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e.l.f. Becomes First Beauty Brand on BeReal


e.l.f. Becomes First Beauty Brand on BeReal

Most brands want to curate their content online for their audience. However, the BeReal app disrupts this with its short two-minute posting window and restrictions against filters. This didn’t stop e.l.f. from becoming the first beauty brand on BeReal, and being excited about the impact this may have on their business. Learn more about their authentic, raw content strategy for BeReal, the benefits of being on BeReal, and what they see happening in the market next.

The BeReal app is a new app designed for authentic, unfiltered content. Gen Z has quickly become early adopters of this app, and many brands are eager to join in. However, the app’s restrictions to promote the posting of authentic, unstaged photos can be tricky for some brands. 

However, this didn’t stop e.l.f. from becoming the first beauty brand on BeReal. Today, they share with us their reasoning for joining BeReal, their content plans, and the benefits of the BeReal app. 

What is BeReal?

e.l.f. Becomes First Beauty Brand on BeReal

BeReal is the latest and greatest social media platform, and it’s growing at a terrific rate, particularly among Gen Z users. The BeReal app prompts users daily to take an authentic, unfiltered photo with both their front and back phone cameras. 

The catch? They only have two minutes to take a photo. 

This short window ensures that users post raw photos of themselves and what is going on during their day. 

Users are prompted to take a photo at random times each day, and they are unable to view their friends’ photos if they don’t post a photo within that two-minute window each day. This restriction discourages users from social media stalking as they are forced to participate and can’t mindlessly scroll through the app. 

When reacting to friends’ photos, you can use RealMoji reactions, which are photos of your own face reacting in place of traditional emojis. For example, you may have a photo of yourself laughing or giving a thumbs-up. 

Brands on BeReal

BeReal is a tricker app for brands to get involved with and market on due to its short time windows and authentic, day-in-the-life content. However, some brands, like Chipotle and e.l.f. are having great success on the app. 

E.l.f. Beauty is the first beauty brand to join BeReal and Laurie Lam, Chief Brand Officer, e.l.f. Beauty shares, We love being the first to explore new frontiers. We knew that BeReal was gaining in popularity among GenZ, and we want to be there with them.”

E.l.f. decided to have a presence on BeReal when they “saw BeReal as the next new app to share, learn and innovate. e.l.f. is a bold disrupter with a kind heart and we like being a first to disrupt industry norms, shape cultures and connect communities through positivity, inclusivity and accessibility. BeReal fits with our mission, and we love that BeReal is all about being real, unfiltered and authentic.”

Since e.l.f. has a large Gen Z following, they decided to join the BeReal community and try the app out with their partner and creative agency Movers+Shakers. Evan Horowitz, the Co-Founder and CEO of Movers+Shakers, shared that BeReal was an opportunity for e.l.f. to connect with its target consumers, especially in the Gen Z generation. 

Laurie shares, “We have a big GenZ following, and we know that GenZ is playing on the app and loving it, so we wanted to test it out – authentically leaning in and being real with our community.” 

e.l.f. Becomes First Beauty Brand on BeReal

E.l.f.’s BeReal Content

As previously mentioned, BeReal is not as intuitive for brands as other platforms, such as TikTok or Instagram, where they can show off beautiful makeup looks, behind the scene photos, and more. 

This leaves many brands wondering what they would post on an app that only provides you with two minutes to take an authentic photo. 

On their content, Laurie shares, BeReal is all about being authentic – and our strategy is to share with our community a mix of unfiltered, unretouched moments at e.l.f. headquarters and in-the-moment messages to connect with our superfans.”

The brand’s BeReal channel @elfyeah will provide glimpses of day-to-day life at the e.l.f. headquarters, including product drops, sneak peeks, happy hour hangouts, photo shoots, and much more.

When asked about the benefits of e.l.f. on BeReal, Laurie shared the following with us. 

“The connection to real, unfiltered, authentic content. We will have this opportunity to show our authentic, unfiltered selves. We are also planning to have different e.l.f. employees take over the @elfyeah BeReal page, so you will see what life is like at e.l.f. from their unique points of view.”

For example, the following photo shows an employee highlighting one of e.l.f.’s skincare products and a swatch on their skin for the front camera photo. 

e.l.f. Becomes First Beauty Brand on BeReal

The Future of e.l.f. and the Creator Marketplace

The impact of BeReal on e.l.f.’s business is just getting started. Laurie shared with us that they are excited about the following impact. 

“e.l.f. is a bold disrupter with a kind heart. With BeReal, we look to continue the mission on our company to build brands that disrupt industry norms, shape culture and connect communities through positivity, inclusivity, and accessibility.”

Again, Laurie highlights how BeReal is an exciting new opportunity to connect with superfans of the brands in a new, unfiltered way.  Here are her thoughts on what is happening in the current market that makes a presence on BeReal essential: 

BeReal is a new opportunity for us to connect with our superfans and provide insider access into e.l.f. Gen Zers want a genuine look into each other’s lives. They’re tired of filtered, over-edited content on social apps. On BeReal we can offer fans a new level of transparency.”
Regarding the future plans for the company, Laurie ends with, “e.l.f. is always innovating and looking what’s next. Stay tuned and follow us on @elfyeah!”

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