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TikTok Sponsors - How to Get sponsored on TikTok and make more money


TikTok Sponsors – How To Get Sponsored On TikTok And Make More Money

Attention alone will drive your traffic and views and only get you some temporary clout. While authority and knowledge over a specific niche will not get you signed if nobody knows you.

Additionally to successfully build authority and draw attention here are some of the most important tips to get TikTok sponsors

How to get sponsored on TikTok?

Some people create content just because they enjoy it and they feel like the world will enjoy what they create, other people are in the game specifically for sponsorships and brand deals.

Depending on what sponsorships you’re seeking, there are many ways of reaching your goals of getting sponsored or even becoming a brand ambassador. 

However, in the world of social media marketing and influencer marketing, attention, and authority are the two main currencies. 

TikTok Sponsors - How to Get sponsored on TikTok and make more money

Tips to getting TikTok sponsors 

Develop authority over a specific niche 

In order to deliver upon ROIs and be a successful collaborator with brands, you must hold some authority over the niche that they cover.

In other words, this is your way of displaying your knowledge about their industry. Good ways of building authority are by using standard industry terminology and posting about the latest trends in updates. 

Authority is an important measure for brand managers, and marketing managers, As they need to ensure you know what you will be promoting.

Make your profile appealing 

As you all know by now a picture Worth 1000 words and a flawless appealing profile is the perfect representation of what you stand for.

On your profile, it is important to include how managers and marketers may contact you, along with why you do what you do and any other relevant information such as location or age.

TikTok Sponsors - How to Get sponsored on TikTok and make more money


You can make use of thumbnails and video covers, Along with optimizing for SEO and hashtag searches. Choose the right profile picture and make sure that it is an accurate representation of the character you portray, use background colors and animation to deliver the right image. 

Additionally, you could create an engaging video as your profile picture that is an accurate representation of your content which is more likely to catch people’s attention.

Build a large following 

By far the only point that every influencer or TikToker would agree on is that you need a massive following. While micro-influencers are considered to be from 10 k to 50 K followers, anything after that are gains for you and your personal brand. 

While we will not limit you to how large your audience should be, most brands find the best value with influencers who have over 100K to 200K followers.

Influencers at that stage are most profitable because they are still at the developing stage, And require far less of an investment. You can expect $500 – $3000 per video or collaboration. 

With all three previous points in mind these last two tips for getting sponsored, are what will get you to the next stage of building authority and getting noticed. 

Collaborate with other influencers 

Collaborating with other influencers Is a shortcut especially if they are already sponsored. While this should be common sense, many influencers try to avoid this step due to their introverted character. 

Collaborating with other influencers will help you drive traffic to your own channel and it will help whoever you collaborated with gain followers from you. 

TikTok Sponsors - How to Get sponsored on TikTok and make more money


The best way to do this is to propose a mutual benefit to any influencer you may know or admire the work of. Some influencers accept this mutual benefit agreement, while others may require you to pay a collaboration fee Especially if you are much smaller. Either way, it is up to you to determine whether or not the collaborations with your investment will help you get sponsorships.

Collaborate with local businesses and brands

Finally, this should be one of the last steps to getting sponsored Collaborating with local businesses and small brands should be the ultimate deal-getter. 

Collaborating with other businesses whether it be restaurants fashion brands or tech companies is a direct displacement of interest in a specific industry. 

This initiative is one that you either kickstart by yourself or wait for the first small deal to kick started for you. Overall recommend reaching out to yourself, and even proposing a few free collaborations just to get your name out there. 

What do brands look for on TikTok?

The single most important measure brains look for is engagement, but some brands are knowledgeable more than others when it comes to TikTok, and may analyze your editing, acting, and confidence.

Some influencers are overly analytical and protective of their content and believe that brands require a high level of professionalism to work with you, but that isn’t true. 

If you are able to deliver your message clearly, spark some engagement, And leave behind a memorable message that holds authority, you’re onto some big sponsorships, just keep producing. 

Sponsorships VS Creator program

Aside from brand deals, TikTok offers a creator’s program that is designed to compensate video creators. However the TikTok creator program it’s not as profitable or rewarding as you may think it is.

With an average rate of $0.02-$0.04 per thousand views on a video with over 10,000 followers and 100,000 views, you can generate around $300 –  $400 on a video that scene by over 12 – 15 million users. 

TikTok Sponsors - How to Get sponsored on TikTok and make more money


Another reason and motivator for influencers and content creators to seek brand deals, build relationships in the business industry, and get their own marketing manager to help them reach new ultimate highs. Sponsorships, however, are very rewarding and once you get to three of them you will ultimately be on a roll. 

Ultimately it has never been more rewarding to be an influencer or TikToker however there were much easier times to build your audience than what today’s market is looking like. With everybody acknowledging and discovering the impact of influencers and influencer marketing, The constant creation niche it’s still at its development stage.

Take advantage of new features and open opportunities to get exposure, collaborate with other creators, and make your content unique compared to others for the best deals. 

Finally, consistency and speed are key to earning more through or even starting earning through creative content, you must work efficiently.  Have backup content, schedule and automate, and try out new things.

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