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How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram


How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

The Instagram feature that allows you to save posts to be viewed at a later date is truly life-changing – especially for busy people. But have you ever wondered, “how to see who saved my Instagram post?” This article will answer all your questions!

You are scrolling through Instagram on the subway and you see a great post that you want to read. But at that exact same moment, your stop arrives. 

But if you don’t read that post now, you may never see it again. So what do you do? You save it, of course! It’s truly one of the best Instagram features, if you ask me. Let’s learn all about how to see who saves your pictures on Instagram!

Why Do People Stalk Instagram Pictures? 

There are quite a few reasons for this. For starters, humans are curious creatures. We want to know what is going on in the lives of our friends, our exes, and even that highschool crush. Since it is impossible to talk to everyone all the time, we turn to social media to get updates on their life.

Another reason could be wanting to live vicariously through others by watching them do things that we could never do. Your old university roommate went on a month-long vacation to Europe? Time to obsessively look at her posts and pretend you were right there with her.

You could also be conducting market research on your competitors. Or maybe one of your kids has suddenly been acting different and you suspect someone of cyber bullying them, so you want to keep an eye on your kid and find out what has been going on without alarming them. 

Like I said, there are several reasons for this. But the most common reason of them all is that people simply enjoy looking at beautiful things. And Instagram is all about aesthetics and beauty, isn’t it? The world looks more beautiful through Instagram and who can blame us for wanting to spend more time looking at it through the app?

Can I View Someone’s Instagram Pictures Without Them Knowing?

Instagram has several cool features, but letting people know who views their profile isn’t one of them. So, yes, you can view someone’s Instagram pictures without them knowing – as long as you don’t view their story, comment, or accidentally like one of their posts from several years ago. (It’s okay. We have all been there.)

How Can I See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

Before we get into that, let’s learn where all the saved Instagram pictures go. In order to save a photo, you need to click on the little bookmark icon on the bottom right. The photo will get added to your saved collection. 

You can create several collections, each one with a different theme. To save a photo to a particular collection, long press on the bookmark button, and select the collection you want to save it to.

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

Now, to view the saved collection, you need to go to your profile, click on the three lines at the top right corner, and select the Saved button. 

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

You will be taken to the folder(s) where all the posts have been saved. 

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

Let’s now get back to answering the question, “who saved my Instagram post?” But wait. Is it even possible to see who saved my pictures on Instagram?

Well.. no. Unlike Instagram stories, you can’t see a list of all the people who have saved your pictures on Instagram. You can, however, see how many times your post was saved. 

In order to view this, you must first make sure your Instagram account is either a business account or a creator account. Go to Settings Account Switch to business/ creator account

Then go back to your profile and click on any post. You will see a small button called View Insights

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

Once you tap on that, you will be presented with all of your post’s insights. Look for the same bookmark icon. It will show you how many times someone saved your pictures on Instagram.

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

Here, the number below the bookmark icon says 61, which means this post was saved by 61 people. 

Bonus Tip: Did you know that post saves do a lot more in increasing your engagement than likes and comments? This is because when someone saves your pictures on Instagram, it means they want to come back and look at it again. The Instagram algorithm recognizes this as your post being important enough to be boosted!

Do Private Instagram Viewers Work?

First, what are private Instagram viewers? They are third-party tools that allow you to view Instagram profiles and stories anonymously. You can even view private Instagram profiles using these tools. They are developed specifically to bypass Instagram’s security protocol. 

But do these tools actually work? Some of them do, while some of them don’t. Many of these private Instagram viewers are actually scams, so be careful before you use any of them. To make your work easier, I have put together a list of 5 of the best private Instagram viewers below!

Top 5 Private Instagram Viewers 


This tool allows you to completely monitor the targeted person’s Instagram account – be it a public or private account. That too anonymously. You can view their stories, check out their location, check their DMS, and even view their activity. The app also gives you real-time updates. 

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?


This tool not only lets you view stories and private profiles anonymously, it also lets you download their photos and videos. All you need to do is enter their username, and voila! The tool will give you all the information you need. 

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

Private Photo Viewer 

This website is super easy to use and doesn’t need you to go through any verification process. You just have to enter their username and choose the content you would like to view. It also supports downloading photos from Instagram profiles. 

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?


Dumpor goes the extra mile by giving you the option to analyze the statistics on someone else’s Instagram account. Could come in very handy when conducting market research! Apart from analyzing, it lets you download images and videos and explore everything – hashtags, stories, locations, followers, and so on. 

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?


This tool has a very simple interface and is easy to use. It lets you look at any private Instagram profile by simply entering their username. 

How To See Who Saved My Pictures On Instagram?

Worried that someone you know might be getting cyber bullied? Or maybe you just want to do some market research anonymously. In such cases, these tools come in handy. But do keep a lookout to make sure you aren’t accidentally crossing any ethical boundaries while using these tools. 

We have reached the end of the article, folks! Remember, when someone saves your pictures on Instagram, they are actually helping you get more engagement. This is especially useful for creatives, so always encourage your followers to save and share your posts. As always, don’t forget to share this article with someone!

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