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The 15 Funniest TikTokers To Follow For Non-Stop Laughs


The 15 Funniest TikTokers To Follow For Non-Stop Laughs 

We all know TikTok is the place to go for non-stop laughs, but who are some of the funniest Tiktokers for you to follow? 

With a range of different TikTokers covering different funny niches, This list of the top funniest TikTokers includes names from all around the world and is by far the only comedy list you’ll need blasting through 2023. 

The 15 Funniest TikTokers To Follow For Non-Stop Laughs 


The 15 Funniest TikTokers to follow 

  1. Theo Von 
@theovon It’s that time. #theovon #newyear ♬ original sound – Theo Von

If there is one name that escapes the norms, boundaries, and limits to comedy, it’s Theo Von. The absurd theories, insightful questions, and chaotic character of this comedian makes him one the funniest TikTokers to follow for non-stop laughs. 

Theo Von is more of a podcast influencer and stand-up comedian, but by now so many fan pages and are making edits from each podcast, that he needed a TikTok platform. Theo is fairly  new to the TikTok space but quickly managed to build a solid fan base. 

  1. King Bach 

What was that in the back?!

♬ original sound – KingBach

Vine superstar and one of the most recognized names in the online world of comedy, King Bach is one of the older names in the influencer space. 

Some of his best videos feature many other TikTok superstars like AdamW, Josh Peck, Ashley Nocera, and others.

With collaborative videos with other Vine and TikTok stars on this list, no list of the funniest TikTokers is complete without King Bach. 

  1. Savannah Moss
@savanahmosss wait… this is one of those feverdreams isn’t it??🥛🤯 #foryou #feverdream #backrooms #fyp #GenshinImpact33 ♬ original sound – Savanah Moss

Savannah Moss is the queen of edits and makes incredible mind-boggling videos, that usually have to include, milk, a costumed character, and a Starbucks employee Apron. 

What we love about Savannah’s videos are the flawless editing and the out-of-this-world video ideas. Savannah is one of the funniest because you never know where her TikToks are going, and will likely repetitively watch the same video a few times to comprehend what’s going on. 

  1. AdamW 
@adamw When ur car is a mess 😂 @anwar @Matt Josten ♬ original sound – Adam W

Adam Waheed is another Vine influencer that made his way onto TikTok by creating similar engaging content and collaborating with popular creators. 

The base idea of almost every AdamW video is him overdoing relatable matters a daily occurrences until they become funny. 

With some of his best Videos being with King Bach and Hannah Stocking, Adam won’t fail to make you laugh with out-of-the-box videos that are usually taken too far. 

  1. CelinaSpookyBoo

Celina is who some may know as the sleepwalking lady. She’s a naturally talented comedian that creates some of the silliest clips out there. Using a joke-cracking, sleepwalking, and pranking strategy Celina built one of the large audiences on this list of the funniest TikTokers to Follow. 


♬ original sound – CelinaSpookyBoo

She pranks her partner constantly and shares some of the cutest couple goals, with unscripted real-time reaction content. 

  1. KallmeKris

Unlike other funny content creators on this list, Kris plays all the different characters in her video by herself. With some videos that have over 3 -4 different characters all played by her. 


Why are we like this🤌🏻

♬ original sound – Kris HC

Aside from her solo parodies and talent for playing the guitar Kris is a professional hair stylist and does a lot of trends and challenges. Now with over 47 million followers, this Canadian TikToker managed to set new highs for herself, with videos that rarely get less than 2 million views. 

  1. IshowSpeed 
@ishowspeed #ishowspeed ♬ Shootout – Izzamuzzic & Julien Marchal

By far the biggest name on the internet today, speed is just a different breed of influencers. He is out of the box, funny, silly, and unpredictable. He is widely known for barking on live streamers, meeting fans on Omegle, and his obsession with CR7 or Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Speed originally gained his fame from Twitch and was able to build a massive following on TikTok in no time. Some of his best videos include collaborations with Adin Ross and Kai Cenat, as these three streamers now live together and create collaborative content. 

  1. Thebenjishow

Benji is a controversial dark humor-based TikTok comedian that never says a word in his TikToks and simply acts out controversial relatable situations. 

@thebenjishow loll #foryou #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Kill Bill – SZA

While this influencer is still on the rise, Benji now gets at least 1 million views throughout his recent videos and always finds a way to come up with the wildest ideas for his content. 

  1. Jaykindafunny

Jay is one of the oldest TikTokers to create content around pranking and scaring the public. Jay is known for the phrase “Chopapi moneno” which is in fact gibberish but confuses people he is trying to prank. 

@jaykindafunny8 Who she calling 😂 @ballguy357 ♬ original sound – Jaykindafunny

While some of Jay’s videos are taken a step too far, with different pranks such as throwing blankets pillows, and balls at people at superstores, TikTok is tasteless without Jay’s absurd sense of humor. 

  1. Moosenyc2 

One of the newer TikTok comedians on the rise Moose is an Arab social media figure that collaborates with different arab girls, creating never-ending skits of what’d be like to in an Arab boyfriend and Girlfriend relationship. 

@moosenyc2 Habibiti come to dubaiiiiiiiii #arab ♬ original sound – moose

Moose gets slapped a lot in his videos trying to buy his way to love with LV gifts, Cars and more but his partner in shooting holla4adolla4 always manages to make situations as uncomfortable as possible for him. 

  1. NeemaNaz 

Hillarious creator NeemaNaz is most known for his impression of celebrities such as Gary Vee, Dj Khaled, and Alex Hormozi. Aside from being a TikTok star, Neema has his own stand-up comedy gigs that you can book him for. 

@neemanaz Buddy starts glitching like he forgot to play 😒. . . . 🤦‍♂️ WAIT. You still haven’t locked in your NBA bets for tonight on @rivalryca ♬ original sound – NeemaNaz

Neema is one of the most underrated on this list of the 15 funniest TikTokers to follow for non-stop laughs. Follow him along his hilarious journey to the top @neemanaz

  1. Yoleendadong

Leenda Dong is one of the first ever funny TikTokers on the platform, and there is almost no way you didn’t stumble across her content at least once. 

@yoleendadong Stalking ex be like way too invested about their relationship lol 🕵️ #exesbelike #girlfriends #breakups ♬ she was really nice – the caucasian one

Leenda specializes in sarcastic jokes unlike other competition in her niche and makes the most of viral trends and challenges. 

  1. Trevor Wallace 

Trevor is for the boys, and makes some of the most hilarious modern-life content, around topics of interest for young men. 


pov: u drive a loud car 😩😍

♬ original sound – trevor wallace

Some of his best videos include “How loud car guys think we react”, and “ppl who drink Diet Coke.” Trevor Wallace also does stand-up comedy in America and collaborates with bug names such as AdamW, along with trolling his dad for more views. 

  1. Adrian Bliss

Adrian is a controversial content creator with a unique take on some of the most socially agreed-upon matters. Everything from human evolution to what it is like to literally have butterflies in your stomach. 


Butterflies in the stomach

♬ original sound – Adrian Bliss

His role play is incredible and manages to make use of so many different editing features, such as green screens, and cloning himself. 

  1. Maxkhadar 

Max leans more towards the awkward side of comedy, as he makes funny skits of him being awkward in public and on online video calls.

@maxkhadarr #stitch with @Hussein Beydoun #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – MAX KHADAR

Max is UK based and has a unique dark voice everyone thinks is fake, follow Max for uncomfortable one-on-one conversations and weird everyday dialogs. 

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