How To Collaborate With Others To Grow Your Reach

Shared Instagram Account:

Netinfluencer will discuss everything you need to know about creating a shared Instagram account and how it can increase your success on the platform.

What Is a Shared Instagram Account?

Instagram shared accounts let multiple influencers post for the same profile. Each influencer will have the same account, allowing them to post anytime they want.

These types of accounts allow influencers to create content around a variety of different topics and can be a useful way for content creators to conduct key networking strategies.

Why Are They So Popular?

How Do I Create One?

The admin of the page must first distribute it amongst the other users. They can do this by pressing the ‘Share this Profile’ button, which can be found on a user’s profile.

Best Practices for Building a Shared Instagram Account

It is paramount that you only collaborate with influencers who also operate within your respective niche and are able to increase your engagement on the platform.

Choose the Right Influencers To Collaborate With

Set Some Ground Rules

Once you have uncovered a series of influencers that you would like to work with, it is good practice to provide a strict set of rules that each influencer must follow.

As a way to avoid building an unhealthy sense of competition, influencers should produce a detailed content calendar to give each individual a chance to express themselves.

Create a content schedule