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How History, Beauty, & Fashion Influencer Tani Berlo Succeeds Online with Multiple Niches

It’s standard advice for new influencers to focus on one niche to grow faster. However, history influencer Tani Berlo combines three of her passions, fashion, beauty, and history, into her TikTok content with great success. Keep reading to learn more about her creative process, target audience, and favorite brand collaboration.

About Tani Berlo

Tani Berlo is a business consultant and a mum of a five-year-old and a three-year-old. She is from the Australian Gold Coast and shares that she is Maori on her dad’s side. 

She began creating history content as a passion project. It quickly became a hit with young audiences fascinated by ancient times, historical figures, archeological news, and much more. 

Tani also integrates her love of fashion and beauty into her content, capturing the interest of her audience and inspiring them with both educational and lifestyle content. 

Tani shares, “As long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in history. It’s always been a passion of mine ever since I was a little girl. I started my undergraduate degree in history (but ended up changing to business and getting my master’s degree in business). When I was really anxious, I would always love to come home to a history documentary or book. It helped me relax.”

@tanicaesar Replying to @blonde_panda_monium ok JUST A CASUAL FINDING OF AN EGYPTIAN QUEEN WE DIDNT KNOW EXISTED UNTIL 16 HOURS AGO! plus 300 mummies, plus artifacts including a hand holding an axe. I need to lay down @Tani Berlo @Tani Berlo @Tani Berlo #archeology #history #egyptology #egypt #tomb #neith #queenneith #zahihawass ♬ original sound – Tani Berlo

Tani has been creating history videos for nearly a year. Before this, she was sharing content about working in the corporate world. However, she focused on history and lifestyle content after having a viral history video.

Tani notes, “I had a video go viral about the ‘worst year to be alive,’ which I said was 536 – which was a terrible year of global famine and sickness. From that video, I realized that so many people liked history, and I could share all this knowledge with a community of people.”

Since starting her content creation journey on TikTok, Tani has expanded into creating content on YouTube, Patreon, Instagram, Discord, and more. 

How History, Beauty, & Fashion Influencer Tani Berlo Succeeds Online with Multiple Niches

Tani’s Content Process & Goals

Tani’s inspiration for content comes from the figures she speaks about, such as Cleopatra and Alexander the Great. 

“As cliche as it sounds, I actually am really inspired by figures from history. It gives me perspective and makes me more grateful for the comforts of our modern life.”

When she first started creating content, she didn’t have any specific goals for her account because she didn’t anticipate many people having an interest in history. However, since her TikTok took off, she shares that one of her biggest goals is growing her Patreon, the History Club. 

@taniberlo Another super amazing find, Scholars Have Decoded the World’s Oldest Sentence Written With an Alphabet. It’s a Highly Specific Warning… About Lice The sentence was inscribed on an ancient ivory comb found at the Tel Lachish archaeological site in 2016. But the message is also remarkably relatable—especially for parents of small children. @Tani Berlo @Tani Berlo @Tani Berlo #history #archeology #stopwhatyouredoing #oldest ♬ original sound – Tani Berlo

Her strategy for growth is focusing on making content about historical events that many of us didn’t learn about in school. She shares that she focused on creating engaging content that interested her, and the followers soon came. 

“My creative process is more of a study process. I have a running list of requests people make for particular historical videos. I also do archaeological news videos, so I am subscribed to a bunch of different literary journals to update me on new finds. I also like to keep up with trending movements online and add historical context to those trends.”

How History, Beauty, & Fashion Influencer Tani Berlo Succeeds Online with Multiple Niches

Challenges on TikTok

Every creator has their challenges. However, Tani shares that most of her challenges are external and related to the platform or brand collaborations rather than her own creative process.

“The content side of things hasn’t been much of a challenge. I think the hardest part about being a TikToker is being a little ‘too early to market,’ so a lot of brands don’t really know what to do with TikTok yet, so it’s harder to make an income from content creation on TikTok at the moment. I’m sure brands will catch up.”

