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All about the Ana Luisa Influencer Program (1)


All About The Ana Luisa Influencer Program – How To Collab With Ana Luisa

About Ana Luisa

Since its launch in 2018, Ana Luisa has exploded on social media, winning influencers with its high-quality products. 

As of yet, the brand has collected more than 22 million in earned media value (EVM) from thousands of influencers. 

Ana Luisa is big on collaborating with content creators across social media platforms. They send you their products for free and expect an honest review on your platform. 

This article will show you how you can collaborate with this brand as an influencer and market their products on different platforms.  

Company Background

Ana Luisa was founded by two individuals: Adam Bohbot and David Benayoun. Both attended Business School together in France and have known each other since then.

All About The AnaLuisa Influencer Program - How To Collab With Ana Luisa

David worked in e-commerce helping brands like Tory Burch manufacture and design their jewelry. 

Adam took the path of social media marketing. 

After some years both of them merged their skills to form their company, Ana Luisa.

Unlike other companies in the jewelry niche, Ana Luisa releases products to its influencers and customers every week. Their relationship with their influencers is very strong and real. 

All About The AnaLuisa Influencer Program - How To Collab With Ana Luisa

The idea behind creating an influencer program emerged in 2018. 

David and Adam took the approach of marketing their products with genuine influencer accounts with a purpose to connect with the people whose opinions matter, are real and not forced. 

They sat down with them over a cup of coffee and discussed their products.  

This not only gave their jewelry authenticity, it also gave them a fair idea of what was working and what had to go. 

It was obviously a success because from January to July of 2020 the influencer program had already garnered 287% year-over-year growth. 

Who are the Ana Luisa influencers, and what do they do?

Ana Luisa is diverse when it comes to choosing influencers for collaboration. Unlike other brands who only accept creators with massive following, this company collaborates with creators who have no more than a few thousand followers. 

For example, @nfatinj is one of their influencers who has 1,493 followers. She uses her account to collaborate with other brands and share her life with her friends and family.

Another high-impact influencer includes @eileenbnguyen who has around 5,000 followers on her Instagram and shares content regarding lifestyle, makeup, and clothes.

@christine.baraka can be added to this list as well, with 4,000 followers consuming her artistic and traveling content, with a YouTube channel on the side which also has a decent subscriber count of 14,000.    

Since Ana Luisa has gained so much traction throughout the years, they have collaborated with bigger beauty creators too, like @beautywithinofficial

This channel showcases beauty products and jewelry on its Instagram profile, where it has over 18,000 followers. It is one of the most successful influencers they have collaborated with, receiving more than 5,000 likes on their post.

Ana Luisa collaborates with different influencers in different niches so they can spread the word and inject their products over different verticals. 

If you are an influencer and would like to collaborate with Ana Luisa, check out the next segment.     

What are the Ana Luisa influencer requirements?

Ana Luisa requires all influencers to meet certain requirements for marketing their products on their channel. 

One essential requirement for the creator is to have a genuine interest in jewelry. Without this, the creator may not be able to provide constructive feedback. 

Similarly, here are a few more necessary requirements that Ana Luisa demands of its influencers: 

  • Discuss their Bare Collection and the reasons why they have created it.
  • Show yourself wearing the pieces and discuss what you like about them. 
  • The pieces should be shown at least 20 seconds in an Instagram story and 40 seconds in a YouTube video. 
  • Encourage your viewers to check Ana Luisa website.
  • Include the hashtag #beyou   
  • Do not say anything negative about the jewelry. If there is something wrong, contact customer support.
  • Do not incorporate any other sponsored messages in your video or post. 
  • Ensure that all images used are clear.  
  • Mention Ryan Clark and tag his Instagram handle. 

To become an Ana Luisa influencer, click here. You will be redirected to their website where you will be able to apply to their collaboration program.

Ana Luisa collaborates with micro and macro influencers, so even if you have a small following, chances are they will accept you. 

All About The AnaLuisa Influencer Program - How To Collab With Ana Luisa

Since they receive several applications every day, the time it takes for them to evaluate your application might be a little longer than expected. 

Once you are in, they will send you some pieces of jewelry for your honest review. A meeting will be organized where they discuss how your review will look like on your channel. 

Ana Luisa is open for marketing on multiple social media platforms. Whether you have Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, you can share your review anywhere. 

Since they work internationally, overseas creators have the added benefit of collaborating with them.    

How to promote Ana Luisa products as an influencer and make money

Ana Luisa pays their influencers approximately $115 for each post. For that kind of money, they have certain expectations on how well your post should perform.

As an Ana Luisa influencer, you can start sharing your content on multiple social media platforms to reach more audience and attract eyeballs.

Create short reels and YouTube shorts that you can also share on your Instagram stories and TikTok. 

If you are not receiving as much interaction as you expected, perhaps sharing your post with your friends and family and asking them to share it on their social media will give you the boost you need.. 

Doing small collaborations with other creators is also beneficial. That will help you leverage their followers and gain more traction on your post.  

Remember to tag relevant jewelry accounts on your post in Instagram and TikTok to garner their attention.   

How Influencers Promote AnaLuisa on Instagram

@love.from.liz promotes AnaLuisa jewelry through feed posts on Instagram. She shares a picture of her outside in the sun wearing a face mask and AnaLuisa earrings, portraying how it makes you feel and look your best even without makeup. 

Another influencer by the name of @manonwanecque who exhibits the elegance in Ana Luisa jewelry by dressing in that manner and clicking a close-up of her ear. 

@poupee.mecanique does something similar, by showing off Ana Luisa rings through a picture of her wearing them.   

How Influencers Promote Ana Luisa on Youtube

Truly Jamie is a lifestyle YouTuber who shares videos about jewelry and clothes. She promotes Ana Luisa on her channel by sharing in-depth videos talking about what she likes about their jewelry. 

Similarly, billieluxury is another YouTuber who dominantly talks about luxury handbags and jewelry. She shares videos on Ana Luisa jewelry hauls and gives promo codes to her viewers for free.     

RachelRachel takes a different approach. She uses her fashion channel to do an unboxing of Ana Luisa jewelry while simultaneously reviewing it and sharing her thoughts about it.  


Thanks to their flexibility, anyone with a few thousand followers can promote Ana Luisa’s jewelry on their account.

However, they do have some requirements for how the content should look like and how much interaction it should attract. 

If you want to learn more about the brand and their influencers program, check out this link.  

Since the brand collaborates with micro influencers so frequently, click this link to apply to their program and become a certified Ana Luisa influencer now! 

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