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All of the Details About Disney Creators Lab 2.0


All About Disney Creators Lab 2.0

After the success of the first cohort, Disney has announced the launch of its second Creators Lab. With the Disney parks seeing around 58 million guests a year, this program can help influencers tap into an extremely profitable market as well as earn a collection of successful brand deals along the way. Netinfluencer discusses everything you need to know about Disney Creators Lab 2.0. 

All About Disney Creators Lab 2.0

What Is Disney Creators Lab 2.0?

In a similar vein to the former program, Disney Creators lab 2.0 aims to seek out developing content creators and offer them a wide range of opportunities to help increase their engagement. As a group of 21 influencers, these Disney content creators are extremely passionate about the franchise, making them highly attractive to others who are looking to plan their next vacation. 

All About Disney Creators Lab 2.0


The program will showcase a variety of workshops, training seminars, and events to push these creators to bond with each other and produce an assortment of high-quality content. Data from Disney’s Global PR department expressed that 20% of the first cohort saw an increase of up to 30,000 followers. Therefore, this signifies that the brand is able to provide favorable outcomes for even the smallest of influencers. 

What Does the Program Entail?

Disney Creator Labs 2.0 is working to build stronger connections between influencers, devising an intuitive creator marketplace. As such, the program now allows influencers to indulge in a series of in-person events such as brunch mixers and field trips to the Walt Disney Studios. 

For the last cohort, the brand mostly focused on short-form content, particularly on TikTok. To boost engagement and reach even further, Disney has recruited influencers from a variety of platforms. The brand is also heavily focused on YouTube Shorts, indicating the growth of this platform.

Disney is also hosting a plethora of lectures, collating a wide range of creators and stars as their guest speakers. For example, one of the sessions is named Working With Yourself as a Business and calls upon My Nguyen, who is most known on TikTok as myhealthydish. These talks aim to educate smaller influencers on the power of a personal brand as well as teach them about other popular platforms. 

Influencers Involved in Disney Creators Lab 2.0

Claire Raymond

As an influencer living with Tethered Cord Syndrome, Claire Raymond shows her 63.8K followers how they can travel around with ease and accessibility. Raymond mainly posts on Instagram, sharing their recovery story as well as updates from their daily life. Moreover, as a Queer influencer, they often post pictures of themselves at Pride and other LGBTQ-focused events. This influencer is also a budding model, sharing her stylish looks at the Runway of Dreams show in LA. When she is not posting on Instagram, Claire Raymond can be found as a guest on many popular podcasts such as Coming Out and Will You Accept This Look? 


James & Mark

Californian foodies James and Mark work to share the most delectable dishes from around the world with their 24.9K subscribers. The pair have been producing content since 2016 and have indulged in dishes such as marinated raw crab from South Korea as well as traditional Vietnamese bitter melon soup. In 2019, the couple decided to vlog their trip to Disneyland, showcasing an array of amazing meals from around the park. Aside from YouTube, James & Mark are active on Instagram where they have a combined fan base of over 4,000 followers. 



With 62.8K followers on Instagram, this acclaimed lifestyle influencer is a fashion icon for many. Omoayo is not afraid to add a splash of color to every outfit, creating a very vibrant platform for her followers to enjoy. She also uses this platform to show off her favorite skincare essentials as well as her latest luxury purchases. Omoayo is also very popular on Pinterest, creating stylish boards for her 3.1 followers to use when planning their next outfit. This influencer also uses YouTube to share important milestones and life updates with her growing community of 653 followers. 


Cassi Coleman

By sporting a pair of Minnie ears in almost every post, Cassi Coleman uses TikTok to share her love of Disney with 24.3K followers. Coleman travels around the theme parks and highlights some of the most-sought after items in the stores such as Halloween-themed mugs and pins. She also shares some of the adorable outfits she wears when she travels to Disney World. TikTok also allows this influencer to use popular sounds from some of the franchise’s most iconic films. Coleman posts long-form content on YouTube, presenting her most recent purchases in detail for a growing community of 9.23K followers. 


Christine Geasey

Equipped with an effortlessly vintage style, Christine Geasey has wowed her 16.4K TikTok followers with her amazing transitions and looks. Geasey also uses this platform to share her latest clothing hauls, sharing how she finds some of her decadent clothing items. To accentuate these styles even further, Geasey uploads a series of stunning photoshoots to Instagram, where she has an additional 20.4K followers. Due to her accomplished creative skills, this influencer is also a talented illustrator. She shares her fantastic creations on Instagram, highlighting her immense passion for design with another 17.9K followers. 


Jessica Morrobel

Jessica Morrobel is a content creator living in New York City, expressing her passion for travel and style to her devoted community of 26K followers. Morrobel often posts Reels and photos of her latest travel destination, creating an idyllic and irresistible series every time. She has traveled to very affluent locations such as the Dominican Republic as well as Chicago. This influencer also produces a plethora of long-form written content, especially on her blog Traveling with Jessica. Here, she offers an abundance of travel trips such as what to pack for cold weather and how to plan a soothing weekend getaway. 


Michael Louie

This confident cosplayer teaches his 9.8K followers how to embody popular Disney characters in all of their outfits. Whether he is taking inspiration from Spiderman villains or Mary Poppins, Michael Louie is able to connect with his audience using an undiluted sense of charisma. He also shares snaps from his latest trips to the theme parks, keeping his audience up to date with the latest developments. This influencer shows off his creations in more detail on TikTok, using quirky overlays and transitions to add a touch of atmosphere to every post. On this platform, Louie boasts of nearly 4000 followers and 62.1K likes. 


Disney Creators Lab 2.0 elucidates that even some of the largest corporations in the world are seeking out influencers to help promote their brand even further. To learn more about creating a successful influencer marketing campaign, visit our website

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