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Best Practices for Creating TV Campaigns With Influencers


Best Practices for Creating TV Campaigns With Influencers

Influencer marketing allows iconic brands from around the world to collaborate with creative individuals who can promote their products to an extremely profitable audience. Many brands are using influencers across their marketing campaigns including on their social media, affiliate programs, and advertisements.

In fact, a study on Twitter found that those who engage with their favorite TV show on social media had a much higher rate of ad recall, signifying social media’s ability to sway consumer opinion. Netinfluencer will discuss the benefits of using an influencer in your next TV campaign as well as the best practices for success. 

Best Practices for Creating TV Campaigns With Influencers


Are TV Influencer Campaigns Successful?

As social media continues to be the norm for many, television is still a crucial aspect of both advertising and entertainment. Studies have shown that the average American watches 3 hours and 46-minutes of television each day. This is much higher than the average social media consumption, which is just 2 hours and 29-minutes. These statistics show us that television is still the most prevalent source of information in the US, making it a perfect place for advertisement.

Many influencers have also made the jump to TV, promoting a wide assortment of products and services to both the general public and their respective audiences. Influencer marketing has an immense ROI, helping brands to make a large amount of revenue from just one small TV campaign. Data from Shopify states that businesses earn around $5.20 for every dollar they spend on influencer marketing. In turn, this expresses just how successful influencer marketing can be for a number of businesses. 

Examples of TV Campaigns

Bhuvan Ban, Pizza Hut India 

In 2019, Pizza Hut India partnered up with Bhuvan Ban, a comedian who began posting YouTube videos in 2015. He now has 25.6 million subscribers and has been involved with a series of profitable ad campaigns. With regard to Pizza Hut, Ban starred as the protagonist in a short ad that was made to promote the brand’s affordable prices. The TV campaign helped to create a two-fold strategy that helped to increase revenue for Pizza Hut as well as bring exposure to one of India’s most popular influencers. 


Yung Filly, McDonald’s 

As one of the UK’s rising stars, Yung Filly is often seen on TV as well as across his multiple social media platforms. In his work with McDonald’s, Filly is seen serving food to customers whilst promoting its latest reward scheme. The wider campaign allowed influencers from around the UK to serve McFlurries to the general public, bringing joy to their many fans. These influencers were also encouraged to give away branded merchandise to persuade more people to use the app. 


Amelia Dimoldenberg, Footasylum 

As part of their 2021 Christmas campaign, Footasylum collated a wide variety of influencers from Uploads Agency, including Amelia Dimoldenberg. The advert saw Dimoldenberg taking over Christmas dinner at acclaimed soccer star Harry Redknapp’s house. Footasylum titled the ad, Tradition is Boring, allowing the brand to blend much-loved stars from both TV and online. 


Best Practices for Using Influencers in TV Campaigns

  1. Create a Simple Script

Oftentimes, the influencer you are working with is not a professional actor. Thus, it is vital that you build a script that is easy to read and understand. It may also be beneficial to only give them a collection of short lines to ensure that they will be able to remember everything. Also, be mindful of the fact that your chosen influencer may be new to these types of campaigns. As such, express a sense of patience and compassion to make the creator feel more at ease. 

  1. Ensure They Are Not Playing a Fictional Character

When placing an influencer campaign on TV, it is vital that the audience will be able to recognize them at face value alone. Therefore, make sure that they are able to mimic the character that they play online. This can be done by using their name on the screen and encouraging them to use a similar sense of humor. 

  1. Make Sure They Are Visible Throughout

The average television campaign is around 15-30 seconds long, meaning that you do not have a lot of time to show off your chosen influencer. An easy way to work around this is to make them the main character in the story. It is also good practice to show a range of shots, allowing your audience to gain a clear view of the influencer in your campaign. As a result, your campaign will be more memorable and you will gain a higher ROI from the influencer. 

Best Practices for Creating TV Campaigns With Influencers


  1. Only Collaborate With People That Fit Your Brand

It is also important that you use an influencer that is a similar demographic to your audience. This will help your content to be more relatable and more persuasive to the common customer. Try conducting a large amount of research before you reach out to your desired influencer. This can be carried out by an agency or by using a variety of influencer marketing tools. Although it may seem like a lengthy process, it will ensure that your brand seems cohesive and more knowledgeable of its consumer base. 

  1. Pay Your Influencer Fairly

As the benefits of influencer marketing continue to show, it is important that influencers are paid for their work. With a television campaign, it is not enough to pay them with exposure or products as the influencer often has to travel and remain on set for many hours a day. Therefore, brands must check an influencer’s pay rate before asking them to be part of the campaign. You should also express when an influencer can expect to be paid to help them balance their finances accordingly. 

Best Practices for Creating TV Campaigns With Influencers


Although social media is quickly becoming a competitive force, television is still number one across the western world. By blending the worlds of TV campaigns and influencer marketing, brands have the chance to connect with an assortment of new markets, as well as use influencers as their brand ambassadors. To discover more about creating influencer marketing campaigns, visit our website

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