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Is Youtube Dying The Future of Influencer Marketing On The Platform


Is Youtube Dying? The Future of Influencer Marketing On The Platform

The first video streaming platform isn’t going anywhere soon, in fact, the platform is on a steady annual growth rate since 2005.

Newer technologies will always outshine pre-existing ones, but not when a company can quickly adapt to market shifts and trends. 

Is Youtube Dying? The Future of Influencer Marketing On The Platform


YouTube has earned this place in the market as one of the biggest video streaming platforms to exist and as long as the platform stays rewarding, it won’t be going anywhere soon. 

In the following video, Vanessa Lau breaks down what youtube will look like for content creators in 2023, and where the biggest opportunities are. 

Is Youtube Dying out? 

While youtube did see a slight decline in popularity around 2020 – 2021, with the rising popularity of new streaming and video services. YouTube used similar competitive strategies to come back stronger than ever.

The main reason Youtube will be around longer than any other video streaming platform is due to its high rewards and numerous incentives. 

Another competitive advantage Youtube has over any other rival video creator brand is its all-in-one convenient outlay. 

Youtube hasn’t always offered everything it does today, but when newer alternatives came to the rise, every platform tried to be the all-in-one go-to. 

We notice that with Youtube stories, Instagram notes, and even Spotify’s new audiobook section which is in its testing stages. 

Is Youtube Dying? The Future of Influencer Marketing On The Platform

However, out of all social media and streaming platforms, Youtube does its best to adapt and changing. 

Almost any new feature on Youtube drives results and success taking us back to the main point, its high rewards and monetization incentives. 

Creators on the platform can be compensated more per view than on any other competitor streaming service. Not that any of the platforms existing today are considered direct competition to Youtube, but they certainly own a market share of viewers, that would be otherwise streaming Youtube. 

Each streaming platform has its creative content and methods of posting and engaging, but looking at the matter from a time-investment perspective, you’re better off building your youtube channel than starting a page on TikTok 

Therefore it is safe to say that Youtube will be around for a longer time than we can account for. The only reason the platform may “Die” or see a tremendous decrease in users is if other platforms become more profitable. 

Is TikTok Replacing Youtube? 

While it may seem that other social streaming platforms are gaining more public traction than others, there are enough users and streams to fill each market. 

TikTok and Youtube differentiate in numerous ways, therefore an increased amount of Tik Tok users, isn’t a direct indication of Youtube being less popular. 

Therefore if we are comparing Youtube shorts to TikTok, then yes perhaps TikTok has a larger amount of daily viewers, but if we’re comparing the overall platform, our comparisons hold no sense of logic. 

So technically TikTok at its current stage cannot replace Youtube, the demand for long-form video is simply not fulfilled with what TikTok is currently offering. 

Therefore the answer is no, since Google owns Youtube it is difficult to compete with. When Tik Tok started to take over and dominate, Youtube just kept getting better. 

With some recent governmental debate on banning TikTok in the United States Of America, it might be the perfect time to shift platforms. We’re certainly not promoting anything with personal biases, but creating content on both streaming platforms is playing it safe and ensures you’re not affected by any sudden national decisions. 

However as a content creator, it is important not to put all your eggs in one basket, so maximize your chances and use posting automation systems to help you keep up.

The future of Youtube influencer marketing

Youtube is on its way to making major improvements in the creator’s sector not only to outshine the competition but to encourage creators to be exclusively on Youtube. 

Everything from your short-form content to your podcast and long-form tutorials can be on a single platform, that rewards you better as a creator.  

Is Youtube Dying? The Future of Influencer Marketing On The Platform


As competition between Youtube and other streaming services starts to get fierce, it is only logical for you to choose what benefits you more as a creator. 

Some of the ongoing changes include monetization for Shorts along with an exclusive podcast section.

Monetization & Ads 

Starting this year youtube will start making it easier for creators to earn income through the views they get per long or short-form content. Youtube now allows users with 1000 followers and 4000 watch hours to get monetization features and join the Youtube Partner Program.

Additionally, Youtube is now offering its ads to be included on Shorts, as it can increase streams of revenue generated through content creation. 

Youtube Shorts: 

Youtube shorts are trending all over the internet and recommended by almost all marketing gurus, they are an easy way for you to grow or launch your youtube channel at a faster pace. 

They are the short-form versions of the YouTube videos we are used to and generate over 15 billion views per day. 

The key to mastering youtube shorts is quality and consistency as per every social media platform, except Youtube shorts, enjoy an amplified reach. 

New Podcast section: 

The ever-growing demand for podcasts has never been on a larger scale than what it’s at today, and youtube being the adaptable platform it is, had its unique take on the matter. In late 2022 youtube dedicated a unique section for podcasts on its interface called Youtube Podcasts.

A feature similar to the Youtube trending, music, and movie section. Although not all creators will benefit from the new podcast feature, it simply shows you how fast the platform is adapting to changes and the potential reach for your podcast if you choose to start one.

There has never been a better time to be on YouTube than today. It is far more rewarding to be a YouTuber today than at any time in history.

As much as Youtubers popular today, There’s an ever-increasing demand for Content creators which is key to why YouTube has such extended reach. With tools for entering the YouTube market such as shorts podcasts and more, this might just be at once in a lifetime opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

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