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History Influencers on TikTok


History Influencers on TikTok

Many of us use social media to interact with others and learn more about interesting topics. In fact, 59% of schools use social media to build educational resources for their students. TikTok has managed to attract a wide selection of influencers from around the world, enabling users to delve deeper into new cultures and legacies. The platform also welcomes a niche of history influencers who help their fan bases learn more about events of the past. Netinfluencer provides key insight into the most popular history influencers on TikTok.


Using entertaining performances and uncanny reenactments, NotYourMommasHistory uncovers the forgotten truth about African American history. Her series, Reproduction Hoe Show, details how archaic products went under a significant transformation to become the items that we are more familiar with.

@notyourmommashistory Black historical Interpreter challenges. #historytok #blacktok #youdonothavetoworryaboutme #blackhistorytiktok #history #selfcare ♬ original sound – prettyaxme

For example, she explores how breast pumps have changed throughout the ages with her 70.9K followers. NotYourMommasHistory also has an expansive website that hosts lectures and other educational resources for her fans to use. This history influencer also produces long-form content for YouTube, explaining other milestones in black history as well as her time as a professional reenactor for her 219K subscribers to enjoy.

History Influencers on TikTok

Black Country Living Museum

This group of influencers creates content for the official Black Country Living Museum account, bringing delight and information to their 1.3 million followers. These influencers imitate everyday citizens within the Black Country’s far-reaching history.

@blackcountrylivingmuseum They kept the NHS running like absolute Queens 👑 #learnontiktok #migration #history #ww2 ♬ Vegas (From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ELVIS) – Doja Cat

They portray 1950s housewives as well as traditional Victorian policemen. This group also parodies conventional cooking videos, highlighting how many people in the West Midlands prepared food for their families during the 19th century. The Black Country Living Museum also posts a collection of behind-the-scenes content for their TikTok videos on their website

History Influencers on TikTok


livesandtimeshistory delves into the more bizarre parts of history, helping his 111.2K followers understand how civilizations lived at various points in time. He describes how a group of Medieval nobles fell into a soiled toilet as well as how a sewer worker managed to break into the Bank of England.

@livesandtimeshistory How one empire discovered why it is a very bad idea to anger Genghis Khan #fyp #history #didyouknow #learnontiktok #medievaltiktok #education #facts #interesting #story ♬ Chopin Nocturne Op72-No1(994146) – Satoru Saito

By using the Green Screen feature, this history influencer is able to provide evidence and content to all of his posts. Although this influencer only posted his first video in October 2021, he has managed to gain a wealth of traction and engagement to his profile. 

History Influencers on TikTok


This history influencer searches through an abundance of archives to deliver a series of footage from across history. Insidehistory_ showcases authentic images of 1930s chimney sweepers as well as more modern footage of celebrities when they were younger.

@insidehistory_ No needle vaccines from 1967. #history #1960s #learnontiktok #foryoupage #vaccination ♬ original sound – History Footage

This information has inspired and educated their impressive 269.3K followers and they have managed to gain 8.3 million likes. Insidehistory_ is also active on Instagram where they post humorous memes and other archive footage for their 193K followers. They also have a growing YouTube channel where they post unseen footage from popular culture moments. 

History Influencers on TikTok


itsmalcolm uses TikTok to present a vibrant catalog of black history, showing his 356.2K followers the passion and beauty in some of the world’s most pivotal events. He uses images to highlight the intensity of the civil rights era and also posts candid vintage portraits of unnamed black women.


10 vintage photos of Black women.

♬ You Don’t Know My Name – Alicia Keys

These images are paired with popular sounds on TikTok to help create a sense of atmosphere in every video. This history influencer also lists his favorite content creators, further building a sense of community on the platform. With 22.3 million likes, itsmalcolm has managed to educate his audience in a digestible and engaging way.

History Influencers on TikTok


Lily Ebert uses TikTok to tell her remarkable story as a 98-year-old Holocaust survivor. With the help of her great-grandson Dov Forman, Ebert recalls her harrowing memories as a young Jewish woman living during WWII. She has appeared on a number of news channels across the UK and often posts clips of this footage to her platform.

