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OG Minecraft YouTubers The Pioneers of Gaming Content on YouTube


OG Minecraft YouTubers: The Pioneers of Gaming Content on YouTube

Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular video game franchises in the world. Since its initial launch in 2009, it has sold over 238,000,000 copies, making it the best-selling video game in history. The franchise has also seen immense success on YouTube with influencers building their entire platform and persona around the game. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer will explore the legacy behind some of the biggest Minecraft YouTubers. 

History of Minecraft on YouTube

After hitting 1 trillion views in 2021, Minecraft is now the most popular video game on YouTube. The first Minecraft video on YouTube was published by jwaap and lasted for just one minute. The video shows the content creator building a simple home and detailing how his character travels through the structure. 

Over time, more influencers began producing Minecraft content, including parody music videos, Let’s Plays, and more recently, parkour videos. These show how characters can explore a range of platforms and buildings by jumping and running at speed. 

The game itself also recognizes YouTube’s influence on its success. To celebrate its ten-year anniversary in 2019, Minecraft created a unique map that was filled with Easter eggs. Users had to solve a wealth of puzzles to gain access to the lucrative gold armor. 


CaptainSparklez, also known as Jordan Allen Maron, is a prominent Minecraft YouTuber, who posted his first video in 2010. Maron is best known for his variety of music content which takes some of the world’s greatest hits and gives them a unique Minecraft overlay.

One of his most popular music videos is Revenge, a Minecraft parody of Usher’s single DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love. This helped him to become a dominant force within this niche, amassing an impressive 11.4 million subscribers. Nowadays, CaptainSparklez continues to make Minecraft content regularly and can often be seen streaming the game on Twitch for a further 2.1 million followers. 


With an incredible 26.3 million subscribers, DanTDM has shared his love of Minecraft for over 10 years. This influencer has also appeared in a variation of the game, playing himself in the 2016 rendition of Minecraft: Story Mode. In 2017, he was also listed as the highest-paid YouTuber.

His content often revolves around experimenting with Minecraft’s various mods, helping him to create elusive builds and hilarious objects. DanTDM also delves into other video game content, playing games such as Sonic Frontiers and Stray


Originally known as Stampylongnose, Stampylonghead has created a plethora of Minecraft content during his long career on the platform. He is best recognized by his cat persona, which he uses to explore many Minecraft worlds and work on his own astounding creations.

Whether he’s building a colosseum or an elusive theme park, this influencer does not struggle to find engagement from his 10.6 million subscribers. This content creator, whose real name is Joseph Garrett, has also published several books surrounding the fictional character of Stampy. In 2015, Garret also produced an educational series called Wonder Quest, which was used in schools across the UK. 


Ian Marcus Stapleton is better known as SSundee, an energetic YouTuber with 21.6 million subscribers. This content creator often focuses on hilarious Minecraft challenges such as escaping from prison and trying to survive 100 days on an island.

When he is not playing Minecraft, Ssundee is often seen to be playing an assortment of other popular games such as Among Us and Fortnite. Stapleton also enjoys creating long-form content for his channel, such as streaming gameplay from Monopoly Plus


The immensely acclaimed YOGSCAST channel was founded in 2008 by Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane. Throughout the years, the pair have collaborated with an assortment of other creators to produce an abundance of invigorating gaming content.

In Minecraft, the team often explores and reviews a collection of mods, exemplifying just how diverse the game can truly be. Outside of YouTube, YOGSCAST host a wide range of events for their 7.11 million subscribers, such as YogCon, which allows some of their most loyal fans to interact with each other in a more amicable atmosphere.

Minecraft Universe

Jason Probst operates under the channel name Minecraft Universe, which was first produced in 2010. Despite growing a devoted audience of 2.48 million subscribers on this channel, Probst is best known for being part of the gaming group Team Crafted.

During this time, Probst and a selection of other YouTubers would create content in their joint house. After the group split, Minecraft Universe went on to produce gaming content, sharing his latest series The Adventures of TrueMU


iHasCupQuake, also known as Tiffany Michelle Garcia, boasts 6.98 million subscribers and is well-known for her wide selection of gaming content. After delving into a range of popular Minecraft gameplays, Garcia began to show off her superb animation skills.

She released a series of cartoon shorts such as Dino Killer, which earned 29 million views. This creator also dominates the cozy game niche, producing content around games such as Cat Cafe Manager. iHasCupquake also manages to interact with her loyal audience in a variety of different ways, sharing a line of merchandise and streaming on Twitch for an additional 244K followers.


With 3 prominent channels under his belt, Tobuscus has certainly secured himself as a pioneer on the platform. Toby Turner has been creating Minecraft content since 2011 and continued to create roleplay content and mods across his three channels.

Tobuscus is also a passionate musician and also shares some of his original songs like Optimistic Bomb Shelter with his 6.21 million subscribers. Tobuscus has also created a line of Minecraft-themed merchandise, displaying his channel name in the traditional font. 


Vikkstar123HD, otherwise known as Vikram Barn, is now best known for his role in the online group Sidemen. However, Barn began his career as a Minecraft YouTuber in 2012, sharing a range of parody songs and parkour challenges. Since then his channel has grown to impressive heights, securing 3.28 million subscribers and well over 1 billion views.

He continues to support his audience by running two Minecraft servers, helping to build a stronger connection with his online community. This content creator also owns a series of other channels, where he shares gaming content such as VikkstarPlays and Vikkstar Shorts


If you are a fan of gaming, you will be well aware of PieDiePie’s admirable legacy on YouTube. Felix Kjellberg posted his first video, labeled Minecraft Multiplayer Fun in 2010. This video has gone on to earn over 21 million views and helped him to make his mark on the Minecraft niche.

PewDiePie has continued to create Minecraft content, producing expressive Let’s Plays of Minecraft Dungeons. In 2013, Kjellberg began to see an outstanding level of success, earning 111 million subscribers to date. Although he was once considered a YouTuber with the highest number of subscribers, he was overtaken by Mr. Beast in November 2022. 

As Minecraft continues to collect a number of avid fans, there is no doubt that a new generation of YouTubers will follow. The original pioneers of this niche have managed to gain an incredible amount of success and help to validate the work of influencers on social media. 

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