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Youtubers with Podcasts - The Best Youtubers with Podcasts to Listen and Subscribe to


The Best Youtubers With Podcasts To Listen And Subscribe To

Have you ever wished that your favorite YouTubers would make more content? Well, some of them do! Here are 15 of the best YouTubers with podcasts for you to listen to and enjoy!

Podcasts can be lifesavers – be it during a long commute, during morning walks, or while doing chores around the house. They give you company and are fun to listen to. 

The only thing more fun than listening to a podcast? Listening to one by your favorite YouTuber! Let’s take a look at 15 of the best YouTubers with podcasts. Some teach you things, some give you life advice, while some others are downright funny. 

The Best Youtubers With Podcasts To Listen And Subscribe To


Top 15 YouTubers with Podcasts

#1 Dear Hank and John by John Green and Hank Green 

YouTube: Crash Course | 14.4M subscribers

You probably know John Green as the author of “The Fault in our Stars.” Well, he is also a famous YouTuber and a total nerd who runs a comedy podcast about life and death called Dear Hank and John with his brother Hank Green. 

People email silly questions to the brothers who, then, give answers on the podcast. Their answers may be dubious, but they are definitely entertaining and hilarious. So, the next time you want to know where paper goes when you cut it, or whether penguins should go to Mars, you know where to go!

#2 Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast by Marques Brownlee and Andrew Manganelli

YouTube: Marques Brownlee | 16.5M subscribers

This tech podcast is for all the gadget nerds as well as the people who want to know what’s cooking in the tech world. On his YouTube channel, Marques reviews all the latest gadgets, be it a smartphone, a camera, or an electric car. He has over 10 years of experience, so you know he is the real deal!

On Waveform, Marques and Andrew dive deep into the world of technology and let us know about the things that need our attention. If you want to be entertained while learning if the new gadget deserves your cash, you should definitely check them out!

#3 Just a Tip with Megan Batoon 

YouTube: Megan Batoon | 1.13M subscribers 

Just a Tip is a comedic advice podcast where Megan invites a new guest every time and talks about different topics with them. Her guests tell stories about their own lives and talk about their mistakes so that you don’t end up repeating them. 

Want to know how to trust yourself? Or maybe you want to know if getting coffee with your ex is a good idea. Tune in and you will get advice regarding everything, big or small.

#4 The Create Unknown by Kevin Lieber and Matt Tabor 

YouTube: Vsauce2 | 4.51M subscribers

The hosts of The Create Unknown interview successful creators of different kinds – artists, streamers, YouTubers, and so on – to get the down-low on how they got started with their journey and how they achieved success. 

The podcast is a huge resource of knowledge and is also funny and entertaining. Whether you want to become a creator or simply want to know the stories behind your favorite artists, you should check this podcast out!

#5 Explain Things To Me by Anna Akana and Brad Gage 

YouTube: Anna Akana | 2.84M subscribers || Brad Gage Comedy | 6.36k subscribers

Have you ever wondered what someone’s work actually entails? For example, what exactly does a music conductor do? And how? And what about an embalmer? 

Anna and Brad are curious people just like you. So, they decided to start a podcast where they interview experts from pretty much every profession and get them to explain the nuts and bolts of their jobs

#6 Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain 

YouTube: Emma Chamberlain | 11.9M subscribers

Emma previously had a podcast called Stupid Genius where she would answer silly questions about life: such as “why do onions make us cry?” But, she rebranded and turned it into her Anything Goes podcast where she simply talks about anything and everything – how she deals with difficult people, random stories from years ago, and even her takes on copying. 

If you have ever wondered what goes on inside someone’s head, this is the perfect chance for you to find out. 

#7 Domino Universe by Kurtis Baute and Jesse 

YouTube: Scope of Science | 178k subscribers

Kurtis Baute has an MSc in Environmental Science and makes videos about climate change on his YouTube channel. In this podcast, he and Jesse have honest conversations about science and talk about science experiments that are just a little bit weird. For example, they have an episode where they discuss if they should block out the sun to solve climate change! 

#8 Hannahlyze This by Hannah Hart and Hannah Gelb

YouTube: My Harto | 2.24M subscribers 

Hannahlyze This is a self-help podcast that is hosted by “The Hannahs.” Here, they discuss a lot of things about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness in a very candid way. They tackle tough topics head on with a different guest each week. 

Here you will learn how to care for your mental health, how to accept yourself, and how to get through life in general. Subscribe to this podcast to laugh, cry, and grieve with the Hannahs. 

#9 The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon 

YouTube: Julie Solomon TV | 5.56k subscribers

Julie is an author and a brand/ business coach who helps people tap into their inner potential and talents and make an impact in this world. In this podcast, she talks about how you can “unlock your next phase” and achieve the success you crave

Whether you want to become an online content creator or want to open a business, Julie gives you all the tools you need to do so. Her advice is very detailed and super useful!

#10 Jenna and Julien Podcast with Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita

YouTube: Jenna Marbles | 19.8M subscribers || Julien Solomita | 2.51M subscribers 

The Jenna and Julien podcast is a random podcast where they talk about anything and everything. The duo are a couple who share all their random, bizarre, and sometimes awesome conversations with the internet!

#11 No Dumb Questions with Destin Sandlin and Matt Whitman 

YouTube: Smarter Every Day | 10.8M subscribers || Matt Whitman | 217k subscribers

Destin is a science guy while Matt is a humanities guy. Together, they go in-depth and discuss the answers to several questions in this podcast. And remember, here, there are no dumb questions. 

Some of the things they have discussed so far include what makes a prank good, whether AI is capable of fooling you, and what calculus is. I know a lot of you want the answer to that last question. 

#12 Impaulsive with Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko 

YouTube: Logan Paul Vlogs | 23.6M subscribers || Mike Majlak Vlogs | 2.71M subscribers || George Janko | 1.63M subscribers

Impaulsive is a comedy podcast hosted by self proclaimed “idiots.” The hosts often interview guests about their lives and their experiences. You will find people such as Arnold Schwarznegger and The Chainsmokers featured as guests. It is a very casual podcast with no particular theme that you can listen to while you are doing something else. 

#13 Full Send with NELK’s Kyle Forgeard and Friends

YouTube: NELK Boys | 7.61M subscribers

Full Send is a comedy talk show podcast hosted by the people behind the NELK Boys YouTube channel.

Here, they talk about the business ventures of NELK and recall the boys’ most legendary parties. It is meant to show that they boys play hard, but they also work hard.

They also invite a lot of notable personalities such as Mike Tyson and Shaqille O’Neal as guests. 

#14 LegalEagle Radio by Devin Stone 

YouTube: Legal Eagle | 2.7M subscribers

Devin Stone is a lawyer who aims to break down all the mysteries and myths surrounding law by explaining the most pressing legal issues to the common public. He explains how the law actually works and also ruins your favorite legal shows. 

His podcast is entertaining as well as educating. In between talking about things like why Elizabeth Holmes was convicted, he also rates TV lawyers, reacts to legal memes, and talks about some of the most ridiculous legal terms. 

#15 The Health Code by Sarah Day and Kurt Tilse 

YouTube: Sarah’s Day | 1.54M subscribers

Sarah is a health and fitness blogger who runs this podcast along with Kurt Tilse, her partner and personal trainer. In this podcast, they give actionable fitness and health tips and give advice on how to maintain your health. You will also find episodes where they discuss things like lifestyles, relationships, and building your dream career. 

This list of the best YouTubers with podcasts has a little bit of everything! Which one was your favorite? Let us know, but most importantly, don’t forget to share this article. 

The Best Youtubers With Podcasts To Listen And Subscribe To


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