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Shared Instagram Account How To Collaborate With Others To Grow Your Reach


Shared Instagram Account: How To Collaborate With Others To Grow Your Reach

Nearly 60% of users state that they log into Instagram on a daily basis. This highlights just how popular the platform really is and gives us more insight into the high levels of content that are available for audiences to consume. Due to these immense levels of activity, many influencers find it difficult to boost engagement with their audience. To delve into this notion further, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about creating a shared Instagram account and how it can increase your success on the platform.

What Is a Shared Instagram Account?

Shared Instagram accounts enable multiple influencers to produce content for the same profile, at the same time. Thus, each influencer will have access to the same account, ensuring that they can post their own content whenever they please. 

It should be mentioned that although Instagram allows multiple users to collaborate on the same page, it does not accept more than one admin. Therefore, only one member can be responsible for making key decisions such as moderation and page layout. 

Shared Instagram Account: How To Collaborate With Others To Grow Your Reach


Why Are They So Popular?

These types of accounts allow influencers to create content around a variety of different topics and can be a useful way for content creators to conduct key networking strategies. Shared Instagram accounts are also used by leading businesses to ensure that their internal marketing strategy is cohesive and adheres to the brand’s regular tone of voice.

Many young people can be seen to use these shared accounts as a way to share opinions and resources with one another. For example, Queer and Neurodivergent individuals often create joint pages to bring more awareness to their daily struggles. 

How Do I Create One?

To create a shared Instagram account, the admin of the page must first distribute it amongst the other users. They can do this by pressing the ‘Share this Profile’ button, which can be found on a user’s profile.

Once you have collated all of your chosen members, they will be able to produce content for your shared page. If you want to switch back to your main account, you must tap on your profile picture and then tap ‘Switch.’

Shared Instagram Account: How To Collaborate With Others To Grow Your Reach


Best Practices for Building a Shared Instagram Account

Choose the Right Influencers To Collaborate With

A shared Instagram page can only be successful if all of the contributors are working toward the same goal. It is paramount that you only collaborate with influencers who also operate within your respective niche and are able to increase your engagement on the platform. As a result, you will have a better chance of gaining traction and support on this new account. 

Shared Instagram Account: How To Collaborate With Others To Grow Your Reach


Set Some Ground Rules

Once you have uncovered a series of influencers that you would like to work with, it is good practice to provide a strict set of rules that each influencer must follow. For example, influencers should deter from receiving any Community Guideline strikes on the shared page. Though this may seem this is depleting the spontaneity and creativity of the group, a set of rules can help to keep creators on track and focuses on the common goal of increasing engagement

Create a content schedule

As a way to avoid building an unhealthy sense of competition, influencers should produce a detailed content calendar to give each individual a chance to express themselves. It is also paramount that this schedule is shared amongst the group and is updated regularly. As a result, this can give each influencer a chance to build their skills and make their mark on the shared account. 

Shared Instagram Account: How To Collaborate With Others To Grow Your Reach


Promote the Page Across Social Media

It is always good practice to share your content across all of your active social media platforms as it can help your audience become more aware of your latest projects. Influencers can also benefit from using CTAs across their page as a way to inspire viewers to further engage with the relevant content. 

Use a Wealth of Content Types

Instagram offers an abundance of high-value content creation tools that can help influencers to showcase their talent and knowledge of the wider aspects of this industry. By using nuanced tools such as Reels, Guides, and Instagram Livestreams, influencers have the chance to interact with their most devoted fans as a group. In addition, this diverse array of content can also be shared to other platforms, maximizing your entire content strategy.

Benefits of Creating a Shared Instagram Account

A shared Instagram account has the potential to foster a vibrant sense of creativity and encourages influencers to work together to produce an assortment of engaging content. For those who operate as part of an influencer collective, these accounts enable creators to share their work, whilst also being associated with an array of like-minded peers. Moreover, influencers can also use their shared accounts to complete a series of profitable brand deals as a group.

These accounts can also aid those who use their platform as a means for sharing important topics and news. For example, if you use your Instagram to shine a light on the effects of climate change, you can use a shared account to encourage other influencers to share their work. As such, shared Instagram pages also have the ability to create a new generation of activists who can communicate from anywhere in the world.

Instagram also hosts a growing list of monetization features that can also be used on a shared account. Features such as Instagram subscriptions allow viewers to pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content from their favorite influencers. With a shared account, creators can produce work that meets the needs of their most loyal fans and can split the earnings in the process. 

Shared Instagram Account: How To Collaborate With Others To Grow Your Reach


Shared Instagram accounts work to showcase the community-focused nature of social media, inspiring influencers from around the world to add more value to this dynamic and successful industry. 

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