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The Top YouTube Challenges For 2023 Participate And Grow Your Brand


The Top YouTube Challenges For 2023: Participate And Grow Your Brand

Expand your influence and boost your brand by attracting more subscribers and viewers with YouTube Challenges.

With 35,1 million global subscribers, YouTube is the ultimate platform for increasing your subscriptions and viewers. Functioning as an online video-sharing platform, it is the home base for many content creators who have already used the YouTube Challenges craze to garner some growth. The trend is only as effective as your content is captivating and engaging. This article will give you the edge over other content creators, yielding solid results. 

What is a YouTube Challenge

A YouTube challenge refers to a task or set of tasks to be attempted within a particular set of rules with specific goals, incentives and penalties. The challenges differ greatly and also include completing unconventional tasks. It is in the spirit of fun, with a component of banter and ridiculousness. 

Primarily, YouTube challenges are for entertainment and to engage with viewers to increase subscribers. However, it can be used for marketing and promotional purposes. Its light-heartedness is ideal for subliminally introducing viewers to a product or brand or just linking the products in the description.

Why should you participate in YouTube Challenges, and what are the benefits?

The power of YouTube

Plug into YouTube’s following and reach. As the second largest search engine, YouTube sees 1 billion users visiting the site every month, and 4 million videos viewed daily. 

Grow your audience

The main purpose of creating content is to engage with or grow your audience. With YouTube challenges you will tap into a global audience, already familiar with this category of content.

Brand relatability

Through fun and quirky content like this, audiences become familiar with you and your brand. If viewers relate to you, they are more likely to subscribe. 

The punchline

The pure entertainment value of watching people attempt popular challenges and watching till the end to assess the outcome, is a winning recipe. The probability of subscribing after watching the entire video is relatively high.

The top YouTube Challenge trends to attempt

Food Challenges

Example: Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 100 Hours! (Black VS Pink)

A multitude of variations exists under this banner. From eating spicy food to consenting to random people selecting what you eat. Food challenges can be cringe-worthy and jaw-dropping. If you want to up the ante, Amica for Living breaks down 9 Crazy Record-Breaking Food Challenges: Illustrated.

In our example, friends compete against each other. They must eat the randomly selected color of food, while living in the same-colored room, for a week. The last friend standing wins $10,000. 

There are plenty of twists, other minor challenges, and games built into this challenge, adding levels and layers of entertainment. The video is fun, fast-paced, energetic, and engaging. The next challenge is set at the end of the video, based on the performance of this video, measured in likes. This increases audience participation and engagement.

The challenge has over 9,00,000 views and 204,000 likes. The links to the crew’s YouTube channel and social media handles are included. A product link for hoodies is also included. 

Make-Up Challenges 

Example: Full Face Using Only KIDS Makeup Challenge! – Merrell Twins

Experimental and random make-up challenges are popular. There are several sub-categories relating to make-up brands, color palettes, application (while blindfolded, using filters, in a moving vehicle) and the list goes on. Check out Azzyland, a YouTube make-up influencer and blogger/vlogger, for some ideas and inspiration.

Our example is of the Merelltwins attempt to complete a full face of make-up using kids’ make-up. The video is adorably amusing and is reminiscent of a girls’ sleepover. The twins express a comical frustration at the products and their lack of efficacy. In just over 16 minutes, the girls come to terms with the childish make-up look which they admit was enjoyable to apply. With just over 744,000 views and 24,000 likes, the video performed well. The twins include their links and social media handles, as well as the link to their merchandise. 

Friend and Family Challenges

Example: Dad vs Daughter TRY NOT TO LAUGH Challenge

This category of challenges can be attempted with friends and families. Most challenges can be adapted to include others; however, these are best suited to more than one person. Stylecraze also takes you through 71 Fun Challenges for Friends.

In our example, Jordan Matter challenges his daughter to a no-laugh challenge. Jordan gifts Salish 5 items. She loses 1 gift every time she laughs at a TikTok. with 239,194 views and 16,000 likes, this video is delightful and wholesome. Jordan includes his channel and social media links, handles, and details. He also includes a link to his merchandise. This is a great attempt at promoting himself and his brand.

Other Examples: 

Whisper Challenge

A participant wears noise-canceling headphones, while the others person repeats a phrase. The challenge is to read the person’s lips and correctly guess the phrase.

Best Friend Challenge

Quiz your best friend on some of your favorites and have them do the same to you. Assign points, include penalties for wrong answers, or get an independent auditor involved. This works for couples too. 

Solo YouTube Challenges 

Example: Letting The Person in FRONT of me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 HOURS!!

You don’t need an entourage to participate in challenges, you can go solo. Engaging content can be achieved as a one-man act. Teamland presents 8 Solo Challenges For Your Team To Do. A great starting place.

In our example, Makeupbypita attempts this solo challenge. She orders the food the person in front of her gets, in a Drive-thru, for 24 hours. With 199,521 views and 8,7k likes, this video is a success. She shares her concerns about the challenge and reviews on the food and drink items she eats. This random, out of your comfort zone, style challenge is interesting to watch.

She includes links for her channels and social media. She includes a link to her affiliates and products too. 

Other examples:

Good Thing Challenge

A random act of kindness for a charity organization and stranger puts this at the top of the list of noble YouTube challenges. 

Tutorial Challenge

Pick a tutorial, tip, or hack from the internet and attempt it. Spill the tea on whether it’s legit or not, piggybacking off some of the most popular hacks and tutorials. 

Tips to promote your YouTube Challenge

  • Create custom thumbnails
  • Use concise, descriptive video titles
  • Choose Google-friendly keywords
  • Fill out your profile information
  • Create high-quality videos
  • Include incentives for winners, penalties for losers
  • Set new challenges based on the likes you receive 
  • Create tension by increasing the difficulty level of the challenge. Do not create a straightforward video 
  • Collaborate with other influencers
  • Create a series relating to challenges
  • Go live
  • Add a call-to-action
  • Cross-promote your channel
  • Post videos in multiple parts
  • Do what your favorite YouTubers do

Beginner’s resources: How to create a YouTube channel & create your video (using your smartphone)

How to create a YouTube channel

How to film, edit and upload a video using your smartphone

Challenge accepted?

YouTube challenges needn’t be challenging to figure out and get started with. Due to the nature of this content, it is an excellent departure point for beginners. Alternatively, if you are an established content creator, this could boost your following. Pick a challenge and knock it out of the park with your number of subscribers and views.

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