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Best LinkedIn Learning Courses for Influencer Marketing


Best LinkedIn Learning Courses for Influencer Marketing 

It is estimated that 10.7% of the earth’s population has a registered LinkedIn account. This astonishing statistic highlights the platform’s popularity and growth amongst a variety of demographics. Although LinkedIn is most known for its recruitment features, it can also offer a plethora of valuable resources. To uncover more, Netinfluencer explores the best LinkedIn Learning courses for influencer marketing.

What Is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is a comprehensive online education portal that allows users to access a variety of courses based on a collection of skills. The courses are separated into four categories: Business, Creative, Technology, and Certifications. Each course is also conducted by an industry expert to add a sense of validity and professionalism.

This platform started its life in 1995 as The previous founder, Lynda Weinman, is an acclaimed animator and special effects artist, who formed the platform to help her students gain more support in their studies. 

In 2015, LinkedIn purchased for $1.5 billion and it became known as LinkedIn Learning just a year later. Nowadays, users can view an assortment of videos, infographics, and seminars to boost their knowledge in an abundance of areas. 

Best LinkedIn Learning Courses for Influencer Marketing 


How Do I Access the Courses?

To access the full range of LinkedIn Learning courses, users must become LinkedIn Premium members. This is the platform’s paid subscription service that offers candidates access to the educational library as well as a selection of other accessibility features. 

LinkedIn Premium offers a free 1-month trial but costs around $39.99 per month once the trial has finished. Businesses can also buy a subscription for their team, which costs an additional $47.99 per month. 

Once you have confirmed your subscription, you can then choose a learning path or select one of 18,200 courses. LinkedIn Premium members can also download their Certificate of Completion and share it across their other social media platforms.

Non-members can buy certain courses for an individual price. In addition, certain states will allow you to use a public library card as a means of accessing the content. 

Best LinkedIn Learning Courses for Influencer Marketing 


What credentials are available?

LinkedIn Learning courses fall under three different difficulty levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. By completing each module in a course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and can link all of your completed courses to your profile.  

Best Courses for Influencers

Social Media Marketing Trends

Taught by Social Media and Content Marketing Consultant, Brain Honigman, Social Media Marketing Trends gives an overview of various platforms that continue to attract audiences from around the world. This is an ongoing course, meaning that new content is added every week. Alongside the weekly updates, users will also learn about channel-specific trends as well as how certain regulatory implications can affect the type of content that influencers can produce. Social Media Marketing Trends makes use of a collection of animated videos and offers seven short quizzes for students to use to test their knowledge. 

Creating an Influencer Campaign 

Though this course is aimed at businesses, Creating an Influencer Campaign can help creators learn about standard practices and give some insight into what to expect from their first campaign. This module is part of the Content Marketing for Social Media course and explores how marketers track the success of a project and what they expect from each platform. The course is led by Colleen Jones in collaboration with Madecraft and provides students with an array of written materials and a selection of real-life videos. It also pulls upon a variety of anecdotes and empirical evidence to help secure your knowledge of the wider market. 

Best LinkedIn Learning Courses for Influencer Marketing 


Social Media Marketing Strategy: TikTok and Instagram Reels

If you are looking to refine your knowledge of short-form content, Social Media Strategy: TikTok and Instagram Reels encourages users to showcase a new set of skills to boost engagement. This course mainly focuses on TikTok and Instagram, educating both influencers and businesses on how to effectively reach out to their desired audiences. The course leader, Ashley Kennedy, also shows how to use hashtags and helps students understand the TikTok algorithm. As this is only a beginner course, users can complete the course in just over an hour. There are also three quizzes to complete to ensure that you earn your Certificate of Completion. 

Marketing to Millennials 

Research states that around one in five Millennials will unfollow a brand if they feel that its marketing strategy is too overbearing. As such, it is paramount that both marketers and influencers adhere to this demographic in a successful way. The Marketing to Millennials course is conducted by Chelsea Krost, one of LinkedIn Learning’s most successful performing instructors. This course dissects this lucrative generation and offers invaluable insight into their buying habits and consumer power. Each module also explores how this demographic reacts to certain social media trends, helping influencers to adapt their content in a profitable way. This is another beginner course so it is a great way to boost your knowledge if you are short on time. 

Marketing Strategy Case Studies from Leading Brands

This is an additional course from Brian Honigman and explores how some of the most iconic brands in the world are utilizing unique marketing strategies to see a high ROI. Marketing Strategy Case Studies from Leading Brands offers a deep dive into businesses such as Chipotle, Crumbl Cookies, and Dove. Each module will discuss their successes and explain how other businesses can match their skills in their own campaigns. The course offers 14 B2B and B2C case studies and does not require users to complete any form of a quiz or test their knowledge. In turn, this is a perfect course for those looking to gain industry knowledge without having to complete any tasks. 

Best LinkedIn Learning Courses for Influencer Marketing 


LinkedIn Learning has shown great diversity and strength in the world of online education, helping both businesses and influencers earn a plethora of insider knowledge. These courses can help even the largest creators to discover more about the ever-growing world of influencer marketing and aid them in their growth. To discover how to promote your online course on social media, visit our website

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