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Top 5 Financial Affiliate Programs For Money-Saving Creators


5 Financial Affiliate Programs Best For Money-Saving Creators

If you’re in, or looking to get into, the financial influencer niche, there are some very lucrative affiliate programs that are worth looking into.  This niche is typically one of the more sought-after because they pay very high commissions.

Many Americans today require private financing from a bank or credit union. Whether that be from a credit card or a loan. So if you believe that you and your audience will benefit from it, it’s definitely something that should be strongly considered. 

The main part that people often emphasize when creating this type of content that promotes credit cards, loans, or any product that is finance-related is that the person you’re selling to needs to be the one that ultimately makes the right decision for themselves.

The content you create should be clear, transparent, and never misleading. This way you can sleep at night knowing you’ve not given anyone bad advice.

With all that aside, let’s jump into some of the most lucrative financial affiliate programs in the space for 2023. 

Top 5 Financial Affiliate Programs For Money-Saving Creators

  1. Personal Capital

With over 1.6 million users using the financial tools provided by Personal Capital so that they can better manage and achieve personal financial objectives, this program offers a lot of value to your audience from the get-go. 

With their Personal Capital Services users are able to set a budget for themselves and manage their investments, along with creating objectives, calculating networks, and much more.

You can sign up for the Personal Capital affiliate program via wecantrack. The company pays up to 100$ per qualified lead and offers a  cookie period of up to 30 days.

You can check out this article by Personal Capital if you’re interested in learning more about their affiliate program.

  1. Wise 

The company that was formally known to the world as TransferWise, is a UK-based fin-tech company. The initiative of the company is to allow people of all regions, with 750+ currency routes to be able, to send money more easily. Whether that be in GBP, USD, Euro, AUD, and CAD.

When you become a Wise affiliate, and join their program you’ll be given the opportunity to earn a commission on every new user that you generate. The way it works is through your link that potential users click on and get redirected to the signup site. 

You can sign up for the Wise affiliate program via Partnerize. The company pays up to 50$ per qualified new user and offers a  cookie period of up to 30 days.

  1. CIT Bank 

CIT Bank is known for being one of the most secure online banks. Their affiliate program is geared toward their main service – online banking. This service gives users access to custodial accounts, saving accounts, and money markets. 

CIT Bank also offers a long list of additional services that are aimed at helping users improve and maximize their finances. 

You can sign up for CIT Bank’s affiliate program via FlexOffers. The company pays up to 75$ commission for every qualified lead and offers a  cookie period of up to 30 days.

  1. Credit Karma

Credit Karma was founded by Nichole Mustard, Kenneth Lin, and Ryan Graciano in 2007 with a goal to help consumers have direct access to their financial and credit data.

When compared to other financial affiliate programs, Credit Karma offers fairly low commission rates, but the promotion is way simpler seeing as it’s primarily offered as a free service. Ultimately, you’re not having to convince people to part with their hard-earned cash. 

The process is simple! You can earn a commission from every new user that creates an account under your affiliate link or code. The company also offers a cookie period of 30 days. 

If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, this program might be the perfect fit for you seeing as the process is pretty streamlined.

You can sign up for Credit Karma’s affiliate program via FlexOffers.

  1. Credit Sesame 

Credit Sesame was founded in 2010 by Adrian Nazari after the last economic crash in order to help users gain direct access to their personal credit scores and improve their finances.

Credit Sesame is a similar product to Credit Karma, with one key difference. The company offers a hefty $50,000 identity theft insurance once you create an account and even free-of-charge credit reports. 

Because of these key differences, you would be able to sign up for both affiliate programs and promote their unique selling points independently without any issues. 

You can sign up for the Credit Sesame affiliate program via FlexOffers. The company pays up to 6$ per qualified lead and offers a  cookie period of up to 30 days.


Surprisingly enough, BBVA has a great affiliate program. The company offers account holders the security of knowing that their money is in safe hands thanks to the FDIC insurance for both personal and business accounts.

They also offer an award-winning online banking app, at the same time as offering users loans, credit cards, checking and saving accounts, along with much more.

When you become a BBVA affiliate, and join their program you’ll be given the opportunity to earn a commission on every qualified lead that you generate. You can sign up for the BBVA  affiliate program via FlexOffers. The company pays up to 85$ per qualified new user and offers a  cookie period of up to 30 days.

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase was founded in 2012 by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong and is now one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges around. Some of the key differences that set them apart from the competition are the fact that they only display the cryptocurrencies that are showing the highest returns and the top traded – making it an extremely user-friendly experience, especially for individuals just starting out in the crypto world. 

The company offers some great perks:

  • 50% USD match of all deposits generated using your link over a three-month period.
  • Impressive analytics tools that will allow you to better understand your metrics and improve your strategy.

You can sign up for the Coinbase  affiliate program via Impact. If you’re interested in learning more about one of the best financial affiliate programs on the market today then you can check out Coinbase’s dedicated affiliate program information. 

  1. Robinhood

Robinhood was founded by Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev in 2013. The platform has become extremely popular with Millennials and Gen Z’ers thanks to its ease of use and the fact that users aren’t charged a commission fee on cryptocurrency, options, stock, and EFT trades.

The brand has an online app that makes it easy for users to trade on the go.

The affiliate program is fairly interesting, seeing as the platform itself doesn’t ask new users to deposit a minimum amount. This can be a great upsell when compared to some of the signup requirements other trading platforms offer.

You can sign up for the Robinhood affiliate program here. The company offers up to 20$ in commission per funded account that’s signed up using your unique link. The cookie period is of 30 days.


As shown in this article, there are a ton of options when looking for affiliate programs in the financial sector. The ability to be able to offer your audience personal loans or credit cards is something that can benefit you greatly if done correctly.

As most people don’t enjoy giving financial advice it’s always important to remember that you want to persuade people to sign up only after they’ve done their own diligence and understand the fine print of what they’re getting into. 

That being said, if you’re successful at promoting these companies’ and banks’ products, you could be looking at a good amount of comissions coming your way too.

Just remember the content created should be authentic, transparent, and never misleading. 

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