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Clark Howard Podcast A Guide to This Popular Personal Finance Podcast


Clark Howard Podcast: A Guide To This Popular Personal Finance Podcast

Podcasts are quickly becoming a surefire way for businesses to increase engagement and interact with new market segments. In 2020, 37% of marketers stated that they would consider advertising their brand on a podcast. As such, content creators now have the chance to become affiliated with a wealth of leading brands, allowing them to gain access to a plethora of profitable opportunities. To fully understand the grand success of this medium, Netinfluencer will offer a comprehensive analysis of The Clark Howard Podcast and how it has changed the lives of its many listeners.  

The Creator Behind the Podcast

Clark Howard is a key figure within the consumer finance industry and has been educating citizens on how to budget and better manage their money since 1989. His career began as a radio show host, conducting an advice show that could be heard every day on over 200 radio shows. In 1993, Howard brought his worldly experience to the internet, building a website that consumers could use to gain advice and guidance from other budgeters across the US. 

The host has also received a wealth of awards for his work, including a prestigious Golden Palm Star on the California Walk of Stars back in 2011. He also appears in the National Radio Hall of Fame after receiving a prized place in 2015. 

Boasting a broadcasting career of over 30 years, Howard now offers financial advice via his podcast, releasing daily episodes to appease his vast selection of loyal fans. He also offers a variety of free resources such as ClarkDeals to help his audience save money and avoid troublesome scams. 

Clark Howard Podcast: A Guide To This Popular Personal Finance Podcast

Themes and Topics Covered

Each episode of The Clark Howard Podcast deals with a new set of money problems, making it the ideal financial resource for just about any type of budget. The podcast also focuses on contemporary issues, helping its listeners stay up to date with any financial changes occurring within the economy. For example, Howard uses his platform to discuss tax season and what listeners can do if they feel overwhelmed or lost during this time period. This episode also compares a range of tax filing platforms, ensuring that his audience has access to the best tools possible. 

He also gives his opinion on popular financial trends, particularly those that have gone viral across social media. Howard goes on to discuss the real value of cash stuffing, an activity that has become extremely prevalent on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. He also notes the power of gift cards and believes that consumers should be using them to their full extent, in order to gain the most benefits from them. 

To provide more insight and engagement with his diverse audience, Howard also hosts a unique Q&A segment within every episode of his podcast. This feature usually occurs at the beginning of the episode and allows the host to showcase his years of experience and form a deeper connection with his listeners, whilst also keeping the show within a succinct format. 

Clark Howard Podcast: A Guide To This Popular Personal Finance Podcast

The Reach of The Clark Howard Podcast

This podcast aims to empower its listeners, ensuring that they are always acting responsibly and safely with their money. This aspiration has helped Clark Howard become a leader in both personal finance and entertainment, allowing him to embark on a collection of other profitable ventures. The show achieves over a million downloads a month, making it a highly dynamic force within this incredibly competitive industry.

Howard also uses social media as an effective way to bring more awareness to his podcast and other projects. On YouTube, the host uploads every episode of his podcast, giving viewers the chance to see Howard in a more lively and amicable manner. He also uses this channel to share travel tips and educational lessons for his 72.9K subscribers to enjoy. 

Clark Howard Podcast: A Guide To This Popular Personal Finance Podcast

On Instagram, the financial expert follows a similar approach, posting clips from his latest episodes so that his fans can absorb them on the go. He also presents a range of inspirational quotations to help his listeners to become more motivated to save money and achieve their goals. Howard has also produced a series of Guides, aiding his 35.3K followers on a range of topics such as investment and car insurance. 

The Format of the Podcast

Despite his detailed explanation of complex topics, Howard manages to keep each episode of his podcast fairly short, with each one lasting around 30 minutes. Throughout each show, the host adheres to a similar structure. First, he interacts with the audience and offers contemporary news insights to help keep them aware of the country’s financial landscape. Then, he will go into more detail on a collection of subjects, such as mortgage rates and college saving plans. Towards the end of the show, Howard will remind his viewers about the range of resources on offer as well as the helpline for the Consumer Action Center. 

Occasionally, Howard will pull upon the experience of other financial experts to help extend the conversation surrounding money management and generational wealth. In 2021, the host welcomed Jonathan Clements, the founder and editor of the financial education platform HumbleDollar. This episode focused on the true meaning of financial success and how listeners can exude a collection of strategies to help them reach their money-saving goals. 

Clark Howard Podcast: A Guide To This Popular Personal Finance Podcast

Reception and Impact

The Clark Howard Podcast is undoubtedly a success but it has also helped the host to build a detailed community of finance gurus, which aided the development of his money-making empire. Howard’s website now relies on a host of contributors who offer advice on a variety of topics such as affordable streaming services and cell phone plans. 

He has also written an assortment of related books such as Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times, which was listed as a #1 New York Times Bestseller. This guide offers more than 250 ways for readers to save money and is considered to be a lifeline for many avid savers since its initial release in 2011. 

The podcast itself has also received a lot of formal praise, such as being named one of the Top 5 Finance Podcasts of 2022 by CrowdUltra. This highlights the show’s ability to captivate an abundance of engaged listeners as well as its remarkable stance in the bustling hub of podcasting. 


During his far-reaching career as a broadcaster and financial expert, Clark Howard has established himself as a pioneer in these lucrative circles. Now, with the advent of The Clark Howard Podcast, the host can share his expertise across America, continuing his definitive legacy. This podcast can be found on a collection of different streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts

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