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Drew and Mike Podcast A Comprehensive Guide to One of the Most Popular Radio Show-Turned-Podcasts


Drew and Mike Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide to One of the Most Popular Radio Show-Turned-Podcasts

Turning a successful radio show into an even more successful podcast empire with hundreds of thousands of listeners is no small feat, but The Drew and Mike Show has done just that. Keep reading for the Drew and Mike podcast breakdown and how Drew and Mike went from all-star radio hosts to building a massive podcast empire from their basement.

Are you looking for a comedy show for the everyman? The Drew and Mike Show was created by two popular radio hosts who take an everyman approach to American culture, sports, and more combined with punchy, “potty humor” to keep things interesting. 

Here is our complete breakdown of The Drew and Mike Show, how it has exploded over the years, and the story behind the two hosts.  

Who are the Creators Behind the Podcast?

Drew Lane and Mike Clark are the original creators behind the podcast and originally became famous as radio hosts in Detroit, Michigan. Between 1991 and 2013, The Drew and Mike Show was a morning radio show that earned their team Marconi Radio Award nominations. This success helped Drew and Mike reunite later on to create their podcast. 

Mike Clark was described as the on-air everyman with a raspy voice, huge laugh, and strong Michigan accent, which played nicely off Drew Lane’s polished radio presentation. He piloted the podcast independently from 2007 to 2009 during Drew’s sabbatical. Unfortunately, this broadcast personality and metro Detroit native passed away in his sleep in October 2018 at 63. His co-host, Drew Lane, continued the show as The Drew and Mike Show as an ode to Mike’s integral part in the show’s history. 

Drew Lane is an American radio personality, avid reader, and sports lover. He previously played baseball at Virginia Tech and is a popular radio host in Detroit, Michigan. In addition, Drew is a massive dog lover and continues to build The Drew and Mike Show podcast empire from his basement with a small crew. 

How has The Drew and Mike Show Gained Popularity?

The Drew and Mike Show podcast started in 2016 as Drew Lane and Mike Clark’s hobby after developing a large radio audience following. Over the years, they’ve also created a huge following for their podcast and cemented their names as legendary radio hosts, especially in Michigan. As the show has grown, they’ve added previous team members from their radio show, like Trudi Daniels, their previous newscaster, and Marc Fellhauer, Drew’s producer and co-host. 

As their audience grew, they set up a donation bar six months in and raised a massive $60,000 in two weeks from listeners, taking them from hobby to business territory. They also began selling ads and merchandise, allowing them to meet a sizeable monthly payroll.  

Themes and Topics Covered

The Drew and Mike Show is predominantly a comedy show tackling all things America, from sports to strange news to pop culture. The show and official social media accounts also act as a comedic sports commentary channel. 

Reach of The Drew and Mike Show

The Detroit News estimates that The Drew and Mike Show receives more than 150,000 downloads per episode, which likely puts Drew Lane at more daily listeners than he had when he was on traditional radio. 

The Format of the Podcast

During Drew and Mike’s time together, they were described as having a fun dynamic filled with “potty humor.” Mike was the everyman of the podcast and connected deeply with Detroit listeners with his Michigan accent and local quips. On the other hand, Drew is a more polished presenter. Their podcasts are unusually long, at around two hours and 15 minutes. They also read all commercials live, with no more than three in succession. 

After Mike’s passing, Drew continued presenting the show with polished ease paired with local knowledge and insights. He is joined by Marc Fellhauer and Trudi Daniels. 

The podcast’s format continues to appeal to local listeners and global audiences alike with its relatable, everyman approach and punchy comedy. This podcast show is also the flagship podcast of the Red Shovel Network, which includes shows like No BS News Hour with an investigative reporter. 

Famous Guests

Drew and Mike are famous radio personalities in their own right. Their show typically only features them, and today features Drew and his co-hosts. Guests or experts are rare occurrences on the show. 

Reception and Impact

Reviewers on Apple Podcast give The Drew and Mike Show a high 4.8-star rating. 

Chartable shares that The Drew and Mike Show ranks #81 on Apple Podcasts in the United States of America Comedy category. It also ranks within the top #200 for comedy in Canada and the Cayman Islands. 

According to The Detroit News, this podcast is the most distinctly popular podcast in Michigan, indicating that it’s the most downloaded podcast in Michigan, not downloaded elsewhere. 

In addition to a large number of podcast listeners, this podcast has an official Twitter and YouTube channel. Their YouTube channel has nearly 4,000 subscribers and posts regular content featuring clips from the podcast. Their Twitter account is even more popular, with nearly 17,000 followers and shares tweets by Drew Lane and retweets. Much of the content on their Twitter is around recent sports wins, news, and scandals. 


The Drew and Mike Show is a widely popular podcast, especially in its home of Michigan. Still, its popularity has expanded to all parts of the United States, Canada, and other countries globally. The humor in this podcast series is punchy and off-kilter – perfect for anyone that enjoys comedy that cuts through political correctness.  

Interested in listening to The Drew and Mike Show? Here are some of the most popular options for listening: 

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