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The Pivot Podcast Strategies For Success In A Changing World

In a modern world of business that relies endlessly upon adapting to new technologies, keeping up can be a challenge, especially if you are in a successful fast-paced environment. 

One of the best ways to keep up with everything happening around you or your tech-based business, is to tune in to professionals within the market. 

The Pivot Podcast hosts strive to bring the hottest news trends first by first, twice a week without missing a single major headline. 

The Pivot Podcast Strategies For Success In A Changing World

Scott Galloway is a professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business and a public speaker who partners up with the infamous American journalist Kara swisher, to create an informative engaging podcast for every business-minded individual. 

The Pivot offers modern updates on everything trending on the internet world and takes into account all the diverse personalities of different listeners. 

Not limited to any specific topic or niche, you can learn everything from the latest changes within the Metaverse to what’s causing global recessions. 

The creator behind the podcast 

A subdivision of Vox Media’s New York magazine, the Pivot podcast is one of many insightful, award-winning audio experiences brought to you by Vox Media. 

New York Magazine sponsored this podcast along with many other popular ones such as Stay Tuned with Preet, and the philosophical podcast The Gray Area host Sean Illing.

Despite the successful podcast that hosts the podcast, The Pivot podcast was launched by Kara Swisher in September 2018 after leaving behind her successful career with New York Times. 

Although the podcast has come a long way since its launch a few years ago, there still remains massive untapped potential of targeted demographics.

Kara also hosts the popular show, On with Kara Swisher with the same media group covering similar trendy topics, usually based on news headlines from today’s global economy. 

Themes and topics covered 

Pivot is one of the podcasts that are hard to label or assign to one specific niche as they discuss so many interesting thought evoking topics. 

Hosts provide a wide array of topics that would interest any successful young individual in the business and tech space and offer a quick summary of what they deem “big news”

All that taken into account some of the latest and most viewed topics include: 

Fail: Facebook’s Dubious Relationship with Trump

The political campaign of former President Donald J. Trump was marked by controversy and a heavy reliance on modern media marketing tactics. According to reports, the president invested over $5.9 million in social media advertising, a key factor to his electoral success. 

In this episode, host Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway are joined by Jhon Rice, CEO of the non profit orginization Managment Leadership Tomorow (MTL), to discuss the future of the Trump administration and their strategies moving forward and riviling a new democratic administration.

The panel also delves into how companies who seek diversity can better attract and retain Black talent in various industries and balance a well rounded work place.

Why Quibi is doomed to fail 

In this episode, Kara Swisher is joined by Scott Gallaway the main co-host of the podcast to discuss Quibi’s prospecting of Scott to join their team. Quibi is a new short-form content platform that aims to compete with major well-established players in the space such as Youtube and TikTok. 

Despite the company’s efforts to onboard The marketing professor, he remains skeptical of Quibi’s likelihood to succeed against the mega-billion dollar companies. 

Scott argues that the directors who are considered “old” in the tech space lack the expertise and innovation to successfully launch a modern media platform. 

To be successful, Scott believes that any new entrant to the market must offer exceptional advantages and rivaling creator incentives that Quibi lacked. 

The fact that the two hosts who are experts in the tech and marketing space have not heard of Quibi until their prospecting out-reach speaks to the lack of visibility and their overall chances of success.

Twitter’s New Board, Covid-19, and more

A real-time insight and analysis of The Wall Street Journal’s report of Twitter’s board of directors, covering everything from management to shareholders. 

Co-founder, Jack Dorsey, who was required to step down from his role as CEO in response to 3 shareholder decisions, might still remain in his position according to The Wall Street Journal.

Despite the low chances of remaining in position, Scott Galloway insists that Jack is already terminated from the moment the board began to criticize his efforts. 

After a heated debate on the future of Twitter, Kara leads up to how Covid-19 measures have impacted major Tech companies and the lack of Government assistance during unprecedented tough circumstances.

The limited financial assistance received from Governements proritized smaller to medium sized enterprises, leaving tech companies out of the equation a decision that Scott Galloway highly supports. 

The Pivot Podcast hosted by Kara Swisher has 7,300 followers on youtube, no followers or account for the podcast but 47,100 followers on Kara’s personal Instagram and 170,000 on Scott’s.

On Youtube, where view statistics are readily available it appears that the average podcast receives between 3000 views and 5000 views per episode.

As of January 2023, Pivot Podcast was ranked 173 on Apple Podcasts, which is seen as an excellent ranking for a podcast on the rise, surprisingly making the list of the top 200 podcasts. 

Based on this analysis we estimated that the Pivot Podcast receives anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

The format of the Pivot Podcast 

One of the best podcast formats out there due to how short concise and to the point it is, The Pivot podcast is often a quick round-up of the hottest topics. 

Hosts and Co-hosts jump right into things in a back-and-forth opinionated dialogue Reviewing people who are relatively authoritative within their niche, and who are often friends or acquaintances of the hosts. 

With no flaws or extra BS around the topics that are discussed, we love the deliverance of each episode and the way they present each topic. 

Reception and Reach 

From what we learned from tuning into the bi-weekly episodes, its overall targets are young entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals who strive to keep up with everything new and trendy happening in the tech and business world.

Whether looking for a quick summary of everything new and trendy, or you’re just a fan of Kara and the way she breaks down complex matters, The Pivot Podcast is where it’s at. 

The best place to catch this podcast is on their growing Apple podcast platform, as Youtube tends to be the second priority for the crew.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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