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Drama Queens Podcast A Comprehensive Guide to One of the Most Popular Podcasts on Pop Culture and Entertainment


Drama Queens Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts On Pop Culture And Entertainment

TV rewatch podcasts gained a large amount of acclaim and popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic as they allowed listeners to experience their favorite popular culture moments alongside some of the industry’s most significant stars. This medium also seems to be a crucial asset to many advertisers with only around 10% of listeners skipping ads on their most-listened shows. In order to gain a better view of this success, Netinfluencer will discuss the growth of the Drama Queens podcast, a platform dedicated to the hit show One Tree Hill. 

The Creators Behind the Podcast

Designed as a love letter to One Tree Hill, Drama Queens relies on the show’s most popular characters to rewatch every episode of this addictive series. The podcast pulls upon a trio of hosts including Sophia Bush, Bethany Joy Lenz, and Hilarie Burton, all of which have played key roles in the show and beyond. Bush is best recognized for her role as Brooke Davis, a core character who often struggles to balance the demands of Tree Hill High School with her avid dreams of becoming a high-end fashion designer. This actor also hosts her own podcast known as Work in Progress, a platform that allows her to discuss a wealth of pivotal topics with some of her biggest inspirations. 

Hilarie Burton plays the part of Peyton Sawyer, a fan-favorite character who managed to move audiences with her kind-hearted spirit and devastating backstory. After successfully establishing herself as an actor, director, and producer, Burton released her memoir, The Rural Diaries. In this New York Times best-selling book, the actor discusses how she managed to transform her life by ditching the fast pace of Hollywood for a more remote property in Upstate New York. 

Drama Queens Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts On Pop Culture And Entertainment

Themes and Topics Covered

The Drama Queens podcast first arrived on the market in June 2021, beginning with the first-ever episode of One Tree Hill. The hosts use this time to share their fondest memories of the show, sharing how their friendship blossomed with their vast collection of devoted fans. Throughout this episode, the women also note the significance of this show and how it has managed to create a bustling fan base who also regard Tree Hill as a safe haven that has stood alongside them for many years. However, since this podcast also enjoys focusing on backstage drama, the hosts are never afraid to spill their most embarrassing or well-kept secrets with their fans. 

Episode 120 welcomes fellow co-star Emmanuelle Vaugier, who plays Nicki. This character became an infamous force within the show after she abandoned her daughter Jenny, who she shared with Jake Jagielski. In this episode of the Drama Queens podcast, Vaugier discusses her on-screen fight with Burton, reliving the hilarity and intensity of the situation. The actor also notes her character’s disengagement with the rest of the group, highlighting how it felt to be a newcomer on set. 

As an effective way to engage with their audience, the hosts also conduct Q&A episodes known as One Tree Thrill. Here, audience members are encouraged to submit their most burning questions, giving the stars the chance to share their most intimate view of the show as well as offer a few lesser-known gems about the series. These episodes offer a new perspective of the show, helping to extend its legacy within modern popular culture. 

Drama Queens Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts On Pop Culture And Entertainment

Reach of the Drama Queens Podcast

The Drama Queens podcast was considered to be an instant hit with fans, amassing an incredible 2.5 million downloads across the show’s first three episodes. In order to upkeep these high levels of engagement, the hosts decided to share the show across a wealth of active social media platforms. On Instagram, the show boasts 583,000 followers and often posts a selection of clips and past shots from the original TV show. 

The hosts can also be found on TikTok where they produce a plethora of diverse content for their 344.4K followers. Combining popular TikTok trends with their favorite moments of recent episodes, the Drama Queens podcast manages to build a bustling portfolio of content that can appease fans both old and new. 

Drama Queens Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts On Pop Culture And Entertainment

The Format of the Podcast

The podcast follows a chronological format, allowing audiences to discover the charming nuances of One Tree Hill from beginning to end. By pulling upon a wealth of special guests, the Drama Queens podcast is able to widen its scope and discuss the show in a more detailed manner. In a unique live episode filmed in Boston, the hosts welcome Tyler Hilton and Robert Buckley, better known by their characters Chris Keller and Clay Evans respectively. During this episode, the men discuss how they manage to land such successful roles and how it helped to shape their future careers. They also discuss the prospect of other TV rewatch podcasts within the One Tree Hill lore. 

To keep this content from getting stale or overly repetitive, the hosts often use a collection of personal anecdotes to better showcase the difference between reality and life in Tree Hill. Episode 407 sees Bush, Lenz, and Burton describe the scandals that occurred in their own hometowns, reveling in the nostalgia of teenage mischief. They also note the pressures of high school and how they can also be seen throughout those who attend Tree Hill High. 

Drama Queens Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To One Of The Most Popular Podcasts On Pop Culture And Entertainment

Reception and Impact

The instant success of the Drama Queens podcast indicates the versatile nature of both television and podcasting and what can be achieved when the mediums are blended together. This podcast also offers the hosts an opportunity to reflect on their work, criticizing episodes that have not aged well as well commending the show’s impact on the youth of America. 

This podcast is also produced by iHeart, a key figure within the TV rewatch genre. This body is responsible for other hit shows such as Fake Doctors, Real Friends, a podcast centered around Scrubs that is hosted by the show’s main characters. Thus, this highlights the potential of this genre and how it can be replicated to suit other cult TV shows. 


Rewatch podcasts like Drama Queens allow actors to take on the roles of content creators, producing podcasts that can easily engage with an already established audience. In turn, this helps to increase the popularity of podcasting and makes it more competitive against more traditional forms of entertainment. The Drama Queens podcast can be found on a variety of platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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