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How To Get Influencers As Your Affiliates


Ways on Getting Influencers As Your Affiliates

Affiliate marketing has completely revolutionized the concept of promoting goods with advertisers generating between 15-30% of all sales through this type of marketing. By blending the powers of affiliate marketing with the ever-growing nature of influencer marketing, you have the chance to unlock lucrative and profitable markets like never before. Netinfluencer has all the information you would need about using influencers in your next affiliate marketing campaign. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process that allows publishers to earn a commission by promoting a product that is manufactured by another source. As such, the affiliate is given financial compensation for this service.

There are three types of affiliate marketing.

Unattached: This is where the affiliate has no official link to the advertisers and is there solely to generate earnings. This individual is likely to have very little knowledge of the product or the relevant industry as a whole.

Related: These affiliates are very aware of the industry that this product operates in but have never actually used the products themselves. 

Involved: The affiliate is both very knowledgeable of the industry and has used the promoted product multiple times and is aware of its nuances and selling points.

Affiliate marketing has seen a large rise in popularity over the past decade, bringing brands from all over the world a plethora of profitable opportunities. This type of marketing is extremely effective as it allows brands to better target their desired audience. In turn, they are able to produce a range of campaigns in a low-cost fashion and promote them across multiple global markets. 

With regard to the affiliates themselves, these individuals are able to gain a substantial amount of income without being directly linked with a brand. This means that affiliates can work on a few projects at once which can enable them to achieve a variety of revenue streams.

How to Source Influencers for Your Next Affiliate Program

  1. Ensure that the influencer works in your industry

When you first dive into the world of influencer marketing, it is very tempting to hire the most popular influencer without deciding whether or not they are appropriate for your line of work. Influencers are most successful when they are operating in their respective niche as it offers them the chance to show off their skills and become accomplished thought leaders. Moreover, this can help your brand see success as their work is more likely to be tailored to your market.

  1. Establish key goals and objects 

Every campaign requires a set of objectives to keep the project on track and an affiliate marketing campaign is no different. You must supply your desired influencer with a detailed brief and collection of KPIs in order to help them understand what you are trying to achieve through this process. These goals can also help an influencer better determine whether your project is appropriate for their skillset or personal brand.

How To Get Influencers As Your Affiliates


  1. Provide co-launched landing pages

A landing page is a single web page that is used to promote an advertising campaign. These can be very useful within affiliate marketing as it enables both the brand and the influencer to promote the campaign across a plethora of platforms. You could also work alongside the influencer to produce a landing page that is relevant to their work, helping a larger audience become more aware of their campaign. In turn, landing pages are a great way to include your chosen influencer in the wider creative aspects of your campaign. 

  1. Send products that can be used on all platforms

One of the main benefits of working with influencers is that your products are shared across a wide collection of platforms and audiences. Thus, it is wise to send sustainable and long-lasting products that can be expressed across a number of their active platforms. For example, it may be more beneficial to send a variety of makeup products that can be used multiple times rather than small sample sizes of just one product. 

How To Get Influencers As Your Affiliates


  1. Provide a unique affiliate rate

As affiliate marketing becomes more competitive, it is important that you pay influencers accordingly. The average affiliate commission rate can range from 5-30%, giving brands a lot of flexibility in their payment options. If you feel it is appropriate, you could also offer a higher rate or supply them with discount codes for your latest product releases. These monetary incentives can help to build a long-lasting relationship with an influencer and encourage them to work with you again on other projects. 

  1. Use the same influencers consistently 

Influencers have the potential to become prominent brand ambassadors, helping establishments to associate their products with a creator’s content. By using the same set of influencers on a regular basis, you can quickly associate your work with their audience, which can help you to tap into more saturated markets. Plus, by including the same creators time and time again, you are exemplifying your ability to establish long-term relationships with individuals operating outside of your business. 

How To Get Influencers As Your Affiliates


  1. Ensure that your collaboration is transparent

A majority of social media platforms now require influencers to disclose their use of affiliated content. This could be listed in the description of a YouTube video or through a hashtag in an Instagram caption. Although this is usually an influencer’s job, it is paramount that you ensure that this information is listed somewhere as you could land yourself in trouble if it is forgotten. 

  1. Create an affiliate program

If you are looking to attract a large number of influencers, building an affiliate program can help bring these individuals directly to your brand. These programs can be extremely flexible, allowing influencers to work for you on a full-time or part-time basis. An affiliate program can also help you build a catalog of influencers, meaning that you can choose a different influencer depending on the aims of your specific campaign. 

How To Get Influencers As Your Affiliates


  1. Offer a commission structure

A commission structure is a tier-based process that inspires influencers to be more active and engaged in their affiliate marketing. Although this may not be suitable for every brand, a commission structure allows influencers to earn a higher rate based on the number of products they sell, rather than just earning a fixed rate. This is also a good way to reward influencers who are consistently going above and beyond in their work. 

  1. Use a diverse collection of creators

If you are working in an extremely diverse market, your chosen influencers should reflect that. Your affiliates should be from a range of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexualities, helping to create a microcosm of your desired market. Striving for diversity can also help brands to unlock other talented influencers who may be overlooked in other marketing campaigns of this kind. 

Using influencers in affiliate marketing is not necessarily a new concept but it has seen great success within a variety of markets. These creators can help even the smallest of brands see increased revenue and give them the chance to dominate previously untapped markets To discover more about the benefits of influencer marketing, visit our website

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How To Get Influencers As Your Affiliates