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Everything We Know About The Klarna Creator Platform


Everything We Know About the Klarna Creator Platform

As many of us try to be a bit more cautious of our finances, a collection of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) platforms has continued to dominate the market. Klarna is one of the leading forces within this industry and is now accepted by around 250,000 merchants. Despite being a very dynamic competitor, Klarna still relies on the power of influencer marketing to attract new users and promote its brand. To discuss this further, Netinfluencer offers all of the details regarding the Klarna Creator Platform. 

What Is Klarna?

Klarna is a prominent Swedish fintech company that was first founded in 2005. The platform allows users to pay for certain items in four installments, spreading the cost over the course of around two weeks.

The platform quickly gained an immense amount of popularity, particularly because it offered a range of interest-free payments. This helped it to become a more attractive option, compared to similar BNPL platforms on the market.

The Klarna shopping app has really helped to extend the brand’s success, amassing 45 million downloads worldwide. Customers can use this app to search through their favorite brands and pay for products at a later date.

As Klarna continues to attract a plethora of customers and merchants, it also seems to gain an immense amount of value. In 2021, Klarna was estimated to be worth $45.6 billion and was active in 20 countries. 

Everything We Know About the Klarna Creator Platform


How Popular Is the Platform?

As Klarna continues to impact the ever-changing world of e-commerce, it seems that the platform is altering our purchasing habits. Data from 2021 informs us that women tend to spend less on the platform, compared to their male counterparts. This statistic indicates that BNPL is becoming a lot more popular with men, which is often regarded as quite surprising. 

The platform is also becoming increasingly popular with older generations, particularly Gen Xers. Reports also express that Klarna’s fastest-growing age demographic is those between 46-51. Thus, we can assume that older generations enjoy spreading the cost of a product and are becoming more and more influenced by Klarna’s infectious popularity. 

Together with its impressive usage data, Klarna also promotes a sense of environmental sustainability. The platform hopes to use an all-electric infrastructure in all of its locations by 2025. Again, this shows the company’s connection to its customer base and how it plans to act on its desires for a greener economy. 

What Is the Klarna Creator Platform?

The Klarna Creator Platform was first released in the US back in October 2022. It has now been rolled out across all of the company’s active regions and has managed to see grand success. 

This platform relies on the work of influencers to create content surrounding an assortment of leading brands, helping them to gain profitable sponsorships and affiliate deals. In addition, this platform relies on a collection of market data to provide influencers with the most effective insights as well as an increased rate of commission. 

The Klarna Creator Platform is consistently seeking out new content creators to work with, ensuring that it always has the ability to tap into new markets and acquire new customer bases. 

Everything We Know About the Klarna Creator Platform


What Benefits Are Provided?

Multiple Chances for Monetization

The Klarna Creator Program was built with influencer marketing in mind as it allows users to build a revenue stream from all of their active social media channels. Influencers can use the Klarna app, web page, and other extensions to share various links. This means that creators can earn an influx of revenue through a variety of different platforms and audiences, creating a truly user-friendly and comprehensive platform. 

Real-Time Analytics Data

Like many other creator marketplaces, the Klarna Creator Program provides users with a plethora of audience data and insights. This data helps to guide influencers through their latest marketing strategy, ensuring that they are always extending their reach and engagement. Influencers can also use these statistics to learn about new product recommendations to aid them in tapping into new market segments. 

Industry Advice

Influencers will also be paired alongside a collection of industry experts, building their knowledge of strategy and positioning. This advice is also used to build confidence and help creators to effectively promote products to their selection of engaged audiences. 

Everything We Know About the Klarna Creator Platform


How Do I Join the Platform?

To be a Klarna Influencer, you must first apply for access to the Klarna Creator Platform. Users must complete a simple form that details their personal information as well as all of the active platforms that they would like to promote. 

Once you have been accepted, you will be able to view your analytics data and begin sharing a variety of popular products with your fans. 

What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

The Klarna Creator Program requires influencers to adhere to a certain set of criteria before being accepted onto the platform. Creators must first show that they can post high-quality content several times a week. 

They must also host a collection of highly-engaged followers on at least one platform. Finally, influencers should show that their content can align with a variety of different brand partners. 

Merits of Joining the Klarna Creator Platform as an Influencer

The Klarna Creator Platform not only gives users the chance to work alongside a series of leading brands, but also allows them to utilize a very effective influencer marketing platform. One benefit of using the Klarna Creator Platform is that you can promote a collection of products related to your niche. For example, Klarna is affiliated with brands such as Adidas and Nike, making it a suitable option for fitness and fashion influencers. As a result, influencers can become affiliated with a wealth of iconic brands without having to communicate with them directly. 

This platform also offers a sense of self-sufficiency, encouraging influencers to consistently promote new products that are in line with the needs and wants of their audience base. In turn, influencers no longer have to sit and wait for their next brand deal or affiliate code. Instead, they can refer to their analytics data to help give them some idea of their next marketing strategy or potential brand sponsorship. 

The fact that the Klarna Creator Platform can be accessed in a selection of different ways means that influencers can work on their brand deals at any time. This helps to create a marketplace that is teeming with dedicated and inspired creators, making the industry more competitive as a whole. This feature is also useful for digital nomads or those who are constantly working on multiple projects at once. 

Everything We Know About the Klarna Creator Platform


The Klarna Creator Platform indicates how many best-selling brands are looking to harness the power of influencer marketing, using it to promote a collection of products. This platform also helps influencers to secure more brand deals and projects, adding more value to this prosperous industry.

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