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Budapest Wowed 50 Elite Influencers From 14 Countries – The Brilliant Tourism Strategy Behind It

The Hungarian Tourism Agency hosted a large-scale influencer marketing event called the “Budapest Influencer Trip” in Budapest as part of its spring campaign. The agency invited approximately 50 popular influencers and YouTubers from 14 different countries who collectively have 10-15 million followers on social media, Daily News Hungary reports.

According to László Könnyid, CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, this influencer trip is one of the largest of its kind ever organized in Europe. The guests included several internationally renowned influencers, such as David Dobrik, a YouTuber with over 25 million subscribers across his two channels, and British actress and model Amy Jackson, who has 13.5 million Instagram followers.

The campaign targeted travelers aged 25-40. Research from Hungary’s National Tourist Information Center indicates that the number of tourists in this younger age range visiting Budapest has been increasing in recent years. People in this demographic typically have more disposable income and leisure time than people in other age groups.

László Könnyid told Index the agency’s goal was to promote Budapest as a travel destination by having the influencers share content showcasing the city’s exciting and beautiful aspects. The influencers engaged in various activities, such as visiting landmarks, attending a private party at Fisherman’s Bastion, and meeting other notable personalities.

By involving high-profile influencers, the Hungarian Tourism Agency aims to reach potential travelers through trusted voices on social media during the decision-making process when people are considering travel destinations.

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