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Walmart Unveils Realm: An Influencer-Curated Online Shopping Experience 

Walmart has launched a new immersive online shopping platform called Walmart Realm. The platform features virtual shops curated by influencers and inspired by social trends, a company exec announced on LinkedIn.

Realm leverages technology from Emperia to add online games to the shopping experience. It transports customers into fantastical digital realms where they can interact with products and play nostalgic online games.

In the LinkedIn post, Justin Breton, Walmart’s Director of Brand Experiences & Strategic Partnerships, stated that Realm “embraces the limitless possibilities of virtual technologies, creating stunning shoppable environments to inspire our customers.”

The influencer-curated virtual shops highlighted in the launch include “So Jelly” with an underwater theme, “Y’allternative” with a gothic western vibe, and “Go Chromatic” featuring a futuristic, metallic aesthetic.

In addition to the virtual storefronts, Realm incorporates social content from Walmart’s creators and three mini-games to drive product discovery and engagement with the retailer’s brand. Breton described Realm as “the next iteration of adaptive retail” and said Walmart is “placing our bets on immersive commerce and helping define the future of online shopping for retail.”

The platform aims to blend inspiration and commerce by highlighting fashion, beauty, and home products selected by creator partners in immersive virtual environments.

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