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Revolutions Podcast A Deep Dive Into The History Of Major World Changes


What Is Revolutions Podcast All About

As entertainment continues to take on new mediums and genres, it seems that the world of podcasting is also striving to become more competitive and dynamic. This is especially true for educational podcasts as 74% of listeners say that they indulge in the medium to learn new things. To discover more about this niche, Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about the Revolutions podcast and how it has grown into a remarkably popular show with affluent audiences. 

Revolutions Podcast: A Deep Dive Into The History Of Major World Changes

The Creator Behind the Podcast

The Revolutions podcast was first formed in September 2013 as a way to help host Mike Duncan share his love of history with the world. Before starting a career as a podcaster, this fanatic was a humble fishmonger who used his platform as a simple pastime to share his diverse passions. Duncan has become a very prolific figure within the spheres of world history, producing a series of insightful podcasts such as The History of Rome. After this series concluded in 2012, the host decided to broaden his horizons and look to form a new platform that delved deeper into a wealth of crucial historical events. 

The host has also dominated the world of literature, releasing a detailed biography of the Marquis de Lafayette. He also published a comprehensive non-fiction book that allowed readers to explore the alluring world of Ancient Rome from 146-178 BC. The Storm Before The Storm received a plethora of critical acclaim and even appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List back in 2017. 

Revolutions and The History of Rome have also made an incredible impact on America’s education system with the podcast being used as a key resource in many universities. Western Washington University, which is also where Duncan received a degree in Political Science, uses the podcasts to accentuate their class notes and amplify their students’ understanding. This success has also aided him in becoming a prolific alumnus within the university and helped him to draw the attention of many literary agents and publishers. 

Revolutions Podcast: A Deep Dive Into The History Of Major World Changes

Themes and Topics Covered

The Revolutions podcast looks at the world from a much broader perspective, exploring how key events throughout history have managed to trigger domino effects around the world. The first part of this lengthy series discusses the English Revolution and begins by analyzing the ferocious rule of Charles Stuart. This episode notes Stuart’s adverse relationship with the people of England, Scotland, and Ireland and how he struggled to gain their respect and obedience. It also discusses Stuart’s dysfunctional relationship with Parliament and how this led to a wealth of changes within English politics that still affect the people to this day. 

By the sixth season, the audience is transported to the ferocious and unnerving events of the French Revolution, a series of conflicts that would alter the entire course of European history. Episode three discusses the liberal opposition and how King Charles X struggled to maintain his power over the common people. The final part of this series celebrates the June Revolution, a pivotal moment where the citizens of Paris fought to gain back their sense of control after the terrible death of Jean Maximilien Lamarque. 

The final season of Revolutions is separated into two parts and works to unravel the alluring events of the Russian Revolution. The first part explores the foundation of the International Working Men’s Association and how key figures such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles aimed to dismantle the pressures created by the higher classes. The second part of the Russian Revolution series explores the country’s influence over the First World War, bringing audiences back into the world of contemporary history. 

Revolutions Podcast: A Deep Dive Into The History Of Major World Changes

Reach of the Revolutions Podcast

Listed as America’s 19th most popular history podcast on Spotify and the 13th most popular on Apple Podcasts, Revolutions has managed to transform the world of educational podcasts by making complex topics more engaging and easy to digest. As a way to extend his reach and educational integrity, Duncan often completes tours around the United States as a way to further bond with his vast assortment of listeners. Previously, he has conducted book signings and Q&A conferences in many bookstores and establishments in locations such as New York and Boston.

Though Mike Duncan does not use social media to promote the grand success of his podcasts, he is looking to bring his work to the big screen. The host has announced plans to adapt his book Hero of Two Worlds into a multi-series saga. He has already crafted a detailed pilot script that is said to be catching the eye of many producers and networks. 

Revolutions Podcast: A Deep Dive Into The History Of Major World Changes

The Format of the Podcast

Duncan originally wanted Revolutions to be a particularly succinct podcast, but this idea was completely lost in the later seasons. The average episode lasts for around 40 minutes, offering him more than enough time to explore each enticing concept in full. The host also wanted to keep each season fairly short, presenting around 10-15 episodes each. However, Duncan lessened the severity of this rule in season ten, which has 102 episodes. 

The podcast also doesn’t just stick to its usual broadcasting schedule. Duncan also releases a wealth of Appendix episodes and other supplemental episodes to help audiences expand their knowledge even further. These episodes tend to dissect other key topics throughout a certain period in history such as the creation of The Declaration of Independence

The host also conducts a selection of fundraising events to help causes such as the crisis in Syria. In contrast, these episodes last for just a few minutes and discuss how the podcasts’ wide variety of listeners can aid those struggling throughout our modern history. 

Revolutions Podcast: A Deep Dive Into The History Of Major World Changes

Reception and Impact

Both of Duncan’s most popular podcasts have received a wealth of commendations. The History of Rome received over 100 million downloads throughout its five-year run and even the Best Educational Podcast at the prestigious Podcast Awards back in 2010. 

The Revolutions podcast is often praised for its ability to view these historical figures from a more balanced perspective. Though Duncan recognizes their flaws and how their disgraceful actions led to a wealth of harmful conflicts, his easy going manner also gives him the chance to celebrate their talents within the time period they were acting in. 


Revolutions highlights both the diversity and versatility of podcasting, allowing content creators like Mike Duncan to explore every aspect of their topic of interest. This podcast’s long reign of success also indicates how this medium can be used to influence the world of education, further exemplifying its usefulness in modern entertainment. Revolutions can be found on an assortment of popular podcasting platforms such as Google Podcasts and Spotify

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