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How To Join The Minecraft Partner Program As A Gaming Influencer


How To Join The Minecraft Partner Program As A Gaming Influencer

Research has suggested that around 126 million people play Minecraft on a monthly basis, making it one of the most popular video games of a generation. These devoted players have also managed to turn their avid passion into a lucrative career, making it a key asset to gaming influencers. To discuss this concept further, Netinfluencer will explore everything you need to know about the Minecraft Partner Program. 

What Is the Minecraft Partner Program?

First released in 2017, the Minecraft Partner Program is an admirable platform that gives players the opportunity to sell their most prized creations to a wealth of engaged audiences. This program helps to harness the vivacious nature of Minecraft players, encouraging them to produce a variety of desirable skin packs, limitless maps, and textures that can then be used by other creators in their own worlds.

As such, this program works in a similar fashion to a mod, ensuring that players can customize their worlds in a way that best suits them. All of these creations are then presented on the Minecraft Marketplace, a bustling hub of DLC packages that users can download when they please. 

The Minecraft Marketplace allows players to use an in-game currency, known as Minecoins, to purchase an array of new features. Despite this, the creator will still earn a 30% cut of the selected purchase, meaning that some of the game’s most inspired followers can now use this opportunity to boost their income. In addition, although this feature was first announced in conjunction with Minecraft: Pocket Edition, all of the purchases are instantly transferred over to all applicable games. This means that the creations can be used on all of Minecraft’s latest releases. 

How To Join The Minecraft Partner Program As A Gaming Influencer


How Does the Program Work?

The Minecraft Partner Program presents an abundance of exciting resources to help creators become inspired and eager to produce a wealth of riveting content. Users will first gain access to the Creator Portal, a platform dedicated to helping users become more aware of the popular trends occurring in the game. 

Once they have joined this platform, creators will be asked to browse through a collection of documentation that will give them a better idea of how they can create high-quality content within the game. These articles also explore the nuances of Custom Content, giving creators the chance to create more imaginative builds. 

Creators will then be asked to submit their final creations for approval. During this process, your work will be analyzed and tested by a range of expert developers to ensure that your build is playable and appropriate for general audiences. 

How To Join The Minecraft Partner Program As A Gaming Influencer


What Perks Are on Offer?

One of the largest perks associated with the Minecraft Partner Program is the chance to monetize your hobby. Since these creations will be available for purchase on the Minecraft Marketplace, gaming influencers can now earn a small commission for every build sold. Thus, this gives content creators the prime opportunity to build a stronger and more personal relationship with this gaming giant

This program also works alongside a diverse range of influential bodies including King Cube and Noxcrew. These institutions have been collaborating with the game since its initial launch in 2011 and are also dedicated to producing a wide variety of personalized content. This means that gaming influencers will instantly become associated with some of the leading game developers in the world, which can help them gain more experience in this profitable sector. 

Since the Minecraft Partner Program is very selective about its candidates, influencers will be asked to showcase a rich portfolio of previous work. This is particularly beneficial for those who have been playing Minecraft online for many years as they can now highlight their stunning creations whilst also sharing their merits as devoted gaming influencers. 

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

It should be mentioned that influencers are required to complete a comprehensive application and recruitment process for this opportunity. This process runs for a limited time but often allows influencers to sign up for updates to ensure that they can be prepared for the latest round of applications.

Alongside a detailed portfolio of Minecraft creations, the program is eager to find builders who are passionate about the game itself. This could mean those who play the game for hours on end but also refers to those who work to support the communal nature of Minecraft. Regardless, it is vital that influencers showcase a refined knowledge and experience of the game and its relevant counterparts. 

Though this program places a grand emphasis on creativity, it is also seeking creators who have a business-oriented mindset. Official Minecraft Partners will be expected to deliver key pieces in a timely manner, including screenshots, descriptions of their products, and trailers of their work. In turn, it seems that the program is looking to work with influencers who are known for their high-end content and are not looking to graciously train amateur builders. 

How To Join The Minecraft Partner Program As A Gaming Influencer


Merits of Joining the Minecraft Partner Program

The success of the Minecraft Partner Program highlights the game’s desire to work alongside some of its greatest fans to produce new features that gamers will love. This program also encourages Partners to set their own prices, giving influencers more freedom and control over their finances. Moreover, since the value of Minecoins is determined by the developers themselves, influencers have a better chance of earning more money, particularly when the value of this in-game currency is high. 

With the advent of the Creator Portal, gaming influencers can continue to boost their skills by learning more about lucrative add-ons and custom blocks. These guides not only aid influencers in creating more desirable content but also ensure that they develop a greater understanding of the game’s essential mechanics. This is especially desirable to brands who are seeking out gamers to help them build an effective marketing campaign within the world of Minecraft. 

Although many gamers will be disappointed about the program’s selective nature, it does help to make it more competitive amongst extremely talented creators. By filtering out those who do not adhere to the strict criteria, Minecraft has managed to create a diverse portfolio of inspiring and experienced creators. As such, these influencers now have a better chance of sharing their skills elsewhere, whether it be in a brand sponsorship or a collaboration on YouTube

How To Join The Minecraft Partner Program As A Gaming Influencer


The Minecraft Partner Program openly expresses the immensely profitable nature of the game and works to share this income with some of its finest creators. As a result, gaming influencers can continue to promote their work and monetize the creations and the followings they have made online. 

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