@taniberlo Replying to @anarchy_morningstar Dr. Martinez should be one of the women we teach our young ones about, she’s an incredibly intelligent and accomplished woman of colour and latinx and we love her ❤️ #history #archeology #cleopatra #cleopatrastomb #drmartinez #beautyandbrains #women #womenempowerment @Tani Berlo @Tani Berlo @Tani Berlo ♬ original sound – Tani Berlo

Another challenge is not knowing what TikTok content will take off. 

Tani explains that 99.9% of the time, the videos that go viral are the ones you don’t think will take off. For example, her most viewed video featured a sarcophagus found under the tombs underneath North Dame. This viral video was a complete surprise to Tani. 

@taniberlo “No man will ever find my tomb” yes Cleo, but this archeologist is a woman 🔥 GO KATHLEEN! The discovery was a part of the Egyptian Dominican archaeological mission of the University of San Domingo, led by Dr. Kathleen Martinez. Archaeologists discover 1500m tunnel that may lead to Cleopatra’s tomb. Archaeologists have discovered a 1500m-long tunnel beneath an Egyptian temple that may lead to the long-lost tomb of Cleopatra. I am on the edge of my seat omg #cleopatra #cleopatrastomb #egypt #history #egyptology ♬ original sound – Tani Berlo
How History, Beauty, & Fashion Influencer Tani Berlo Succeeds Online with Multiple Niches

Tani’s Target Audience

Tani’s audience is primarily Americans. However, she has followers from all over the world. 

“I have a really supportive following which is really awesome as I know some people don’t get that experience online.”

Most of her followers are female and tend to have a huge interest in history, science, and education. Some of the most common questions Tani is asked on social media are about her favorite period in history and about the makeup, clothes, and beauty products she uses. 

A way that Tani connects with her audience and fuses together fashion, beauty, and history content seamlessly is through live streams. 

“I do live videos every week where I get ready for the day. It’s also just naturally become a part of my content. I have a particular style that my audience likes, and I don’t overtly advertise my clothes or beauty products, but my audience always asks.”

How History, Beauty, & Fashion Influencer Tani Berlo Succeeds Online with Multiple Niches

Brand Collaborations

Tani shares that working with brands can be really exhausting. As a result, she has stopped seeking out brands to work with and instead lets brands come to her, which she shares has been the best choice for her. 

She is most proud of her campaign with SAGE-SR, a mental health self-report that checks for the 24 most common mental health disorders. The report is entirely anonymous and scientifically validated. 

“I have just worked with a mental health brand called SAGE-SR. I think the science behind their online platform is amazing and will really help a lot of people, and I’m proud of the partnership and content I have created for them.”

@taniberlo I'm really excited to partner with SAGE-SR, I don't partner with brands often so you know when I do it for a good cause. Yes the test is $15, and I still think its worth it. I hope this helps you or someone you love begin their journey on the way to mental wellbeing! SAGE-SR was principally designed by psychiatrist Dr. Brodey. Over 25 years ago, Dr. Benjamin Brodey founded TeleSage, a company that has provided Behavioral Health Solutions to clinicians, researchers, and the public worldwide. @Tani Berlo #spon #SAGESR #mentalhealth #partnered ♬ original sound – Tani Berlo

For the campaign, Tani created several TikToks featuring the science behind the mental health tool and the company’s history and development. 

The Future

When asked what she would like to see in the future within the creator marketplace, she explains, “I think brands need to realize how powerful TikTok is, but that it is powerful when you allow the creator to be creative. Brands can’t advertise like they used to and expect the same results they used to get. I would also say to any creator, don’t work for free. It is not worth your time or energy to support brands that won’t support you back!”

Tani shares, “I have some really exciting podcast interviews coming up and also (fingers crossed) some announcements about a new line of history-inspired products that I’m really excited about.”

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