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Rocket League YouTubers The Top Gaming Content Creators on YouTube


Rocket League YouTubers: The Top Gaming Content Creators on YouTube

Have you recently started playing Rocket League? Chances are, you are finding it hard to get used to the controls!

Have you recently started playing Rocket League? Chances are, you are finding it hard to get used to the controls!

Almost everyone struggles when they get started, but there is no greater feeling than bringing all your knowledge together and scoring a fantastic goal.

Rocket League is a top-rated game, and with good reason. This article will discuss the top gaming content creators on YouTube for Rocket League, offering entertainment and insight into this great game.

Rocket League YouTubers: The Top Gaming Content Creators on YouTube

What is Rocket League?

Rocket League YouTubers: The Top Gaming Content Creators on YouTube

Rocket League rose to prominence since its release in 2015 as a unique soccer game where players use cars instead of soccer players.

You can have matches with as many as four cars on each team, and the rocket-powered vehicles have plenty of different movements players can make, making it a highly watched game.

As a result, professional Rocket League gained quite a large following, with many content creators seeing a sharp rise in their following when they dedicated time to Rocket League.

Top Gaming Content Creators on YouTube for Rocket League

Rocket League YouTubers: The Top Gaming Content Creators on YouTube



The first content creator to make our top Rocket League content creators is Lethamyr. Lethamyr is a former Rocket League professional player and rose to prominence during his time playing for the pro team, Ghost. 

He was widely regarded as one of the best mechanical players and known for his tactical nouse and skill. That tactical mind got him a job as a coach on MousEsports before the team broke up.

Regarding skill, Lethamyr is one of the most talented on this list and also keeps a consistent upload schedule on YouTube, which has helped him grow his following.

Sir Classy


When it comes to creating content on YouTube, you need to create a unique character or have incredible skills to differentiate yourself from other creators, and Sir Classy has done just that.

While he might sound like a dumb jock in his videos, Sir Classy is incredibly clever and one of YouTube’s most entertaining and engaging Rocket League content creators.

He certainly isn’t as skillful as Lethamyr, but he makes up for that with his witty personality and likeability.

Sir Classy has developed a loyal following and often sees immediate views when he posts a new video, as his audience is so eager to see his gameplay.


Reacting To Rocket League Videos With 0 VIEWS… (not what I expected)

It is very rare for a content creator to be excellent at editing videos while being extremely entertaining and highly skilled.

Often, you need two of these three aspects to stand a chance of success as a video content creator, but Musty has made a name for himself as someone who possesses all three skills.

He creates light-hearted content that has a wide appeal across Rocket League fans and generic gaming fans, which opens his potential audience much wider than other Rocket League content creators.

He has already surpassed one million subscribers and shows no sign of slowing down soon, as he posts videos frequently.


We made a real AIMBOT in Rocket League and challenged a pro to 1v1…

SunlessKhan has made a name for himself as one of the most respected Rocket League content creators and is widely regarded as one of the first players to break into the space.

SunlessKhan is a trailblazer and works as hard as anyone to deliver high-quality content for his audience.

He is also the proud owner of the most shared Rocket League video series in the world, which he produced back in 2017, helping players improve at the game.

SunlessKhan has also branded himself very well, and when you click on one of his videos, you can immediately tell it is his.



Next up on the list is one of the top English Rocket League content creators and one of the leading tournament organizers for professional Rocket League players.

He is widely regarded as one of the best commentators in Rocket League, well-known for his detailed analysis and quick wit. He is excellent at bringing Rocket League games to life, keeping the tension high, and drawing the crowd into the action.

Rocket Sledge

I pranked Pulse Fire with a Freestyle BOT in Rocket League HORSE

Rocket Sledge has successfully carved his niche as a content creator on Youtube. He offers his audience a unique experience and impressively cuts and edits his content.

His hands-on approach is one of the main reasons he has become so popular. He is also extremely well-connected with other high-profile content creators, allowing him to make excellent cross-channel content.

Such is his popularity; Rocket Sledge has even played Rocket League with celebrity actor Terry Crews.


I pretended to be Musty in his own tournament

Mertzy is unique on this list due to his unique wit and sarcasm. He is excellent at making parody videos of other high-profile YouTubers, teasing their audience.

However, simply making parody content is not enough to gain a big following on YouTube. Mertzy backs up this humor with excellent skill and gameplay.

Some of his most popular videos are unbelievable misses. Mertzy is happy to poke fun at himself, and his audience loves to get involved.

Frowzy Squirrel

8 *NEW* Rocket League Mechanics Found in 2020

Frowzy Squirrel is certainly not the best Rocket League player on this list, but he more than makes up for it with his incredible personality and editing skills. If you recall my earlier comment, you only need two of the three key skills to stand a chance at success as a content creator.

Frowzy’s videos are some of the most entertaining Rocket League content in the world. He is one of the newer content creators on the scene, but his audience is already rapidly growing as more Rocket League viewers find his content.


I Created a Rocket League Freestyling Competition…and it was INSANE

CBell is an excellent Youtube content creator and offers insight into the most recent skills meta, which is why his channel has become so popular.

If the game makes changes, or a new player discovers a new skill, you can be sure CBell will cover the change in great detail very shortly after.

While many content creators offer excellent gameplay, they often lack specific instructions to help the viewer improve.

However, CBell does things a little differently and offers specific training tips for his audience to improve their skills.


Rocket League MOIMENTS 61

Formerly known as Jhzr, JZR makes plays on Rocket League that most of us can only dream of.

JZR’s skills are unmatched when scoring unique and stunning goals. He is one of the leading Rocket League freestylers in the world, and he is regarded as one of the most influential freestylers on the scene to date.

If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing goals in Rocket League, JZR is the man to watch.

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