjoy watching for when you run out of ideas.

10,000 calories challenge 

This one is for the foodies where Youtubers take cheat day to new levels by living off a full 10,000-calorie diet for one day. Bodybuilders, food fanatics, and YouTubers from many other different niches go on a hunt to get all the high-calorie food they’ve been craving or wanting to try. 

YouTubers that absolutely nailed this challenge include Chris Bumstead, Eric The Electric, and not to forget Nikado Avocado. 

Although some creators took it even further by attempting a 50,00-calorie diet we’ll leave it in your hands to choose how much you want to eat. 

Guess the slang challenge 

One of the most entertaining challenges to watch, guess the slang challenge is when YouTubers from different countries guess the slang of other countries they’ve never visited. 

Some of the funniest slang guessing challenges include slang from some of the biggest cities, like New York, Toronto, and London. 

The bigger the audience of the accent you attempt the further your reach will go, and that’s why we suggested larger cities like NYC and London. 

Korean Spicy Noodles Challenge 

The spicy noodle challenge is far more enjoyable than attempting the hottest chip challenge and more affordable too. Not to spoil the fun for you, but the spicy noodles aren’t as spicy as Youtubers claim they are. 

You can get the famous spicy Korean noodles from Amazon or buy them at select grocery stores. 

While the challenge has been around for as late as 2019 videos attempting the youtube challenge are still being made and seeing a large success. However, you can modify the context to be more relevant by turning into a spicy ramen Mukbang or making it into a gourmet-style dish

Accent challenge 

The accent challenge is one for everyone no matter what type of content you put out the accent challenges are always a good call and can help broaden your audience. Additionally, you can attempt the accent challenge in the form of a series to maximize views and engagement. 

Surviving on almost no money 

Onto the more daring side of things, not any YouTuber will succeed with their attempts on this challenge.

Started by Youtuber and Tip provider Toba from the UK, this trend is popular amongst travel and lifestyle influencers and will teach you a lot about your spending habits.

Toba runs a Youtube channel called The Hack, where he travels the world and challenges himself to spend the bare minimum while still enjoying the trips. 

YES to Everything Your Best Friend Says for 24 Hours.

Saving the best for last, this Youtube challenge video is not for the faint-hearted. Be careful who you call your best friend, you might end up following their orders. 

In this challenge, you commit to only saying “Yes” to anything your chosen person says or asks for. 

While the initial challenge was done with friends, you can choose anyone you know won’t get you into any trouble and dedicate a whole day to only saying yes. 

Many recent popular videos for this youtube challenge include “Saying yes to my girlfriend”, “Saying yes to my sister,” and even “saying yes to everyone for 24 hrs.” 

Overall, YouTube challenges are the perfect wait for you to increase your reach, stay relevant, and always be on top of the latest trends. While some YouTube challenges are easier to create than others we hope this list of the best Challenge Videos on youtube helped you gain some ideas on what challenge to attempt next.

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