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Top 12 Asian Instagram Influencers You Need To Follow


Top 12 Asian Instagram Influencers You Need To Follow Now

The best thing about following influencers from different cultures is that you get unique first-hand perspectives into their lives. Here are 12 of the top Asian Instagram influencers from all over the continent for you to follow.

Be it fashion or food, the continent of Asia has some very rich roots. And what better way to learn about Asian life than through influencers on Instagram? 

Take a look at these top Asian influencers and follow them for a culturally diverse Instagram feed! 

Top 12 Asian Instagram Influencers You Need To Follow Now


Top 12 Asian Instagram Influencers 

#1 Varun Aditya (@varun.aditya) 

Niche: Photography

Followers: 2.6M

Varun is a nature photographer from India whose pictures are so stunning that he was named the NatGeo Nature Photographer of The Year in 2016! He travels far and wide to capture animals and birds in their natural habitats. His wildlife photography makes you feel as if you are watching the animals fight, play, and eat right in front of your eyes. 

Varun also shares wildlife photography tips on his story highlights. You can also book him for one-on-one photography sessions.

#2 Bebe Thanchanok (@thisisbebe) 

Niche: Fitness

Followers: 2.5M

Another Asian Instagram Influencer, Bebe, is an ACE certified personal trainer from Thailand who is skilled in pilates, boxing, as well as aerial. On her page, she shares videos of her working out which give viewers some much needed inspo! She also has her own YouTube channel where she shares her fitness routines. 

Apart from that, Bebe is also an actor and a model, so you will see a lot of posts where she endorses her favorite products! She is truly an influencer in every sense of the word. 

#3 Tiffy (@tiffy.cooks) 

Niche: Food

Followers: 1.1M

Tiffy is a huge foodie from Taiwan who enjoys cooking as well as eating food. She is very fond of Taiwanese street food and it is the reason she started cooking when she moved to a small town in Canada. 

On her Instagram page, she shares recipes of all the Asian food she cooks. They look yummy, so I can only wonder how they taste! She has also traveled all around Southeast Asia, so you will get an eclectic mix of dishes on her page. 

#4 Lee Yik Keat (@yk) 

Niche: Photography

Followers: 997k

Yik Keat is an urban photographer from Singapore who is entirely self taught. He has a way of capturing unique photos that tell a story. He loves playing around with different perspectives to see how each one alters the story we see.

He posts a lot of easy-to-follow photography tips on his page and also showcases the work he does with brands. His page is truly a visual treat!

#5 Hanis Zalikha (@haniszalikha) 

Niche: General

Followers: 6.2M

Hanis is a Malaysian actor, model, homemaker, and influencer. Her feed is a mix of eclectic things. She posts snippets about her life with her husband and two kids which include general updates, family adventures, and other shenanigans. 

However, apart from that, she does a lot of “influencing” where she collaborates with and promotes all her favorite brands and businesses – be it clothes, skincare, restaurants, or vacation resorts. 

#6 Pony/ Park Hye-min (@ponysmakeup) 

Niche: Beauty and makeup

Followers: 8.3M

Pony is a South Korean makeup artist who is known for her amazing makeup looks that always leave her looking ethereal. It helps that she has flawless skin – something that she firmly believes is absolutely essential to achieve a great look. (Don’t worry, she shares her skincare routine on her page.) 

She always reviews the beauty products she uses to let you know whether they are worth the hype or not. Whether you crave a natural look or want to look like a fairy, Pony has tutorials for them all! You can also follow her YouTube channel for longer videos. 

#7 Elle (@cookerru) 

Niche: Food

Followers: 120k

Elle is a Korean-Canadian who moved away from her hometown at a young age. She started cooking Korean food as a way to reconnect with her culture and identity. On her Instagram page (and blog), she shares the recipes of all the dishes she cooks. 

Elle’s dishes are the perfect mix of simple, yet flavorful. They are super easy to follow, no matter your cooking background, and are made using ingredients that are easily available. She loves umami, so expects some deliciously spicy recipes!

#8 Young Yuh (@yayayayoung) 

Niche: Skincare

Followers: 100k

Young Yuh is a Korean-American skincare influencer whose tagline is “you do skincare, but I AM skincare.” And he’s right, because he has flawless and very smooth skin that is the envy of many people. 

Young Yuh makes videos reviewing skincare products and also gives some much needed tips as well as skips. His content is fun and educational and he places a lot of emphasis on personalized care for your skin. Follow his advice, and healthy, glowing skin will be well within your reach. He used to work in the beauty industry, so he knows what he’s talking about. 

#9 Wendy Lau (@thekwendyhome) 

Niche: Home decor

Followers: 382k

Wendy is a Chinese-Canadian home decor enthusiast who started this page (and her blog) when she was looking for some inspo on designing her first home with her partner. Over the years, she has racked up some great interior designing tips which she, now, shares with her followers. 

It would be an understatement to say that her home looks gorgeous! She believes in filling up her home with things she loves. Want to know how to make your own mushroom light? Or maybe you want to know where she bought that amazing centerpiece. You will find answers to everything on her page, along with some delicious recipes.

#10 Henry Wu (@humminglion) 

Niche: Travel + Lifestyle, Photography

Followers: 173k

Henry loves traveling and capturing magical moments from all the places he visits. Through his lens, he conveys the emotion of each place he visits. 

He has visited more than 55 countries so far, which is pretty impressive! Whether you want to add some places to your bucket list, or want to know the best hotels to stay in Paris, Henry’s feed has it all! He even gives some travel photography tips.

#11 Beverley Cheng (@beverleycheng) 

Niche: Fitness

Followers: 188k

Beverley is a former rugby athlete turned fitness influencer who lives on a sailboat full time! And she has rock hard abs! Pretty impressive, right? Fitness helped her gain confidence and embrace her whole self, and she wants to share this with others, which is why she started her Instagram page and her blog

She posts workout routines and tips that can be done anywhere. But be warned: you will sweat. A lot. But you will also get sculpted abs. 

#12 Jamie Chua (@ec24m) 

Niche: Fashion, Entrepreneur, Socialite

Followers: 1.2M

Jamie is a Singaporean model and entrepreneur whose feed is filled with posts about her life as a socialite as well as brand collaborations. She endorses several high-end brands and looks stunning modeling for them! 

If you want to know how the top 10% live, what kind of events they attend, and what kind of clothes they wear, follow her! 

Did you enjoy this trip into the world of Asian influencers? Let us know who was your favorite influencer and don’t forget to share this article!

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