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All About the H&M Influencer Program


All About the H&M Influencer Program

H&M is a well-known fashion brand that offers unique designer pieces and affordable wardrobe essentials. Although H&M’s influencer strategy is rather exclusive, there are opportunities for content creators to earn sales commission as an H&M affiliate. Read on to learn more about joining the H&M Influencer Program and view examples of current brand ambassadors.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become part of the H&M Influencer Program? Here, NetInfluencer covers all the details about the brand’s current influencer partners and how you can get started. 

All About the H&M Influencer Program

H&M is a well-known fashion brand that offers unique designer pieces and affordable wardrobe essentials. The company was founded in Sweden in 1947 and currently has over 4,122 stores worldwide. H&M is part of a larger group of businesses, which includes COS and Weekday. The brand also has a commitment to sustainability, with a goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2040. 

All About the H&M Influencer Program

Who Are the H&M Influencers and What Do They Do?

Unlike many other affordable fashion brands that feature influencers on their social media pages, H&M primarily partners with celebrities, models, artists, and musicians. The brand recently launched their TikTok page, which currently has a futuristic aesthetic. Here, artist Morgan Bobrow-Williams sports an H&M outfit while dancing on the beach

@hm How’s this for morning yoga? Movement by Morgan Bobrow-Williams #HM #sports #fashion ♬ original sound – H&M

In this clip from H&M’s TikTok account, Canadian actress Shay Mitchell wears a lime green dress at The Fashion Awards show. The dress is from the brand’s Innovation Metaverse collection. 

@hm @Shay Mitchell wearing our upcoming Innovation Metaverse collection at The Fashion Awards yesterday! #TFA #TheFashionAwards #ShayMitchell #HM ♬ original sound – H&M

Another post from The Fashion Awards features Spanish actor Manu Rios in a stylish green velvet blazer, black button down shirt, and slacks. 

@hm It’s @Manu Rios world and we’re just living in it. #HM #TheFashionAwards #TFA #ManuRios ♬ original sound – H&M

What Are the H&M Influencer Requirements?

Becoming an H&M influencer is not as straightforward as other similar brands. The company prefers to partner with hand-picked influencers and currently has no publicly posted guidelines or a formal application. As mentioned, the brand prefers to partner with celebrities and individuals who are fairly recognizable. 

All About the H&M Influencer Program

In the past, H&M launched a program called The H&M League with 20 influencers. Prior to that, the brand worked with anywhere from 25 to 50 influencers each month. According to the H&M website, the company currently has an initiative called H&M Insiders where some of the brand’s employees share how they wear H&M clothing in their everyday lives. 

How to Promote H&M Products as an Influencer and Make Money

Although H&M’s influencer strategy is rather exclusive, there are opportunities for content creators to earn sales commission as an H&M affiliate. If you’re based in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, you can get started by signing up on an affiliate marketing site like Sovrn Commerce. You can also sign up through Skimlinks or Admitad, which partner with influencers worldwide.

Commission rates vary depending on the affiliate platform you choose. You can expect to make between 7% and 12% from each H&M purchase through one of your affiliate links. 

How Influencers Promote H&M on TikTok

Many influencers on the TikTok platform showcase the latest styles from H&M, like curvy influencer Remi Bader. Remi often shares her outfits with the hashtag #remisrealistichauls and promotes what real women look like in today’s most popular looks. Here, she tries on several dresses, jeans, and tops.

@remibader BUT THE JEANS!! #remisrealistichauls #hm ♬ original sound – Remi Jo

Kate Bartlett has over one million followers on TikTok. Kate has been featured as an H&M Brand Ambassador in the past, where she wore the brand’s clothing at the Coachella music festival. In this clip, she styles a half-zip sweater from H&M three different ways. 

@katebartlett Comment which look is your fave! I can’t decide 😅 knits starting at just $24.99 USD ($34.99 CAD), shop in store and on today @H&M #hmxme ♬ BORN FOR THIS – Foxxi

Ale, a lifestyle influencer from Texas, uses her TikTok platform to cover everything from fashion and travel to home decor and parenting tips. Here, she films an unboxing of items from H&M for an upcoming trip to Disneyland. Ale shows off clothing for herself, her husband, and her kids. 

@livin.mivida.ale @H&M is literally killing it right now😍🫶🏽 #h&m #hmhaul #hm #hmclothing #goingonattrip #onlineshopping #unboxing ♬ original sound – Ale Lifestyle TX Influencer

How Influencers Promote H&M on Instagram

Influencers all over the world partner with H&M, like Paris-based influencer, Constance. In this photo, she models a gray wool coat for a chilly day at the beach. Constance also styles the coat with pieces from other European clothing brands.

Italian content creator Miriana Gibalerio loves the color pink and curates clothing and accessories to fit her girly style. Here, she pairs an H&M sweater with a dark pink skirt, brown handbag, and pearl accessories.

German-based influencer s_xaraaa shares posts on her Instagram feed relating to lifestyle topics like fashion, food, and makeup. In this post, she displays a simple look from H&M that happened to be on sale at the time. The content here feels like something out of a catalog, a simple, yet effective way to show off a practical outfit. 

How Influencers Promote H&M on YouTube

YouTube content creator Fisayo Adedeji uses her platform to review products from makeup and clothing brands. Here, she takes her audience along for an Autumn try-on featuring several H&M pieces. She also includes a link in the description where viewers can purchase everything shown in the video.

Influencer Georgia May also reviews products on her YouTube channel and is a lifestyle vlogger. In this video, Georgia tries on everything she purchased from H&M in a Black Friday haul. Highlights include a cozy black puffer jacket, black boots, and a pink sequin dress.

In a Summer 2022 clothing try-on video, vlogger Amanda Weldon pairs one of her favorite bags and a pair of sandals with several H&M pieces. Outfits include a casual two-piece set, a yellow one-piece bathing suit, and a matching beige linen top and shorts.


If you’re an influencer who loves to show off the latest trending fashion without breaking the bank, consider an affiliate partnership with H&M. To learn more about working with H&M as a brand ambassador or affiliate, click here

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