@lilyebert Remembering Anne Frank, on what would have been her 93rd birthday ❤️ #holocaust #history #sad #inspire #learn #learnontiktok #annefrank #diary #93 #birthday #annefrankhouse #auschwitz #annefranksdiary #history #victim #concentrationcamp #holocaustvictims #remember #neveragain #neverforget ♬ Schindler’s List – Movie Theme – Michele Garruti

Ebert is also a published author with her memoir Lily’s Promise being sold around the world, helping others to learn her inspiring story. This history influencer also focuses on bringing joy to her 1.9 million followers by enjoying traditional Jewish Shabbat music with a collection of performers. 

History Influencers on TikTok


This influencer is not afraid of a dirty job as he uses TikTok to share his journey as an excavator. history.war uncovers long-lost items from around the globe such as a 100-year-old french wine bottle and a bottle of poison used in a German hospital in the 20th century.


Managed to find a 100 year old beer. It still retained the taste

♬ middle of the night – &lt/3

He also restores various items like a German coin that dates back to 1933. history.war does an excellent job of engaging with his 3.4 million fans, repeatedly replying to comments and explaining how he manages to find and identify so many objects. 

History Influencers on TikTok


Brian H. Thai, better known as TheSuitHistorian, is on a mission to shine a light on some of history’s unknown figures. Wearing his signature formal attire, TheSuitHistorian compiles in-depth research to uncover more about individuals such as Ramon S. Subejanos, an unbreakable Filipino soldier.

@thesuithistorian Explanation in the comments 😳#history ♬ оригинальный звук – speed up x reverb

Thai expresses his knowledge on a number of platforms including YouTube and through his book Unknown History. With a fan base of 994.8K followers, TheSuitHistorian also offers 1-to-1 coaching sessions to help other influencers reach higher levels of engagement. He also uses Discord to bond with his most devoted followers and shares important updates on his research.

History Influencers on TikTok


Caylyn Sheldon is the host of the Tea Time Thoughts podcast, a platform that discusses historical events in a calm and relaxed manner. Shelley uses TikTok trends to provide a short insight into alluring figures such as Philip Hamilton and Anne of Cleeves.

@teatimethoughts The New York Post stated that “The idea of his own danger seemed to be lost in anticipation of the satisfaction which he might receive from the final triumph of his generous moderation.” 😭 #philiphamilton #hamilton #alexanderhamliton #hamiltonmusical #history #historybuff #historymeme #historybuffs #historymemes #historytok #historytiktok #angelicaschuyler #elizabethschuyler #elizaschuyler #hamiltonanamericanmusical #linmanuelmiranda #anthonyramos #abba #angeleyes #fyp #trend #foryoupage #xyz ♬ Angeleyes (Sped Up Version) – tuna (DAR+LING)

She also explores the influence and inspiration attached to famous artworks and portraits. This history influencer also takes her 5183 followers to a multitude of London museums, showing some of the finest exhibitions that they have on offer. teatimethoughts is also active on Instagram and often provides more information about upcoming episodes as well as striking images of figures across history. 

History Influencers on TikTok


As the True Crime genre continues to grow in popularity, historyofcrime details the intriguing lives of some of the world’s most infamous gangsters.

@historyofcrime Did You Know This About Pablo Escobar? #pablo #pabloescobar #escobar #narco #narcoseries #colombia #onlyinmycalvins #PringlesCanHands #TalkingTree #spanish #latino #latinos #crime #boss #criminal #historybuff #history #interestingfacts #interesting #facts #fyp #foryoupage #funfacts #trending #viral #grow #makemeviral #makemefamous ♬ Tuyo (Narcos Theme) – Rodrigo Amarante

This history influencer posts footage of Pablo Escobar’s trip to America as well as Al Capone’s real voice, helping the audience to learn more about the average lives of these notorious criminals. Using a voice-over and archive footage, this influencer is able to condense the lives of these figures into a more watchable format. With just 16 videos since April 2022, historyofcrime has managed to gain 29.6K followers and 984.1K likes. 

History Influencers on TikTok

History influencers on TikTok have managed to take obscure historical figures and bring them into the limelight, ensuring that their impact on our lives is not forgotten. Using a collection of short-form videos and images, these influencers are quickly gaining traction for their discoveries. To discover more about the various types of influencers on TikTok visit our website

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