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How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program


How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program

What Is the Walmart Affiliate Program?

Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers with an estimated 11,501 stores in 26 countries. With such success, it is no surprise that its affiliate program is incredibly popular. This program offers affiliates an assortment of free advertising resources which they can place on their blog or website. 

When a customer accesses a Walmart weblink through your advertisement, you will earn a commission on the qualifying purchases. Affiliates will also have access to a range of buttons and banners that can help customers find different departments to help boost sales. 

How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program


How Do I Join the Program?

Walmart uses an Affiliate Service Provider known as Impact Radius, which makes use of a simple interface that guests can use to access their essential analytics and details. In order to join the program, users must complete a simple application and select the desired currency.

Potential affiliates will also be asked to clarify the details of their website and platforms to ensure that it is suitable for the promotional banners. Impact Radius also provides more information about the commission structure and what type of products are included in each rank.

Once you’ve been approved, you will be able to learn more about your impressions data and how many orders have been placed through your links.

What Benefits Are Included?

One of the most prominent benefits of joining the Walmart Affiliate Program is the additional income it can provide. The program provides a commission rate of 1%-4%, which you can expect to receive in around three days. This rate is dependent on the types of products that are sold and their overall shelf value. For example, beauty products offer a much higher commission rate compared to craft supplies.

Approved affiliates will also receive a free newsletter that explores a range of techniques that can help to increase your sales. This newsletter aims to educate affiliates on the latest product releases and informs them of competitions occurring within the business. As such, this is an ideal resource for those looking to truly maximize their earnings through this program.

Walmart also offers a selection of expertly-designed banners for affiliates to use on their platforms. These pieces come in a range of sizes and styles, making them appropriate for a variety of different platforms. This can help affiliates save time and begin earning commission straight away.

How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program


What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

The Walmart Affiliate Program focuses on using safe and inoffensive websites, meaning that affiliates must not promote any explicit material. Affiliates must also only use their blog for entertainment purposes and cannot propose any legal or professional claims.

Users must also be US-based and can only promote to American consumers. This is mainly because of the company’s success in this area and they do not want international competitors to reap the benefits of their sales. 

These Walmart ads cannot be used in Adworks or Search Content Networks. These are a collection of sites that allow advertisers to place promotional content alongside existing content. Walmart prohibits this behavior as it can lead to third-party individuals gaining revenue from ads that Walmart has not approved. 

How To Use Walmart SDK

Another benefit of using this program is that it provides affiliates with access to Walmart SDK. This tool is designed to help consumers purchase products directly from your website or app. A collection of ‘Buy Now’ buttons can be placed throughout your platform to allow consumers to add products directly to their online cart.

Walmart SDK can help to speed up the transaction process, ensuring that sales are made quickly and efficiently. As a result, with more products being sold, affiliates have a better chance of earning a higher commission. 

The buttons also come in a range of different styles to help them blend in with the overall style of your website. They are presented in either blue or orange, helping them to still keep in line with Walmart’s iconic branding tactics. 

How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program


How Can This Program Help Influencers Earn More Money?

Although the Walmart Affiliate Program forbids users from placing links on their social media profiles, this program is still beneficial to a wide range of influencers. For example, if you are running a personal blog, an affiliate link can help you to maximize your conversions on that platform. The Walmart SDK feature is also very helpful if you are promoting or reviewing products within your blog articles. In turn, your audience can learn more about the desired product and purchase it all within the confines of your blog. 

This program also allows users to gain a reasonably high commission rate on a plethora of household items. Moreover, a lot of these items are considered to be essential, meaning that consumers are more likely to buy them on a regular basis. Thus, the Walmart Affiliate program has the potential to offer a more consistent flow of income, compared to luxury brands which consumers may not indulge in as often. 

Affiliates will also be paired with a team of experts to guide them through this journey. This team is able to give advice, selling tips, and financial support, which can help an affiliate to grow in their abilities. This is incredibly useful for those who are new to affiliate marketing and want to see success in a quick fashion. The team can also help affiliates if there is something wrong with their payments, which helps to limit the uncertainty and anxiety of this type of work. 

How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program


The Walmart Affiliate Program highlights how more prosperous brands are moving toward this form of marketing and are exemplifying its success. Although the program may not be suited for everyone, it can be viewed as an excellent way to earn additional revenue through your already established websites and blogging platforms. To discover more about earning money through affiliate marketing, visit our website

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